Carmen Krogh: Wind Turbine Noise the Irrefutable Cause of Human Harm


Carmen Krogh is a medico in the know: ‘in the know’, that is about the known and obvious adverse health consequences caused by incessant turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound, such as sleep deprivation. Carmen is a medical scientist with an understanding of what the term ‘science’ actually means – unlike Australia’s NHMRC, for example (see our post here).

STT has covered Carmen’s work, including her dynamic-duo efforts with Bob McMurty:

Diagnosing Patients Experiencing Adverse Health Effects from Industrial Wind Turbines

Carmen delivered an address on her research at the same conference where Lord Monckton delivered his stinging attack on the ludicrous economics of wind power:

Lord Monckton Dissects the Great Wind Power Fraud

At the start of his address, Lord Monckton makes reference to Carmen’s powerful presentation, which is as big on human compassion as it is on factual detail – here it is (click on the image below, and click again on the video play button, after that)



About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Probably the key is that the guy under full test does not experience any form of motion sickness (his words), probably would never experience any impact from noise apart from loudness.
    Others did and you would almost certainly find that % of the population has a defined asymmetry of the vestibular system (mostly between one of the otolith elements). The resulting asymmetrical nerve responses sent the cervical chord (and elsewhere) where those responses can be detected may well be the answer. Think of it as being akin to vestibular migraine under noise (video gamers are in that mix)..
    It works exactly that way for other animals where asymmetric otolith elements subjected to mainly low frequency pulsed noise generates significantly higher stress levels as measured at least by blood chemistry and growth – they dont die in experimental situations but would in the wild..
    All published. There are some ethical issues with looking at peoples otoliths while they are alive and while good for those people does tend to slow down information exchange.
    Its all along the lines of what Simon Carlile said in The Australian that WT pulses generate symptoms like seasickness in a percentage of people.
    Bring on to neurophysiology research here, and join whats happening elsewhere.

  2. Thanks, STT. A stunner of a delivery from Carmen Krogh – explaining what we all know – and some of which we didn’t fully understand (the indirect causality pathway) in easy to understand language.

    With regard to Shane’s comment, interesting! We hope someone finds the episode.

    We are minded of something which one of our friends was told a couple of years ago whilst visiting a very famous abbey. The person in charge of its running found that she could not remain in the abbey when the (enormous) organ was being tuned, because one of the notes (on the lower register) would cause her to become disorientated, sick and faint. Such that the tuner would have to notify in advance when the work was being done.

  3. Is it legal to use human beings in a controlled experiment and expose them to infrasound radiation to find out how their bodies respond to it?

  4. A few years ago mythbusters did an episode titled
    ‘the brown noise’ . It was to try and find the frequency that is supposedly meant to make a person loose control of their bowels. The frequency levels ranged above and below human ability to hear , interestingly to me at one point in the show there was a frequency used that was below humans ability to hear but after a few minutes at this particular level, most of the crew filming and anyone that was near all walked away and when asked what happened they described all the symptoms that someone living near turbines describe. . Did anyone else pick up on this ?

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