Scottish MPs Call for Moratorium on Highland’s Plans for Giant Fans


Finally, MPs respond to Highlanders’ reasonable political demands.


The wind industry has run rampant across the Scottish Highlands and left a trail of personal misery and financial despair in its vast wake.

Whether it’s driving people from uninhabitable and worthless homes, in efforts that parallel the great Croft Clearances (see our post here); or lying, bullying and bribing their way to planning approvals under ‘standards’ that have, for example, resulted in toxic water supplies (see our post here) – the wind industry has had free rein, as Scottish MPs have generally sat back and let wind power outfits ride roughshod over Highlanders’ rights, if they aren’t already in there, actively encouraging developers in their callous disregard of those rights.

Now, thankfully, the tide seems to be turning. A little while back we covered the call by John Lamont MSP, to see wind farm victims properly compensated by their tormentors, for their inevitable financial losses (see our post here).


John Lamont MSP: seeing that right be done.


Now John, and his fellow traveller, Murdo Fraser have jumped on the side of right once again, with both of them calling for local councils to have the right to slam future wind farm plans, by giving councils the power to place moratoriums on all new wind farm proposals; and renewing the call for proper compensation for victims, where the damage has already been done.

Conservative’s wind farm moratorium plans unveiled
The Berwickshire News
4 March 2015

The Scottish Conservatives have launched an action plan for rural Scotland calling for more powers and more opportunities for all.

The plan includes a pledge for local councils to be able to place a moratorium on new wind farms and ensure people whose property prices have dropped are compensated.

Latest figures reveal the number of public objections to large-scale wind farms has doubled to around 6,000 in the last year.

When councils demanded a moratorium on wind farm applications the Scottish Government said it would be an “unprecedented step in Scottish planning practice.”

But with a moratorium on shale gas exploration announced recently the precedent has now been set.

Berwickshire MSP John Lamont said: “Regardless of your views on the merits of large scale wind farms, it should be local people deciding whether or not they are suitable for the area.

“The SNP’s obsession with wind farms has resulted in them being plastered across the Scottish Borders.

“Let’s hand more power back to local councils. It should be up to local communities whether they want a wind farm on their back door.

“So I support councils getting the right to block new wind farm applications – and compensation from developers for people whose properties fall in value as a result.”

Scottish Conservative energy spokesman Murdo Fraser said of the plethora of wind farm applications in rural Scotland: “It puts a massive strain on council planning departments, which in turn causes anxiety to those in communities whose surroundings would be severely impaired.

“Onshore wind has a place as part of a balanced energy approach, but the Scottish Government has placed far too much emphasis on them.”
The Berswickshire news

murdo fraser

Murdo Fraser MSP: late to the party, but better late than never.

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We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Crispin Trist says:

    At last the penny has dropped!

    These are the Highland Clearances of our times.

    The Wind Developers have had it all their own way for far too long. It is time to stand up for your rights and fight back.

    They are the neighbours from hell!

  2. About time we saw this sort of response south of the border too. Unlikely to have a big impact on its own but together with everything else this petition may have some effect:

  3. Reblogged this on ajmarciniak.

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