Wind Farm Senate Inquiry Fallout Continues

The initial ‘bang’ is only half the show.


When the Senate Inquiry into the great wind power fraud kicked off in Portland, Victoria on 30 March, STT predicted that the wind industry was headed for a world of pain, misery and woe (see our post here). Well, not to say we told you so, but things are going from disastrous to catastrophic. Oh dear, how sad, never mind.

To say the wind industry is in a state of panic-filled hysteria is to put it mildly: this week has its parasites and spruikers turning up the dial to apoplectic.

The Senate Inquiry has just issued its Interim Report (available here) – which hasn’t helped calm their thread-bare nerves.

And the shenanigans in Canberra over moves by the Cross-Bench Senators (which includes Senators Madigan, Leyonhjelm, Day and Xenophon who sit on the Inquiry) to extract concessions from the Coalition on a better deal for all Australians – especially those currently affected and/or threatened by the incessant turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound – has the usual bunch of Twitter jockeys working over-time, ranting about coal-fuelled conspiracies.

Added to which is fact that two South Australian turbine hosts – who – despite pocketing over $1 million for hosting 19 turbines – gave evidence to the Senate that the “unbearable” noise has ruined their ability to sleep in their own home; so much so that they would never do it again; and that they wouldn’t live within 20km of a wind farm.

That set of damning facts has completely up-ended the rubbish about “nocebo” effects; and all the other drivel pedaled by former tobacco advertising gurus and the like.

While STT had the scoop on that story, it didn’t take long for Australia’s National Daily to pick it up. Over to STT Champion, Graham Lloyd.

Tougher scrutiny on wind farming after crossbench talks
The Australian
Graham Lloyd
18 June 2015

STT Champion of Champions, Mary Morris.


Mary Morris, at the Waterloo windfarm north of Adelaide, conducted one of the only studies accepted by the National Health and Medical Research Council.

Wind farms could face greater federal government scrutiny after a last-minute intervention by Tony Abbott ahead of the Senate vote on the revised ­renewable energy target today.

Yesterday, the Prime Minister met four crossbench senators concerned about the cost and possible health impacts of the renewable energy technology.

After the meeting, Environment Minister Greg Hunt was asked to write to senators David Leyonhjelm, John Madigan, Bob Day and Jacqui Lambie setting out the new protections.

A spokesman for Mr Hunt confirmed last night that a letter was being prepared.

The government is hoping a written pledge will avoid amendments to the RET legislation, which is expected to be voted on in the Senate today.

The crossbench senators have raised concerns about a range of issues regarding wind-farm developments and the fact that the revised RET will strongly favour wind.

Mr Abbott has said the reduced RET was designed to limit the number of wind farms built.

A Senate inquiry into wind farms will today release an inte­rim report into its hearings, which have taken evidence from the wind industry, acoustics ­experts and residents who claim to have been affected.

The wind industry maintains claims that the technology is inefficient or poten­tially harmful to nearby residents have been thoroughly investigated and discounted. But one farm couple who has been paid $1 million to host 19 wind turbines over five years told the Senate inquiry that the noise had been unbearable.

South Australian cattle grazier Clive Gare told a hearing in Adelaide he was initially excited about hosting renewable energy, but now believed “towers should not be any closer than 5km to a dwelling”.

“If we had to buy another property it would not be within a 20km distance to a wind farm. I think that says it all,” Mr Gare said.

The wind industry has said complaints about noise impacts had not been made by people who received lucrative contracts to host them. Wind farm company AGL has paid thousands to insulate the Gare property from the noise of the wind turbines, which are as close as 800m from the house, but Mr Gare and his wife, Trina, told the inquiry they were still impacted.

Mary Morris, who conducted one of the only studies accepted by the National Health and Medical Research Council, said she would welcome any undertakings by the federal government to increase supervision.

Ms Morris became involved in the wind farms initially to support people who claimed to be affected by the Waterloo wind farm in South Australia.

In a speech to the Senate on the federal government’s compromise RET bill, Senator Leyonhjelm said the revised RET would be “no more than a wind industry support fund”.

Jacqui Lambie received support from Coalition senators for a speech in which she criticised reliance on renewable energy.

“Apart from hydro, the only way to de-carbonise energy is to move very quickly to nuclear,” she said. “And it’s about time we move to that option.”
The Australian

Graham Lloyd: annoying the hell out of the wind industry since 2012.

11 thoughts on “Wind Farm Senate Inquiry Fallout Continues

  1. The interim report of the Select Committee on Wind Turbines makes interesting reading.

    It’s no surprise that the 2 members of the ALP who have sat on the select committee to date have added their own dissenting report which shows that they are still in denial of the fact that people are being tortured and suffering ill health since being forced to live in close and not so close proximity to operating giant fans.

    Their summary:
    “We urge the government not to make rash commitments or legislative changes based on the poorly informed and unsubstantiated recommendations of this committee.”

  2. Thank you to the Gares, Graham Lloyd, the Senators, and all those confronting the lies and abuse of citizens the Wind Industry is founded upon. The truth will prevail.

  3. The parliament of Germany’s medical profession has called on its leaders to support a halt to further wind farm developments near housing until more research has been undertaken into the possible health impacts of low-frequency noise from wind turbines. It said the health effects of infra ­sound (below 20 Hz) and low-frequency sound (below 100 Hz) in relation to emissions from wind turbines were still open questions, as were the effects of noise below the hearing threshold or lower frequencies with increasing exposure duration. The assembly said the erection of more turbines close to settlements should be stopped until there was reliable data to exclude a safety hazard.

  4. It certainly is pretty to watch, STT, these bastards and their followers are starting to slowly self destruct.

    I have just been called a troll on Y2R, because I am ‘engaging with people, with flaky unscientific views’.

    Then I got told ‘Only someone with a grossly inadequate understanding of the issues would mistake the current political opportunism that is targeting clean wind energy for science’.

    They ain’t happy, STT.

    Then of course, the village idiot from Crystal Brook, he’s right onto it!
    ‘I just saw this in The Australian: “Mary Morris, who conducted the only Australian study into wind turbine health impacts accepted by the National Health and Medical Research Council”

    Can that be true? Why would they accept a ‘study’ by someone who has no research qualifications and is highly biased against wind power?
    (I have sent an email to NHMRC asking for more information.)’

    Keep the pressure on STT, things have never looked so good since we got involved with this bullshit, over two years ago.


    1. TCW, the Crystal idiot thinks research is something you copy from a wind industry blog, or a piece of the tobacco guru’s propaganda! Not science and not credible.

      Perhaps ‘the idiot’ is still acting as a proxy for the guru, as is evident on his bushit rumblings site? And as we all know, the guru has accepted money from, and appeared for, the wind industry, was formerly a secret reviewer of a piece of NHMRC wind industry misinformation, and is ipso facto, not an independant source on the adverse health impacts of wind turbines. (he has much to hide, and ego and status (sic) to lose). Yes the industry and its shills are worried. But they are more likely to be held to account for their crimes if a Royal Commission is held (not what sounds like a weasel words description, a ‘Wind farm commissioner’!!).

      Let’s hope the Independant Senators live up to their name and don’t fall for Liberal sleight of hand and Labor/Green bullying and abuse. They have come too far standing up for the rights of victims of this malicious industry to be dudded now.

    2. It seems the village idiot has realised the NHMRC’s latest fiasco of a Review has concluded, been reported on and soundly condemned.

      Maybe he’s suffering from attention problems from the noise of those knocking knees, chattering teeth and gasps of horror emitted from friends of his in the Insipid Whining Twaddle (IWT) brigade.
      One day he could actually realise it’s all over and he missed it!

  5. The windweasel grubs are feeling the heat and they can’t stand it; as they are having one their last squeals of hatred before the death of their beloved fans. I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER.

    The little tobacco guru climed out of his log, just long enough to have a squeal and back he went.

  6. Thanks to the Gares our independent senators and the neighbors and supporters who have kept the fight up to an overwhelming foe at times.

    My latest failure has been trying to get something done about the increasing fox population on Hamish Officer’s soon to be 4000 acre hobby Farm; as he’s moving up to Pierre Point near Hamilton. Hamilton 40 ks away into the new bb quarters while the main house is being built. Back to the foxes as I am about to start lambing the onus is on the landholder not AGL to control pests and weeds, they got out of sheep years ago so don’t have to worry the baby lamb eating creatures.

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