Australia Votes: STT Takes a Little Break


In a thousand places, from Albany to Yerranderie, from the Bungle Bungles to Zeehan, around 16 million Australians have just ticked a few boxes that will determine which team gets to control its Federal Parliament for a while.

As to the future of the wind industry, the result matters little: without bi-partisan support, the LRET (on which the whole stinking rort depends) is as dead as the dodo.

Bill Shorten went into the contest talking up a ludicrous 50% target; wisely, Malcolm Turnbull didn’t say much at all.

Bankers, power retailers and investors aren’t going to place any bets on a weather driven ‘system’, with its existence wholly dependent on massive subsidies that have to outlast religion.

Plenty of government backed industries have seen the plug pulled without warning: just ask woolgrowers and car manufacturers. The only difference that arises from the election result is just how fast the whole debacle collapses: the demise of massively subsidised wind power is inevitable; its doom in Australia (as elsewhere) is a matter of when, not if.

Mindful of Yogi Berra’s adage about how tough it is to make predictions (especially about the future), STT is happy to go out on a limb and call this election a resounding victory for STT Champion, Nick Xenophon.

Nick Xenophon

Nick Xenophon: SA’s favourite Greek.


Nick, South Australia’s favourite Greek, has been a lone-wolf in Australian politics for almost 20 years: sitting in SA’s Upper House from 1997-2007 and in the Federal Senate from 2008.

This time around, Nick has fielded candidates across the Country (under the banner the ‘Nick Xenophon Team’) – in both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

NXT should easily bag 5 Senate spots (perhaps 6) and a couple of lower house seats too.

Jacqui Lambie, Independent Senator from Tasmania will not only retain her spot, but is odds on to bring another on her ‘Jacqui Lambie Network’ ticket, Devonport Mayor, Steve Martin to Canberra with her.

In the last Parliament, Jacqui ran pretty close to Nick Xenophon; and has already stated her intention to follow Nick’s policy lead in the next Parliament.

Xenophon and Lambie

Nick and Tasmania’s Jacqui Lambie: the wind industry’s worst nightmare.


With 5-6 of his own and Jacqui Lambie plus 1, Nick and Jacquie will provide an insurmountable obstacle in the Senate, to whichever of the major parties takes control of the lower house.  (Bearing Yogi Berra’s warning in mind, STT predicts a narrow victory for the Liberal/National Coalition in the House of Representatives)

And that presents one almighty headache for the wind industry, its parasites and spruikers.

You see, Nick detests these things on economic grounds:

Nick Xenophon slams “reckless” CERES Project as an “economic kick in the guts” for SA

And on social and health grounds:

Xenophon calls it: ultimately, this is a question about excessive noise

While sitting on the Senate Inquiry into the great wind power fraud, Nick often led the charge; ripping into the wind industry’s parasites and their routine lies and propaganda:

Senate’s Wind Farm Inquiry Turns Up the Heat On Pac Hydro’s Malfeasance

Vesta’s Ken McAlpine Forced to Apologise to Dr Sarah Laurie for …. well, just being ‘Ken’

And he also helped Clive and Trina Gare get their compelling evidence across to the World, about being paid over $200,000 per year to host these things and, due to the turbine noise induced sleep deprivation they suffer, ruing the day that the developer, AGL ever set foot on their property:

SA Farmers Paid $1 Million to Host 19 Turbines Tell Senate they “Would Never Do it Again” due to “Unbearable” Sleep-Destroying Noise

After that Inquiry closed, the Senators on it produced a raft of recommendations, including a 5 year cap on a wind power outfit’s entitlement to receive Renewable Energy Certificates; that entitlement is currently legislated to continue until 2031, even for turbines that started operating way back in 2001. And the Senators also recommended that RECs would no longer be issued to projects in States that refused to adopt strict Federal Regulations on infrasound and low frequency noise:

Senate Recommendations Spell ‘DOOM’ for the Australian Wind Industry

STT hears that one of the first items on Nick Xenophon’s agenda is to have all of the Senate’s recommendations implemented and enforced.

Whether it’s Electricity Bill Shorten or Malcolm Turnbull in charge of the House of Representatives, it will be a wily and experienced political animal, who voters simply call “Nick”, that will run the Senate: and sensible energy policy is well and truly on his policy radar.

Time for a break

STT has been hard at this since December 2012. After picking up 29,270 followers, punching out 1,360 posts and clocking up more than 1,465,000 views, STT is putting our boots up for a while and taking a little break.

Thanks for your support and your efforts in helping to spread the word about the greatest economic and environmental fraud of all time.  Keep up the good work, keep giving the wind industry hell and we will see you all in a couple of weeks. We’ll do our best to get your comments up, but – with our editorial team going bush – it might take us a bit longer than usual.


About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Thank you thank you thank you
    STT you guys are absolutely a god send. Fighting against the wind weasels & others such as Simon Chapman – he’s in a low class all his own, is tiring & crazy making to the extreme. I get a renewed strength of purpose by stopping by to read your posts. Love your humour & wit & really appreciate the effort you guys make with this site. Hope the break revitalises you – very well deserved. The one silver lining of fighting the good fight against the wind power fraud is the amazing people involved who selflessly freely give their time. I have met amazing people who we each help to buoy the spirit to keep going. We will be vindicated – the truth always comes out. Rest relax & looking forward to your return down the track

  2. We’re going to miss you like crazy, and will welcome your return, when you’re all refreshed, and re-energized! Have a splendid holiday!!

  3. A well deserved break STT. Thank you for your great work in keeping the heat on the carpetbaggers and opportunistic politicians responsible for the greatest subsidy driven scam ever inflicted on the ordinary citizens of western democracies.
    Make sure you take your bush break far, far from any of those infernal eco-crucifixes.

  4. Crispin Trist says:

    A mighty effort STT! Enjoy your well earned break.

    Now might be a good time for STT readers to go back and review this massive wealth of material. This is an incredible body of work that we can now refer to and I thank you for it.

  5. Frank Campbell says:

    One element of the Xenophon expansion in SA is power prices. South Australians have just been hit with yet another power price hike (7-12%)- on top of the highest electricity cost on the country, if not the world.
    The realisation that this seriously damages an already weak state economy is growing. Fuel poverty is real in poorer rural areas and working class suburbs of Adelaide. Roadsides and privately-owned trees are being raided for firewood. Another environmental triumph for the Greens.
    The fraud that wind turbines and solar are “cheap” in the most wind and solar infested state is obvious to all in SA. The scam depends entirely on brown coal power imported from Victoria.

    • The problem is that everything other than solar/wind subsidies get the blame for high prices, such is the grip that the “Green” Blob has on education, media and govt.

  6. Frank Campbell says:

    STT deserves much praise. Consistently high standard and tireless work.
    Given the ubiquity of the wind fraud virus in the Greens (my former party), the ALP (misguidedly trying to outflank the Greens on renewables to shore up a handful of inner city seats) and the Greg Hunt clique in the Coalition, it’s always refreshing to see STT hammering away.


    Imposing in there hundreds,
    Such an army on display,
    Those alien grey metal monsters
    I saw while on my way.
    Aliens on our shores have landed,
    So tall, backs straight and true,
    At night they watch through flashing eyes
    Of red, at me and you.

    Some have scaled the mountains,
    Others near schools and homes,
    Of one thing I am certain,
    Those aliens have no souls.
    No “whispering” from their ranks at all,
    An unearthly sound they make,
    It envelops each and everyone,
    No more can humans take.

    Three giant arms revolving,
    Enveloping all around,
    They’re here to ‘save the planet’,
    The biggest “con” I have found.
    Such hideous tall grey monsters,
    Invade green and pleasant lands,
    To stay for generations,
    Unless the people make a stand.

    These aliens feed on power and wind,
    Without either, they will die,
    They’re NOT environmental friendly,
    They’re for profit, (at a cost), that’s WHY.

  8. Well earned!! You have been my saving grace, .. can’t thank you enough,.

  9. Enjoy your well deserved break – I look forward to your return.

  10. No Turbines says:

    Thank you STT. Have a well deserved break.

  11. william gray says:

    Enjoy your break STT. Come back refreshed and ready to continue giving ’em hell with truth and evidence. Many thanks. William

  12. Have a well-earned break, STT. We will all miss you but campaigners everywhere will do our best to keep smacking the industry as hard as we can

  13. To all the STT, gang have a great break and enjoy your time in the bush.

  14. E Griffiths says:

    I shall miss your daily posts. From the bottom of my heart, thank you all for your selfless dedication to the cause.

    Do enjoy your well earned break – you all deserve it 🙂

  15. Thanks for all your efforts supporting those of us who may be or currently are impacted by these things. We appreciate your information, determination and sense of humour. Wishing you all the best with changes and looking forward to hearing from you again when the time is right.

  16. Terry Conn says:

    STT deserves a very well earned holiday. Thanks for keeping us so well informed and always taking a positive outlook on seeing ‘these things’ stopped – it will be tough going without our daily ‘fix’ but provided you come back I’m sure we will survive.

  17. Colleen Watts says:

    Take a good break STT team. You have seriously deserved it!!!

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