Delingpole: Ding Dong DECCs is Dead – UK’s Economy Saving Renewables Retreat

theresa may

Theresa May: scalps DECCs as her first move to save Britain.


Britain’s New Prime Minister Drives A Stake Through The Heart Of The Green Vampire
James Delingpole
14 July 2016

Official: Britain no longer has“the greenest government ever.”

Incoming Prime Minister Theresa May has driven a stake through the heart of her predecessor David Cameron’s fluffy, faux-Conservative project by scrapping the Department of Energy And Climate Change (DECC).

Established in 2008, DECC was a hangover from the Gordon Brown era of woeful misgovernance. Its first Secretary of State was future failed Labour leader candidate Ed Miliband whose only significant political achievement also happened to be one of the most expensive and pointless in British parliamentary history: the drafting of the truly disastrous Climate Change Act.

Under the terms of the Climate Change Act – written by a green activist from Friends of the Earth called Bryony Worthington; endorsed by Cameron’s Conservative opposition and rejected by only five MPs – Britain is legally committed to more stringent “decarbonisation” targets than any other country in the world, at an annual cost of around £19 billion a year.

Miliband’s successors, under the awful Conservative/Lib Dem Coalition government were even worse. For some bizarre reason probably not unconnected with utter fecklessness, green delusion and a fatuous desire to virtue signal, Prime Minister Cameron decided to hand over the keys to DECC to his Lib Dem Coalition partners.

So began probably the worst appointments since some bright spark said: “I know. Let’s make Gaius Verres Governor of Sicily.”

Sure, DECC might have seemed on the face of it a nothing department which could safely be handed over to the losers, perverts and half wits the Liberal Democrat party tends to attract. What appeared to have escaped the Prime Minister’s notice is that any department with the word “Energy” in the title – effectively puts the people who run it in charge of a goodly part of the economy.

First, the job was given to Chris Huhne, an automaton-like, Westminster-educated, millionaire Europhile ex-City boy with at least five houses to his name and a zealous urge to carpet the British countryside with wind farms and solar arrays.

Then, when Huhne had to leave the job for a spell in prison – after being found guilty of perjuring himself in court while trying to evade responsibility for a speeding ticket – it was handed over to someone even more frighteningly useless.

Ed Davey’s only known point of interest is that he resembles the footballer Wayne Rooney. Oh, that and the fact that while in post he managed negotiate a deal described by one observer as “the worst I have ever seen” committing the British taxpayer to spend around three times the going rate for right to allow the French and Chinese to rip Britain off royally in order to build a nuclear power station using out-of-date technology at Hinkley Point.

Such is the way of British politics that this potato-headed oaf is now Sir Ed Davey.

DECC’s final incumbent as Secretary of State was Amber Rudd – now promoted to Home Secretary. She seems to be a fervent believer in ManBearPig. But this does not appear to be a view shared by her boss Prime Minister Theresa May. Nor, perhaps even more importantly, by May’s right-hand man Nick Timothy who is an implacable opponent of the Climate Change Act.

It’s not yet clear how much of DECC’s £5.7 billion budget will be saved now that it is being absorbed into the Business department BIS.

Here is what the Global Warming Policy Forum‘s Benny Peiser suggested it might save when he campaigned for its closure last year:

Furthermore, many unnecessary green expenditure items could be phased out altogether. Spending in areas such as Renewable Heat, Carbon Capture and Storage and on the Committee on Climate Change should all be scrapped.

Merging DECC into other government departments would bring the UK in line with other developed nations too. Australia recently abolished its Climate Commission, transferring its essential functions to the Environment Department.

Were the UK to introduce similar efficiencies along with the removal of wasteful spending, the Exchequer could save £380m by 2020-21, according to analysis by the Taxpayers’ Alliance.

It’s true that the most significant benefit its closure will bring lies not so much in saved costs as in the likelihood of reduced regulation. In Britain, as in the rest of the world, green taxes and regulations have added a significant burden to economic growth, as well as having a distorting effect on energy markets.

This is good news. Very good news. The agonised screeching of all the usual suspects in the Environmental movement will be enough to sustain many of us in lols for weeks and months to come.


Meanwhile, the House of Lords has launched an Inquiry into Britain’s wind powered energy disaster.

Lords launch inquiry into UK energy policy market failure over rising prices and supply threats
House of Lords
23 July 2016

The House of Lords’ Economic Affairs Committee has launched a new inquiry into the economics of the UK energy market, which have focused on three objectives over the past 10 years: –

Maintaining continuous supplies of energy and minimising threats to energy security; Ensuring that the costs of energy supply are competitive for business and individual users; and Decarbonising the mixture of energy used in the UK as a contribution to the international effort to minimise the risks of climate change.

Lords will consider whether the present mix of policy interventions and subsidies have led to failures in the energy market. It will look at what measures are required to correct these failures.

The accelerated closure of coal-fired plants and subsidies for renewables have been the principal means of securing decarbonisation.

Paying for subsidies by charges on consumers, rather than from taxes, has meant that prices have risen while the resultant lack of investment in baseload capacity means that continuity of supply is now seriously threatened.

This suggests a dysfunctional energy market or a conflict of government policies. But the inquiry will not consider arguments about the science behind climate change because ‘the Government’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions is taken as a given’.

Lord Hollick, Chairman of the Committee, said: “In our report into the economic impact on UK energy policy of shale gas and oil in May 2014, we concluded that there had been a lack of clarity and consistency in energy policy over many years.

“This failure of policy had left the UK dangerously close to lacking sufficient electricity generating capacity. Over two years later, little has changed. Coal power stations are being closed and old nuclear stations are coming towards the end of their life. But it is not clear how they will replaced and at what cost.”

“The core question for the Committee is;’ Are there failures in the energy market and what measures are needed in the future to correct them?’”

“The energy market involves an extraordinarily complicated mix of policy interventions and subsidies. Every investment in electricity generating supply is effectively determined by the Government. This inquiry will seek to investigate whether current policy is delivering the best deal for energy users and whether it is striking the correct balance between private and public sector involvement.”

The deadline for submissions is 30 Sept 2016.

Economic Affairs Committee
Committee Office
House of Lords
London SW1A 0PW

Telephone: 020 7219 5358
Fax: 020 7219 4931

STT’s South Australian followers would be well-placed to advise the Lords on the results of attempting to run an economy on sunshine and breezes. That’s if the wind happens to be blowing and they’ve got power to run a PC, send an email etc?

house of lords

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Global Warming is Real, but sun and wind are NO CURE.

    I consider that Ontario can be regarded as an experiment that even refutes the idea that the “unreliable but free” recent solar origin stuff, other than Big Hydro, can contribute anything even as a supplement to nuclear, and especially not if we get up off our arses and assign to renewable nuclear (Transatomic Power in Massacusetts, or Terrestrial Energy in Ontario) the urgency that the intransigence of CO2 in the atmosphere demands.
    The ridiculous expense is caused by giving wind turbines, when wind is available, priority of access over the reliable, and equally clean (or cleaner) nuclear power.
    The good norilsk , above, is part mistaken. The trouble with what he calls the global warming agenda is not that GW isn’t happening, it is that the agenda for stopping it includes of even relies upon the utterly capricious energy sources that the fossil-solar Industrial Revolution swept away.

    It takes about three minutes of real thinking to compare the fleets of wind powered shipping that were swept away by coal and oil, with the modern so-called turbines of wind power, and realise that sailing ships were the better technology. But as Bertrand Russell observed, real thinking is arduous, and three minutes is a long time.

    • This is a trailer the documentary Big Wind that exposed the Act From Hell, the Green Energy Act. Some loser in it says that wind turbines are the answer to global warming.

    • Kelvinsdemon, you might want to take a little time to read up on some of the disputes about Global Warming *aka* we’re all going to fry on the earth opinions.

      Lots of information here:

      “This UN-driven war on carbon energy has already caused massive losses and dislocation of western industry. If allowed to continue as envisaged by the Paris Treaty, this economic depression will become world-wide, and all nations will suffer.

      “We must stop this futile waste of community savings; cease the destruction and dislocation of human industry; stop killing rare bats and birds with wind turbine blades and solar/thermal sizzlers; stop pelletising trees and shipping them across the world to feed power stations designed to burn coal; stop converting food to motor vehicle fuel; and stop the clearing of bush and forests for biofuel cultivation and plantations.”

      “Carbon dioxide does not control the climate. It is an essential plant food and more carbon dioxide will produce more plant growth and a greener globe.”

  2. Good news indeed for the UK. In Ontario, Canada, we are facing a crisis with high hydro bills, some as high as a $1,000/month in the winter. It’s driven by the global warming agenda. Global News has done a number of reports exposing the pain and suffereing. This is but one of them.

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