Adverse Health Effects of Wind Turbine Infrasound Explained

kevin dooley

Kevin Dooley: wind turbine infrasound the culprit.


The impact of low-frequency noise and infrasound from wind turbines on neighbours has been known by the wind industry since NASA turned a massive, multidisciplinary microscope on the problem back in the 1980s (see our posts here and here and here). Mind you, that highly relevant research has been steadfastly ignored by Australia’s peak public health body, the NHMRC for very political reasons (see our posts here and here). Trying to explain turbine generated infrasound (large changes in air pressure that, by definition, can’t be heard, but are sensed via the inner ear; or other parts of the nervous system) to those who have never experienced its effects is like trying to explain a migraine to someone who has never had a headache. Top Neuro-Physiologist, Professor Alec Salt gives a pretty clear wrap-up for the uninitiated in this video:



One of the impacts is nausea (ie motion sickness), which other research has put down to infrasound too (see our post here).

When the brain receives mixed messages from its sensory receptors, including the inner ear, for example, it can trigger an ancient evolutionary response – motion sickness  – but can also manifest as symptoms of ear pressure, vertigo, heart palpitations and other symptoms.

Of course, in its efforts to lie, cover up and otherwise avoid the facts, the wind industry and its pet acoustic consultants continue to maintain that “modern” wind turbines don’t produce infrasound at all; this statement appears in the South Australian EPA “Wind farms environmental noise guidelines”:

Infrasound was a characteristic of some wind turbine models that has been attributed to early designs in which turbine blades were downwind of the main tower. The effect was generated as the blades cut through the turbulence generated around the downwind side of the tower.

Modern designs generally have the blades upwind of the tower. Wind conditions around the blades and improved blade design minimise the generation of the effect. The EPA has consulted the working group and completed an extensive literature search but is not aware of infrasound being present at any modern wind farm site.

The “working group” that “helped” the EPA reach its “conclusions” on infrasound from “modern wind farms” was made up of the wind industry’s pet acoustic consultants – Marshall Day, Vipac, AECOM and Sonus – and Sonus – which used to brag on its website that it wrote the guidelines –  was formed by blokes who worked for the EPA. Now how cosy is that! Trouble is that infrasound is produced at levels which can be sensed and can be measured, but it requires the proper kit and to use it inside peoples’ homes, which the wind industry refuses to do and its guidelines deliberately avoid. Steven Cooper’s groundbreaking study at Cape Bridgewater has removed all doubt that wind turbine generated infrasound is the agent responsible for the adverse sensations experienced by wind farm victims (including sleep deprivation) (see our post here). Another top-notch researcher, Kevin Dooley has turned his attention to the impact of wind turbine infrasound on wind farm victims, and like Steven Cooper has actually gone inside homes with his kit to do so. Here’s a screen grab from a video produced by Kevin (see below) showing infrasound detected inside wind farm victim, Norma Schmidt’s home in Ontario: dooley-edit oscilloscope


The oscilloscope image shows how the infrasonic pressure waves from wind turbines penetrate the walls of the home, free to do their worst on people like Norma (see our post here).

Infrasound from above generates up and down pressure changes

Dooley’s theory of why infrasound from turbines is different and causes motion sickness-like symptoms in susceptible individuals


Kevin goes on to give a very detailed explanation of turbine infrasound impacts in this video, including the manner in which infrasound causes nausea:



throwing up

Living next to a wind farm and feeling queasy? There’s a reason for that.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.



    statements –


    “Dear Senator Madigan, Charley Barber and I met with you in your office in Canberra.

    I was once, briefly, seconded to work on the National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Secretariat so I understand a little of its workings.

    Thank you for your continued persistence in this very important matter.

    The interesting and important point that I gleaned from this material is the absolute admission by the CEO of the NHMRC that –

    “under 500m there are indeed effects on health at the noise on the level that wind turbines do”, and

    “from 500m to 1500m the evidence is there………. although they are probably modest……….”

    For me this is the first real admission by a Government funded medical authority in Australia that industrial wind turbines have negative effects on health.

    This is extremely serious indeed.

    So many people now live adjacent to, or within the vicinity of, wind farms.

    As you are aware, our home is approximately 1800m from the closest wind turbine and our entire property has wind turbines to our north, east and south, as well as the huge industrial sub/switch station (Gullen Range Wind Farm). Our east and south boundary fence is particularly close to wind turbines. The audible noise we hear when in our fields and indeed, sometimes from the verandah of our home, can be loud and debilitating (rumbling/thumping/jet engine like noise).

    Now we have an absolute categorical statement by the CEO that there are health issues associated with wind turbines we are feeling quite concerned about the impact upon our own health and that of our many visitors to the property.

    Surely, something urgently must now be done to protect the rural residents of Australia from any such adverse health effects from wind turbines?

    Rather than relying purely on peer review of existing published material on wind turbine health issues I wonder why the NHMRC is not combining research to include grants for actual medical field studies to occur? Please can you ask this question of the NHMRC.

    Best wishes, Rosemary Howe ps. please do come visit sometime.
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  2. Hey Guys.
    Love the site.
    You may be going off a little half cocked with the health correlation thing;
    For a quick summary take a look at Knopper Ollsen Meta Peer review of multiple studies, which concluded that “annoyance” not noise appeared to be the culprit, finding a direct correlation between WFS symptoms reported, and the ability to see the turbines.
    Proximity to Turbines, or various levels of noise from turbines apparently had no bearing by comparison. If you cant see the blades turning, you are far less likely to report WFS symptoms

    I note that you misinterpreted Steven Coopers Cape Bridgewater report, implying it discovered a link between health and wind farms…
    Here are Steven Coopers own words…

    “Pacific Hydro are correct that we don’t have a correlation in terms of medical and I agree with that 100 per cent.”

    “…You can’t say that noise affects health from this study”
    – Steven Cooper – Discussing his Cape Bridgewater WindFarm report on ABC Radio Ballarat 21 Jan 2015

    Kind Regards


    • Oscar, thanks for your comments, but, with respect, STT doesn’t go off “half-cocked”.

      What we have reported is that the 2 top acoustic experts in America have found that the data (not what Cooper says in his report or in public interviews) itself proves a causal relationship: see the post here:

      And read precisely what Schomer and Hessler say in that post regarding the data and proof of causality; and what STT says about scientific method relative to assertions by the NHMRC regarding proof.

      Further, the term used by acousticians, “annoyance” includes, inter alia, sleep deprivation, which the WHO defines as in and of itself an adverse health effect: see our post here:

      Cooper’s subjects could not see the turbines at night when sensations were recorded – unless, of course they were wearing night-vision goggles (some can’t see the turbines from their homes at all) – careful reading of his report confirms this.

      It is available in this post:

      Moreover, and more importantly, the relationship between recorded sensations (including sleep disruption) and changes in the power output of the turbines – as found by Cooper – has nothing to do with seeing them, unless the subjects are equipped with some kind of visual power meters. Cooper’s findings (ie what he says in his report can be summarised thus:

      1 The impacts from noise and vibration generated by wind turbines include sleep disturbance – defined by the WHO as, in and of itself, an adverse health effect.

      2 In addition, those impacts include a range of other adverse sensations, such as: headaches; pressure in the head, ears or chest; ringing in the ears (tinnitus); heart racing; or a sensation of heaviness.

      3 The impacts are most pronounced when turbines start up, are at full power or changing load by more than 20 per cent up or down.

      4 The trigger for the adverse sensations suffered is turbine noise measured inside homes in the 4Hz to 5Hz frequency range at sound pressure levels as low as 50 decibels – well below the hearing threshold for those frequencies (ie, what is termed “infrasound”).

      5 The audible noise measure (ie dB(A)) – used in the noise guidelines is irrelevant.

      6 The sensation impacts correlated with infrasound generated by the turbines and measured inside homes.

      7 Turbine generated infrasound is readily distinguishable from infrasound generated by natural sources, due to the “signature” produced by wind turbines.

      8 The results accord with the work done during the 1980s by Neil Kelley, et al, which proved that very low frequency noise generated by wind turbines caused the adverse effects suffered by wind farm neighbours.

      Cooper’s work covered the same areas as the NASA work done in the US during the 1980s (again using “annoyance” as the term of reference, and which included sleep disruption) which also found identical sensations being CAUSED by IFLN: see our post here:

      In the meantime, and contrary to wind industry claims, there are more than 21 peer-reviewed papers that say much the same thing, viz, wind turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound results in sleep deprivation, among other adverse health effects: see our post here:

      Oscar, we welcome you as a follower, and encourage you to take the time to use the resources you’ll find here as to health impacts (among other things); and otherwise enjoy our reporting, as the wind industry implodes on all fronts.

  3. clive hoskin says:

    Global Warming and all it’s other CONotations, are the biggest Con Job ever thrust upon the World. Everything connected with it, will cost us $Billions and there seems to be no end to the Crooks involved in this Scam.

    Unfortunately the MSM, lead by Our ABC are controlling the Propaganda Wars. The UN are spending a lot of money to get rid of Tony Abbott before the Paris Love-In.They want Malcolm Turncoat to replace him and they don’t care how it is done.

    Check out Anthony Watts at for more info.

  4. We live about a mile from Hoosac Wind for just over 2 years and it has been a downward spiral. Every morning I wake in a state of anxiety and occasionally waking to absolute sheer panic! Both of us have developed sinus and high blood pressure, something we never had problems with before the neighbors from Hell moved in.

  5. Jim Hutson says:

    Personally I can vouch for the above. Since the Wind Turbines started operating full on a couple of months ago, I have had most of the symptoms described in various papers. I noticed a couple of days ago whilst walking back to my house I was actually walking in a curve and I was leaning to the inside of the curve. That really concerned me. Along with other scary symptoms, I am starting to realise that my future where I currently live, is not good.

    On the plus side and to give hope, others have felt ear pressure here on arrival, instantly, and were surprised, confessing that they hadn’t previously believed me.

    So whilst there are those out there who know that this is real and for what ever reason, will call us liars etc., I will now give those people one more for the bag.

    Our local friendly Wind Turbine Hosts, have now formed a group and employed a well known Wind alliance identity to work on their behalf to approach our local friendly Wind turbine Factory with their grievances.

    And what are they?

    Low and behold, they’re:

    1. Noise

    2. Corporate behaviour

    3. Money.

    It seems they are not being paid very much. I have always pointed out to the hosts here that the are earning approximately 10% of what is being paid in England.

    Oh dear, what a nightmare. Up until now, it has always been one way traffic, but things are changing. It is when you have a Scientist tell you, that although he was initially sceptical of what I have been telling him, he is now a ‘believer’, having experienced it for himself. Now he is the one who has been explaining it all to me; all the sound waves, frequencies, pressure waves, and how it’s reverberating around my hangar; how it’s worse in some spots and not in others. It’s a more encouraging sign that the truth will prevail.

    Our day will come.

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