UK’s Wind Industry Buys British Medical Association; Aims to Silence Medicos

country gp

Look, I’d really love to help with your turbine noise induced sleep problems,
but I’ve just signed up to spruik for the wind industry, sorry.

In an all too familiar tale, the British Medical Association has been co-opted by the wind industry and is now just another advocate for the great wind power fraud. The same has happened in Australia with the:

  • Australian Medical Association (see our posts here and here and here and here);
  • Public Health Association; (see our post here) and
  • National Health & Medical Research Council (see our posts here and here and here).

What’s so insidious about all this, is that Medical Practitioners swear upon an ancient oath that says – among other things – they will “act for the good of their patients” and “do no harm”. Fair enough.

That edict seems to suggest that medicos as a group should be quick to investigate ANY public health issue where the activities of a few are causing physical harm to many; and very slow to dismiss as “wind farm wing nuts”, “climate change deniers”, “NIMBYS” etc those who have the misfortune of suffering from turbine noise induced sleep deprivation and associated health effects. So far, so ethical.

Try as we might, we couldn’t find anything in that oath to suggest that doctors are meant to take any particular line on “renewable” energy, let alone any endorsement that medicos should be out spruiking for the wind industry, while ignoring the suffering of wind farm neighbours. But that’s what they’re doing with our AMA – and the BMA have just grabbed the same rotten baton.

Now, it’s one thing to fall in love with giant fans – strangely, the enamoured never live within a bull’s roar of a wind farm – but it’s quite another to use your peak professional association to ridicule and vilify the victims. Here’s The Sunday Times on a brewing backlash over the pro-wind power stance taken by the BMA.

Ill Wind Blows over BMA’s energy stance
The Sunday Times
Mark Macaskill
6 July 2014

The British Medical Association (BMA) is facing a backlash from doctors and anti-wind farm campaigners in Scotland who claim the body is not doing enough to investigate the impact of giant wind turbines on public health.

Homeowners who live within a few miles of wind turbines have complained that the whirring of blades causes chronic sleep deprivation. Others insist that headaches and nausea are linked to the low-level hum generated by turbines.

The European Platform Against Windfarms (EPAW) has been lobbying the BMA to monitor the health of patients – with the help of GP’s – who live in close proximity to wind farms.

However, at a meeting of BMA representatives in Harrogate last month, the body was urged to support renewables on the basis it will help mitigate the effects of climate change.

It was suggested that any investments held by the BMA be transferred “from energy companies whose primary business relied upon fossil fuels to those providing renewable energy sources” and that the body transfers to electricity suppliers who are “100% renewable”.

The move has angered some doctors who accused senior BMA officials of “ignoring” pleas to address a potential public health impact of onshore wind farms.

A spokeswoman for the BMA rejected the claims last week, insisting EPAW had made contact after a deadline for submissions to the meeting had passed. She said that although the meeting of representatives recommended investing in renewables, the BMA does not make direct investments.

However Susan Crosthwaite, an EPAW spokeswoman, said: “That a vote was subsequently taken at the meeting to divest from fossil fuels and invest in renewable energy without members having had access to the information we sent raises an issue of conflict of interests. Since May, attempts were made to have information given to members concerning adverse health effects of turbines. These attempts failed.”

Dr Angela Armstrong, a GP from Wigtown in Dumfriesshire, said: “As a BMA member I was distressed to hear that our president has ignored pleas to ask doctors to monitor the health of patients living near turbines in view of the ever increasing evidence that there are significant health implications.”

Studies have concluded that noise emitted by wind turbines can affect nearby residents. In Scotland, planning guidance is for turbines to be at least 1.24 miles from residential homes.

A spokeswoman for BMA Scotland said: “The BMA is happy to consider any motions submitted by members for debate to the annual conference – the policy-making body of the BMA. If a member of the BMA wishes our representatives to consider a motion to assess the health impact of wind farms, then there are clear protocols for submitting motions to the agenda committee.”
The Sunday Times

So, the BMA is headed up by a bunch of starry-eyed intellectual infants, seeking to announce their “green” credentials to the world by divesting from fossil fuel generators and cuddling up to giant fans, instead.

A nanosecond’s research would allow these deluded doctors to reach the sound (read “only”) conclusion that wind power is not a substitute for conventional generation sources, requiring 100% of its capacity to be backed up 100% of the time (see our posts here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here).

As wind power can never displace conventional sources of generation, it cannot reduce CO2 emissions in the electricity sector.

And, indeed, all the evidence points to the contrary: adding wind power to a coal/gas fired grid increases CO2 emissions (see this European paper here; this Irish paper here; this English paper here; and this Dutch study here).

Coal and gas thermal plants – and the Brits have plenty of them – end up burning more coal or gas, not less: so much for doctors “saving the planet”.

There is, of course, a base-load generation source that the Brits have used for years that doesn’t emit a whiff of CO2 in operation, but don’t expect the BMA to come out swinging in favour of nuclear power, any time soon: their members would have to pull the “No Nukes” stickers off the back windows of their Volvos, for a start. It might also grate with some of their other woolly-headed ideology.

go nuke sticker

If the BMA were serious about CO2 emissions …

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Does no-one monitor the health of people near wind farms anywhere?! The Australian Health Department advises any people whose health is being negatively degraded living inside a ‘renewable’ electricity producing energy plant or near sources of LFN to see their GP. What is the GP doing with information gathered? How does the GP help? Sleeping pills and paracetamol do not prevent, protect nor cure the rural people saying this ill-treatment is occurring and cannot go on.

    Impacts being disastrously felt by many while ‘green dazzled’ eyes turn sideways. Does the AMA also choose to invest in this scam of an industry? The Senate Inquiry of 2011 recommended health investigations be undertaken and the Waubra Foundation repeatedly requests no further wind farms be built until they are proven ‘safe’ and cause no ill harm to people.

    Exactly what is our AMA and Health Departments doing to assess then remedy impacts felt near sources of Low Frequency noise and near wind farcilities?

  2. Jackie Rovenksy says:

    The creeping around of the wind industry secreting themselves into the very fabric of Medical bodies is very scary. However, they know when independent health research has been conducted they will have nothing to stand on; the ground will open up and swallow them.
    As a result they continue on with their proven system of finding ways to garner support from misguided Medical bodies, in the same way they did with finding people to ‘host’ turbines, in the same way they did in getting politicians, planning authorities and local governments to ensure they have a free road to polluting the environment with their toxic towers.
    They use heavy selling techniques to get the general public in the cities where they know they cannot install these toxic towers to support an unproven industry, an industry which has never been required to prove it’s safe for purpose and safe for locations destined to be destroyed, they have never had to produce medical research confirming they are benign, they have never had to prove anything other than they are exquisite top sales people, that a lie is as good as gold to them because they can make it easy to sell by using the terms ‘Green’ and ‘Free’.
    Every time they are faced with the possibility of being exposed by independent research they scurry back to base to work out a new field of attack, and inevitably it’s by finding ways to influence people who should know better.
    Doctors are the latest, but will be the last because medical researchers are becoming more adventurous and willing to take on the challenge, they are hearing the cries of pain from those suffering and they are hearing the calls from Medical Practitioners wanting to know what is causing their patients pain, so they can find ways to help them.
    The Medical Associations such as the AMA and BMA hierarchy are out of step with their members, and the industry’s ability to secure unquestionable support from these associations is sinking fast as acoustic evidence is being produced to show the sufferers are not seeking payments, not imagining their pain and are not suffering from some idiotic notion of ‘nocebo’, that the accepted noise standards and methods are inadequate for valuating these toxic towers.
    The AMA and BMA and other such associations around the world need to accept they are wrong in seeking support on behalf of this industry and remember they are there to serve the interests of doctors and those doctors are there to serve the interests of their patients not some money sucking industry.

  3. Vic Wright says:

    Seems to be increased movement into solar-battery off-grid in OZ for some savvy ones currently on-grid, countering the new grid feed rules. As this gains momentum wonder how those who support IWT will react? More so how will the fossil industry counter this trend? Interesting times. The household user may dictate terms eventually. Or will sunshine be taxed, then maybe even wind? Subsidies replaced by tax maybe?

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