US Democrat – John Rodgers Slams the Great Wind Power Fraud & Wind Industry Corruption

no wind turbines

Vermont Democrat Announces “Wind Turbines Do Not Belong In Vermont, Period:”
Pierre Gosselin
13 December 2015

The online Vermont news site Vermont Digger here presents a commentary by Vermont state Senator John Rodgers who represents my childhood home county of Orleans, and Essex county as well.

vermont Lowell-Wind-Park

Photo: Industrializing Vermont’s idyllic landscape. Cropped from video by Green Mountain Power Corp.

Senator Rodgers has had it with industrial wind energy ruining his state’s environment, announcing:

“I will join with the growing number of Vermonters who have concluded that industrial wind turbines do not belong in Vermont, period.”

As a consequence, in 2016 Rodgers plans to introduce a bill that would ban industrial wind turbines, sending them the way of the billboard. Rodgers position illustrates the rapidly growing resistance to industrial wind parks erected on Vermont’s idyllic Green Mountains.

“Devastating” impact

Recently nearby wind-parks in Sheffield and Lowell have driven the message home to local residents and tourists that the green energies aren’t green at all and that they are coming with a unexpectedly high environmental price. Rodgers, in his piece, calls the environmental impacts of wind turbines “devastating”.

Corrupt legislators, campaign finances for environmental ruin

Moreover Rodgers, a Democrat no less, accuses the Vermont legislature of political corruption:

“We have legislators who write policy to serve the very utilities and energy developers that finance their campaigns.”

He also blasts industrial solar fields in Vermont, another state where the sun doesn’t shine at night and one which often sees snow 6 months a year. He supports restrictions on large-scale solar installations, which he says benefits no one except solar industry profiteers. He writes that covering farmland and forests with solar panels reduces the amount of land available to grow food.

No affect on climate

The Vermont state senator writes that even the Public Service Department acknowledges that Vermont green energy policies will have no affect climate change, yet that they severely damage the local environment. He calls on protecting the state’s forests and not industrializing them.

Vermont’s power is already carbon neutral – why ruin the landscape for nothing?

It should be noted that some 150 years ago Vermont was mostly deforested due to its early sheep farming.

Moreover some 90% of the state’s electric power has come from carbon neutral sources already! Such as Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant and hydroelectric power from Quebec.

Vermont has far fewer than a million inhabitants and there is no sense whatsoever in ruining its landscape for something that will have absolutely zero impact whatsoever on the climate. It all boils down to green ideological showboating – one that comes with a terrible environmental heritage price.

Hopefully, more political leaders will follow Rodgers’s lead and think seriously about what they are wreaking upon the state’s beauty. As it stands, too many politicians have been governing under the influence of “green” dope and climate science BS. Unfortunately it looks like it’s going to take a massive environmental hangover before they sober up from all the climate insanity.

john rodgers

Vermont Senator John Rodgers calls it for what it is.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. 4TimesAYear says:

    Reblogged this on 4timesayear's Blog.

  2. It would be nice to get some more information about the mentioned criminal elements (corruption…) from a pure legal view. This information could then be added in my wind and crime page (only some elements are in English, sorry).

  3. Interesting choice of photos. Fight the wind (.com) (and the yard sign depicted here) are from Logan County, Ohio – a group that formed to dissuade UK-based Everpower Renewables’ Scioto Ridge Project. I live in the same county.

  4. Marie Jane says: If there is any place on earth where industrial wind turbines may be appropriate, it for sure is not in any of the New England states or their off shore waters. A total disgrace for the governance, from national levels to the most local, who have turned a blind eye and allowed and supported this abomination …………kudos to your Senator Rodgers. May others follow his lead.

  5. I’m glad that people are beginning to ‘get’ it.

  6. Reblogged this on Climatism.

  7. Is there anywhere on earth that these industrial wind turbines belong?

  8. Mike Jankowski says:

    The negative impact to human health rates more than just a mention. I have been reporting my issues through the alleged proper channels with absolutely Zero action taken.

    My doctor and specialists have found no other reason for the issues and we have a subtle noise like Star Wars light sabres in our bedroom which is in time with the turning of the turbine blades.

    To you in charge, either fulfill your mandate, or get out of the way.

    • Dear Mike, we empathise with your predicament and we most certainly take health impacts into account on this site. Our position (and we suggest the only way of destroying the wind industry) is that the only way of avoiding predicaments like yours, is summed up in this post:

      Not every post we have produced deals with health effects – there are over 1,180 of them. However, if you type ‘adverse health effects’ into our search bar you will return hundreds of posts, which include learned papers and cutting edge research, eg Steven Cooper’s groundbreaking research on infrasound at Cape Bridgewater:

      STT broke the NASA research that proved the link between incessant turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound and adverse health effects such as sleep deprivation 30 years ago, and which the wind industry has covered up ever since:

      So, Mike we don’t accept your charge of giving no mention to health consequences. Take the time to peruse the hundreds of articles you will find here and we’re sure you’ll agree.

      So, we won’t be ‘getting out of the way’ any time soon.

      Our line is that wind power is and will always be meaningless as a power source – it is delivered in chaotic spurts, can’t be stored and requires 100% of its capacity to be backed up 100% of the time with conventional generation sources (mostly coal fired plant); and therefore can never reduce CO2 emissions in the electricity sector. What follows is that all of the other social costs (health impacts, skyrocketing power prices, etc) can never be justified and are simply malicious.

      In our view, the people that need to ‘get out of the way’ are the Goldilocks types who profess that they are all in favour of wind power, just so long as the turbines are in the right place (which in their view means ‘your place’). It’s logically fallacious ‘arguments’ of that kind – run by people too scared to offend the prevailing ‘Green’ orthodoxy – that have resulted in thousands of people suffering just like you. Our stated aim is to destroy the wind industry, not to deal with it or debate its dwindling cult of supporters and parasites.

      If you really want to change your situation, then type ‘noise nuisance’ in our search bar and find the dozens of stories detailing your common law rights. Here’s just one:

      Then pop off and see your local lawyer and commence proceedings against the property owner(s) causing you unlawful and unnecessary harm. Otherwise feel free to continue suffering in silence. Your rights are worth nothing unless you have the courage to pursue them.

      • Jackie Rovenksy says:

        Here, here STT. I find it quite alarming that anyone today living within a whisper of these things has not been communicating with their local community and hearing what others are suffering at the hands of these things and those who support them.
        Maybe Mike has in some way isolated himself and enjoys his misery.
        Keep up the good work STT, and a Happy Christmas and a New Year that brings Silence, peace and Joy to all those suffering.

  9. After 6 years of fighting these things, one thing l have always wondered is why the tree huggers, far left, uni student types are some of the most prolific spruikers?

    Anyone with any common or economic sense sense must come to the conclusion that the massive losses to clear thousands of trees, transport, build, deal with the intermittent power for 10-15 years, decommission and then be left with a massive permanent scar on areas that should never be touched with bulldozers ever…

    Sort of know how people felt when the Nazis where taking their homes from them..

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