Wind Farms: As “Safe as Houses”



STT has worked pretty solidly to cover the increasing numbers of turbine blades that routinely unshackle themselves in bids for airborne freedom, troublesome events, which the wind industry euphemistically calls “component liberation” (see our posts here and here and here and here).

But lately, STT has been working over-time to keep up with the wind industry’s diligent efforts to keep wind farm neighbours on their toes, with turbines collapsing in crumpled heaps and/or throwing their blades to the four-winds all over the world.

Whether it’s in Ireland (see our posts here and here); Scotland (see our posts here and here); Devon (see our post here); Nicaragua (see our post here)  – BrazilKansasPennsylvaniaGermany and Scotland – turbines have been crashing back to earth and chucking blades around the country-side – like steroid-fuelled, German hammer-throwers – in frightening numbers.

hammer throw

After I’m done with this, I’ll start my heavy training with Suzlon blades.


Here’s another one to add to the growing list: this time it’s Scots in the firing line (again).

Safety fears close Longpark wind farm in Scottish Borders
The Southern Reporter
Bob Burgess
14 January 2015

blade chunk longpark

Look at what Senvion just chucked on the road.
Do you think they’ll want it back?


A windfarm in the Scottish Borders has been shut down after part of a turbine was found lying by the roadside.

All 19 turbines at the Longpark farm above Stow have been switched off and an investigation is underway.

The fibreglass component from a blade was found by Stow businessman Graeme Steel – and he says he’s spotted another three of the same components – believed to be spoilers – missing from turbines.

It’s thought it may have been ripped off during high winds.

He told The Southern: “I found it on the side of the road. It could easily have caused severe injury or even a fatality.

blade chunk longpark 2

It’s only a wee-chunk, I’m sure Senvion won’t miss it.
And it’ll probably make a half-decent canoe.


“It has come to light there are a further three turbines missing three sections of this spoiler.”

Longpark operators EDF Energy Renewables said they were aware of the found component.

A spokesman said; “EDF Energy Renewables is investigating how the component, which is made of fibreglass, came to be at the road side.

“Engineers from turbine manufacturers, Senvion is also attending the site to assist with this.

“In the meantime, all 19 turbines at the site have been switched off as a precaution.”
The Southern Reporter

Good to see Senvion back in the news.

Senvion’s doppelganger, Suzlon – aka Suzlon REPower – has planted hundreds of its S88s all over the Australian countryside: Infigen operate a stack in NSW, Trustpower planted 47 at Snowtown, in South Australia’s Mid-North; and AGL speared a hundred or so into SA’s Mid-North, around Jamestown and Hallett (see our post here).

These are the same units that are prone to spontaneously combust, throw their blades for miles and crash back to earth (see our post here).

And it’s Senvion that are out to carpet SA’s agricultural Heartland of Yorke Peninsula in nearly 200 of its self-destructing monsters (see our post here).

With a penchant for throwing “caution to the wind”, it’s a good thing that the chance of Senvion lobbing any of its 160m blade-chuckers on YP is slimmer than a German supermodel.

wind turbine suzlon s88 amayo

‘Safe as houses’ – provided you’re living in a
titanium re-enforced bunker, that is.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Now you could be forgiven for thinking there may be sinister reasons why Spanish outfit Acciona, owner of the Waubra wind factory, doesn’t want you to see behind these locked gates. Turn through 180 degrees and you might get an inkling of why the conquistadors don’t want you snooping amongst their erratic, bat slicing, whirling dervishes.

  2. Wind farms safe as houses? What a joke! These useless fans are falling over every where and it is getting worse as the days go by. We will hear many more of these stories as time goes on. They are a flawed technology from start to finish. The wind weasel grubs will be getting desperate now as they have lost the plot big time.

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