Jupiter Wind Farm Proponents from Another Planet

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Yet another wind farm disaster proposed for the Southern Tablelands, yet another community backlash. This time it’s the threatened Jupiter wind farm at Tarago that has sent locals into orbit: the community is nothing short of ropeable (see our posts here and here).

Here’s one of their number smashing the Spanish developer, the disgraceful NSW Planning Department and the hypocritical ACT government.

LETTER: They are on another planet
Greg Faulkner
Goulburn Post
15 October 2014

I AM writing regarding Jupiter wind farm, proposed for the area surrounding Tarago. The proposed development would consist of up to 110 wind turbines each 170 meters or 50 stories tall.

The developer is EPYC a company which I understand is over 80 per cent Spanish owned.

My partner and I are long term residents from within the project area.

Like most locals we live here for the peace and quiet. We now face the sickening possibility of our home being sandwiched between banks of these colossal turbines, situated on our neighbours land, and possibly as close as 600 meters from our house door.

After having contacted NSW Dept of Planning about the situation, and having received no helpful response, we find ourselves with no alternative but to speak out publicly against the frightening unfairness surrounding the current approach to wind farm development in The Southern Highlands.

The turbines proposed are mind boggling huge, this cannot be overstated.

They are taller than the Sydney Harbour Bridge and very nearly as tall as Canberra’s Black Mountain Tower.


Gee whiz! There ain’t much else that can
make big American pick-ups look so tiny.

They are bigger than the ones around Bungendore and, for close residents, will never be obscured by tree plantings or anything else. Giant turbines may be a novelty to marvel at for a few moments, as we drive past, but I don’t think many Australians would want to live in their midst 24/7. I have observed the use of the term NIMBY in the media, in relation to rural residents who express any doubt about wind farm development near their homes.

The most enthusiastic users of this brutal and provocative term seem to be “green” city residents, who may be comfortable in the knowledge that their communities will never be the target of wind farm development. It seems common sense that any person who learns that their beloved home may soon be surrounded by giant turbines will be understandably devastated, and should not be subjected to cheap name calling.

A little understanding would be more productive.

Like most working, middle aged Australians, our home represents virtually all of our capital and its sale was to be central to any type of retirement or health care in our old age (not so far away).

If Jupiter wind farm proceeds our house will be sandwiched between arrays of monstrous, spinning, noise emitting turbines.

I do not think I am being pessimistic when I predict that any sale will difficult, unless the price is very, very low indeed.

In this sense alone the development is an absolute disaster for us, and most of our neighbours are in the same boat.

Australia may want renewable power options but we cannot continue forward like this.

In its haste to establish the renewable power sector it seems the NSW Government is prepared to sacrifice the wellbeing of many rural residents in the Southern Highlands, so as to provide a financially appealing environment to tempt foreign investors. It has offered up the unregulated development of the Southern Highlands to foreign developers without bothering to provide any protection for existing residents.

Claims by developers that large turbine arrays don’t affect the value or amenity of a location are ludicrous and dishonest. It seems the ACT Government is also prepared to overlook the frightening unfairness of the various wind farm developments just outside its borders, in order to buy the power produced and achieve its renewable power ambitions.

The residents of Canberra may not be aware that these arrangements will come at a very high price for many families in neighbouring rural communities.

The ACT’s position is staggeringly hypocritical, given its long standing commitment to stringent height limits in its own planning law, which protect its own skyline from unsightly high rise development.

It is clear that the ACT government understands the importance of controlling development to ensure a healthy and unoffensive environment for its own residents.

It is also clear that this concern does not extend to nearby NSW neighbours who are being targeted for wind farm development that Canberra would never tolerate itself.
GREG FAULKNER, Boro Rd via Braidwood.
Goulburn Post

At a mere 600m from the nearest turbine, the Faulkner’s currently peaceful home will be turned into a sonic torture trap and will be totally uninhabitable.

That’s around the same distance that Pac Hydro lobbed its giant fans from long-suffering Sonia Trist’s Cape Bridgewater home. After years of suffering from incessant turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound, Sonia has decided enough is enough and is abandoning her beautiful and – once tranquil – home (see our post here).

But not to worry, the Spanish outfit aiming to destroy the Faulkner’s property and ability to enjoy it will employ a little of the $millions it’ll receive in REC subsidy to buy the house, stitch up the owners with a bullet-proof gag clause (see our posts here and here) and then quietly bulldoze it (see our post here).


Don’t worry Greg. It’s all courtesy of the LRET, paid for
by your power bills & coming to homes like yours, real soon.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Grant Winberg says:

    At the end of the day the people responsible for this injustice are the local NSW and federal parliamentary representatives. They are very aware of the immorality of this and no amount of their asking you for petitions etc changes the fact that they are responsible and need to fix it.

  2. Jackie Rovenksy says:

    These things are not only destroying peoples health and environments but they are destroying a way of life that has been envied by people everywhere – a peaceful simple life in beautiful rural settings.
    They are destroying what Australia is renowned for – giving people ‘a fair go’. No longer can Australia be seen as a place of equality and an established democracy where the ‘little’ person has a right to be heard, listened to, agreed with and looked after.

    Australia is now fast becoming a place of unwelcome industrialists who ignore the people of this country, who ignore the laws and rules of development, who thumb their nose at our courts and commissions. Australia is handing itself over to industrialists who will pull every last cent of our money to ensure their pockets a filled to overflowing. And for what? To install massive machines whose only achievements are to cause dissent, pain, economic stress and environmental damage, and by stealth ingratiate themselves into our political system to draw on money from the public purse which could be spent far more wisely in areas of health, education and infrastructure – that works for everyone and not just the hungry industrialist.

    We need more of our State and Federal Politicians to stop pandering to these industrialists and stand up for those they are meant to be serving. What they do with their own is their business but what they do with the public’s money should not be taken lightly.

    It’s time the Federal Government took control of things and stopped the States from destroying this country.

    It’s time the Federal Government took control and upheld its requirements to ensure the environment is fit to live in no matter where they are in this vast country. They need to remember there are dangers within this country which are causing peoples health to be diminished and their entitlement to live in a place of their choosing peacefully without the threat of harm.

    They need to remember investments in electrical energy is meant to be an asset not a danger to peoples health and wellbeing.

    And we need them to STOP THESE THINGS NOW.

  3. The NSW Government approves these developments in the name of the Crown. The Crown has “radical” title to the land. The Crown’s “radical” title is burdened by “Allodial” title, which is the real title held by the real owners of the land. As such, the Crown’s title is “void ab initio” according to law.

    Who has “Allodial” title over the Jupiter site? The Guumaal Nation, of which I am one, as we have never ceded sovereignty, and we have been here since the beginning of time.

    Translated, “Allodial” title is a common law term that means “without Lords.” In that same way a person without morals is “Amoral”.

    “Allodial” title cannon be erased!

    “Allodial” entitlement is to everything below the ground to the core of the earth and everything above the earth to the stars.

    Ask any Developer, any government in Australia and the Crown to show you their “Allodial” authority to carry out the development? They will not be able to produce it, because they don’t have it!

    Original People of this continent have never ceded sovereignty to Our Land, war has not been declared on us, we have not sold or exchanged anything for our “Allodial” rights and the Crown has not compensated us for Our Land. Therefore, we still hold the “Allodial” title.

    As far as the Guumaal People are concerned, the Jupiter and Collector developments are not to proceed and the expansion of the Capital industrial wind project is not to proceed. The Capital wind turbines are to be decommissioned and the environment restored.

    Yours sincerely,

    Mingo Guumaal Ngambri
    Allodial Elder

    • Uncle Fester says:

      Where was this sentiment 6 weeks ago when comments and objections from the local indigenous community were sought by the proponent in all of the local media? As far as I am aware, they got off that one scott free and as usual, the proponent deemed no objections to infer tacit approval. No different to them not sending information packages to all of the locals, and then claiming that the lack of protest response was a valid indication of community support. Codswallop!

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