How to Spot Wind Industry Lies: Watch their Lips Move & Noses Grow


Back in September last year we covered the antics of another foreign owned wind power outfit struggling to come to grips with the fact that Australian rural communities have had – as they say – ‘a gutful’ of the wind industry’s lies, treachery and deceit. And they’ve especially had enough of the bully-boy, stand-over tactics adopted by the thugs employed by the likes of Trustpower and Epuron:

Wind Industry Belting its ‘Message’ Home: Trustpower’s Thugs Assault 79-Year-Old Pensioner & Disabled Farmer

The vast majority of rural Australians – living with or facing the threat of these things – have worked out the scale and scope of the economic fraud behind it all.

They’re hip to the fact that the $45 billion in subsidies designed to be siphoned off to these characters over the remaining life of the LRET is being used to literally steal their homes from under them:

Potential Wind Farm Neighbour Finds Idyllic Property is Now ‘Unsaleable’ at Any Price

And they’re wise to the fact that the characters programmed to destroy every last inch of Australia’s most productive farming country, couldn’t give a flying fig about any living soul within these communities; or the laws that are purported to ‘protect’ them:

Pacific Hydro & Acciona’s Acoustic ‘Consultant’ Fakes ‘Compliance’ Reports for Non-Compliant Wind Farms

Armed with that knowledge, groups are getting organised and turning mere grumbles into a simmering rage.

After Trustpower’s thugs attempted to belt their message into 79 year-old pensioner, Jim Field and disabled farmer, Mark Glover, the Yass and Rye Park communities galvanised in their efforts to defend peaceful and prosperous families from the suffering, hatred and division caused by these things, wherever in the World they get speared.

In this post we hand over to one of their stalwarts, John McGrath, as he documents what it’s like to be set upon by a band of accomplished liars, bullies and thugs; with nothing in mind but wallowing in an endless sea of $billions in subsidies for a ‘product’ with NO commercial value.

Trustpowers’ Rye Park Community Information Day held the 22nd September 2015

Although it is some time ago now I would also like to clarify/rebuke Trustpowers’ version of the proceedings of the Community Information day held the 22nd September 2015 at Rye Park.

I attended that day, then following that day there were several articles paid for by Trustpower that appeared generally in Fairfax Press publications post September 2015, basically accusing those of us that attended that Trustpower Open Day of being thugs and assaulting Trustpower Employees.

I would say that actually the reverse was in fact the case.

Much of this has already been well publicised, but prior to both Mark Glover and Jim Field being physically man handled/assaulted by either Trustpower’s employees or by the 2 paid Security Guards hired by Trustpower for that day, of supposedly peaceful information giving, smacks of the orchestration of intended aggression by Trust Power.

Having paid Security Guards at such a so called information giving day by Trust Power is in fact not an unusual occurrence having had also occurred in both Victoria and South Australia, prior to the Rye Park debacle.

I did not witness the incident with Jim Field but at Jim’s age then and given his business and community spirited credentials I find it hard to believe that a man who was almost 80 years of age would assault 3 very much younger men. What I did see though was Mark Glover being physically manhandled/dragged out of the Rye Park Hall with a man on each arm. Mark was only a few days out from having had a knee operation.

Mark was not impressed to say the least by Trustpower’s Michael Head’s still unfounded accusations that he had stolen both a memory stick and the day’s attendance sheets.

After having been engaged in conversation as such, with Michael Head for some time prior to Mark Glover’s arrival at the Rye Park Hall, and being “fed” repeated factual dis-information/fanciful information from him I was by then becoming very frustrated, to say the least.

At some stage during Mark Glover’s denial of the accusation made by Michael Head, where Mr Head stated that he would call the police. Mark suggested that he do so, it was then that Trustpower’s Wind Farm Generation Development Manager Mr Rontheo Van Zyl stepped aside and used the emergency phone number 000 to call the police. I would have thought that calling the police for an alleged robbery was very extreme and a waste of community resources in using the 000 number.

For little more than hysterical theatrics Trustpower wasted valuable emergency operator’s time and the resources of the NSW Police Department to have 2 officers drive for over an hour from Cootamundra to attend what had been billed as a “life threatening” event by Trustpower’s intimidating stand-over merchants.

The 2 police persons that arrived in their 4 wheel drive where a little bemused by what had just happened to say the least.

As I have stated above as far as I am aware there have never been any charges laid to date against anyone that attended the information day at Rye Park.


Trustpower welcomes you to our information sharing day.
Now, sit the f*@k down & shut the f*@k up!


Chris Turnbull and WF Noise from 109 Wind Turbines at 2 kilometres

To ‘dispel’ the known noise issues associated with Wind farms Chris Turnbull from Sonus was on hand at the Trustpower Rye Park Community Information Day, he had a recording of what he claimed was the noise generated by 109 Wind Towers at 2 kilometres.

In front of witnesses that afternoon, Mr Turnbull could not tell me where the recording had been taken, nor could he tell me who had recorded the noise supposedly generated by 109 Wind Towers at 2 kilometres.

The 3rd question that I asked in statement form was then “How do you know that this recording is of 109 Wind Towers at 2 kilometres, if you do not know where this recording has been taken, or who recorded it, then how do you know it’s actually 109 Wind Towers at 2 kilometres?

His answer “I don’t!”

Then I asked him once again in front of the same witnesses how far up wind can you hear Wind Towers he straight away said “You can’t!”

I repeated my question 3 times, with Mr Turnbull giving me exactly the same answer, to which I refuted his claims as I know a local ground fertiliser owner operator who was spreading fertiliser 2 kilometres upwind of the Cullerin Wind Farm, near Gunning NSW. He and his employee stopped their respective trucks to have lunch, sitting out of the wind in their position behind their trucks wheels and the employers’ employee asked the question “Where’s that jet?” “That’s not a jet, it’s the Wind Turbines behind us!”

After I stated this information to Mr Turnbull, he simply shrugged his shoulders!

Definition of fraud

Rye Park Wind Farm Community Consultation Committee Meeting 17th February 2016

On the night of the 17th February 2016, I attended the Community Consultation Committee Meeting for the Rye Park Wind Farm as an observer, but became embroiled in debate, when certain printed material presented on the table and verbal information from some of those present was incorrect, not only in my opinion but as declared by certain others present at that meeting.

Firstly information tabled in relation to the previous CCC Rye Park Meeting which listed Trust power as a Proponent for Rye Park Wind Farm, I called the chairman for the Community Consultation Committee Meeting for the Rye Park Wind Farm, Mr Nic Carmody’s attention to the fact that Trustpower were in fact the Developers for this project. Almost immediately I was rebuked by Trustpower’s Michael Head, stating that I was wrong!

Mr Head’s rebuke that night contradicted information that he had told me at Trustpower’s “farce” so called Community Information day held the 22nd September 2015 at Rye Park, which was held in the Rye Park Hall.

After I checked his answer, I was rebuked by “Mr Head” saying that he’d never said that to me at all.

His information on the night 17th February also contradicts Trustpower’s very own website where it names, Trustpower as the Developer for the Rye Park Wind Farm.

Micro siting

Other pertinent information that came out of the CCC Meeting for Rye Park Wind Farm in February was that neither Trustpower nor NSW State Planning has an exact say in where the turbine will be placed. Apparently the final say in turbine placement will be up to the turbine manufacturer.

Its final placement will apparently be within the allowable 100 metres movement either way allowed in micro siting. 100 meters either way that is.  There was an allocated 200 meter wide corridor for Rye Park Wind Farm, allowing a large variance where the turbines final location will be. That is, the turbine manufacturer is the one that decides the final location by 100 metre “micro siting” system known only to them right up until actual construction time of any Wind farm apparently.

The Gullen Range Wind Farm near Crookwell is a classic example of this already having happened, only when the installation of towers and its substation commenced was the first real inkling that neighbours were to have re the components exact location.

Given that information then all the turbine manufacturer has to do is stay “within” the corridor approved for the project at Rye Park!

I like many others in the community query this arrangement as for the very fact that most people building a home or other similar structure, are themselves under very strict guidelines by governmental bodies at various levels as to where they place the home or other structure on their own block of land. If most people had a 100 meter each way “micro siting” opportunity, then their home could be built ANYWHERE WITHIN THE 200 meter wide CORRIDOR OF THEIR STREET OR ROAD.

Yet a foreign owned multinational company is not required to conform to the level of constriction of building siting placed on the average voting taxpayer of Australia.

The question obviously raised here is why is it then that the manufacturer of a turbine (very likely also a foreign owned company) has the right to dictate to both Australia’s NSW State Department of Planning and any Australian Authority for that matter and also the Wind Farm Developer and the Wind Farm’s initial operator where to locate the turbine?

Having a firm grasp on how varied the discrepancies are is not entirely possible, given the misinformation produced by the pro Wind Farm people.

With what has already happened at Gullen Range Wind Farm the siting of Wind Towers as well as associated “large” High Voltage Substations are in some cases not known until construction has begun. A very poor oversight in planning surely!

Hence the various misinformation and discrepancies can have a real bearing on the proximity of either Wind Towers or High Voltage Substations to rural properties and even worse the installations and proximity to rural homes, as borne out by what has happened during 2014 adjacent to the Gullen Range Wind Farm.

A potential host at the CCC Rye Park Wind Farm Meeting on the 17th February was immediately concerned and agitated once the micro siting information was divulged, as they had apparently already signed on the “dotted-line” to have Trust Power construction vehicles pass through their small property on the proviso that they received a Wind Tower. As their property was a small and narrow parcel of land, with a plus or minus 100 metre relocation of their allocated WT, then they may miss out actually hosting that WT, yet they are now still in a position of not being able to stop construction traffic passing through and potentially destroying their property.

Here I refer to damage I witnessed for myself and photographed in August 2014, caused by Gold Wind’s construction vehicles to Shire’s own public roads and creek crossings. These were used by Gold Wind as access roads during construction of those Wind Towers, for Gullen Range Wind Farm near Crookwell NSW. I was there actually the day before the last tower was completed at Gullen Range

Capital Wind Farm Developer Infigen

There are strong eye witness accounts of the damage to neighbouring boundary fences once the Capital Wind Farm Developer Infigen (A foreign owned multi-national company that’s being heavily invested in by banker son of Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull, Alex Turnbull through his Singaporean based bank) by transferring straight through those properties boundary fences during construction of that particular Wind Farm.

Another little “gem” re Infigen is when “scouring” the local Yass District for skilled workers to construct Capital Wind farm they were offering well qualified tradesman $8.00 per hour.

Also as many of you are aware Infigen has already ‘bailed out” of the United States and is now attempting to sell their now useless wind farm ‘assets’ in Australia.

People I know whose property is situated between the Rye Park Wind Farm and Bango Wind farm, were approached by representatives of EPURON Proponents for Rye Park Wind Farm seeking permission to construct towers on my friend’s property. My friends asked EPURON’s representative on that day how they intended to access the far hill? They unashamedly replied that they (EPURON) would go directly through those trees (tree line planted and nurtured by my friends) then up the hill.

EPURON’s representative was actually perturbed when shown the property gate and told to leave as fast as possible!

Therefore there’s a very strong warning to any would be Wind Farm hosts, be really, really careful what you are signing up for, or worse have already signed up for, as these multi-National Companies are NOT YOUR FRIEND!

As it’s been proven time and again, to those thinking people the information disseminated by Wind Farm Proponents, Wind Farm Developers as well as by Wind Farm Owners that their information is very rarely factual. In fact, in many cases, their documentation is totally flawed and amounts to utter fabrication! These people are nothing but well-trained and highly paid liars.

You have been warned.

John McGrath
Yass NSW


About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Jackie Rovensky says:

    When the dog barks they come running. The only word the dog knows is ‘money’.

  2. This is the industry that made bribery not only legal, but mandatory. Would they ever be persecuted for lying?

  3. Jim Hutson says:

    How to stop the Wind Industry in it’s tracks. Minimum of 5 years in the crow bar Hilton if found to be lying. Goes for Politicians and all the side kicks as well.

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