2014 – the Year STT goes “Viral”


STT is the site that wind scammers and their parasites just love to hate.

In recent weeks we’ve been told about reports of STT’s demise being posted daily on greentard blogs – like ruin-economy and yes2ruining-us.

Well, reports of STT’s “death” have been greatly exaggerated, to say the least. To the contrary, we’re fast going from an irritable thorn in the wind industry’s side to a nightmare that will never end.

Now it’s time for our loyal readers to help to spread the message.

In just over 16 months we’ve clocked 437,000 views, which means we’ve averaged around 27,300 hits for for every month that we’ve been giving the wind industry and its stooges hell.

We’ve given our loyal readers 577 posts which spell out – in clear and simple terms – the economic and environmental nonsense that is wind power – and the harm caused to communities around the world by giant fans.

And, we keep picking up dedicated followers – 1,424, so far, from all around the world, including a bunch of canny Scots, Canadians, Americans, English, Welsh, Irish, Cornish, Danes, Germans and plenty from Downunder.

Now its time to let your friends and neighbours in on the facts behind the greatest economic and environmental fraud of all time.

A good place to start is your email contact list. Start your education program by emailing your nearest and dearest with a link to this post. We’ve put together links to some of our more important posts to get them started below. Or, just send them your very own favourites. Facebook works a treat with the same objective in mind.

And once you’ve got them hooked, encourage them to do the same.

Before long you’ll have kicked off something that could just turn the tide. You see – the next 12 months will largely determine the fate of wind scammers and their parasites.

In Australia, the Coalition is about to undertake a complete review of the Renewable Energy Target. The PM, Tony Abbott is no fan of fans and says: “that when the wind doesn’t blow, the power doesn’t flow”. Simple stuff, but how many of our political betters can you point to that have made that – rather obvious – connection?

STT hears that Tony is ready to scrap the RET outright and is all set to make sure that proper field research is done on the known and obvious impacts on neighbours from the incessant low-frequency noise and infra-sound generated by giant fans.

But – whether you’re here in Australia, Canada, the US, Scotland, Wales, England, Germany – future energy policy depends on you. Now is the hour. Get angry and make some political noise – who knows, they might even listen.

Tony Abbott’s lugs, made just for listening.

The wind industry struggles these days to put its case – principally because – apart from fleecing power consumers – it doesn’t have one.

STT has been joined by a growing number of real journalists who are ready to help sink the slipper. 2GB’s Alan Jones has been belting the wind industry since the National Rally in June – reaching around 2 million Australian voters every week-day through 77 stations around the Country.

Hardly a day goes by now without another mainstream journo picking up on the debacle that is Australian energy policy today – and joining the growing National and International backlash against the greatest economic and environmental fraud ever committed.

We’re not here to debate the wind industry – we’re here to destroy it.

This is not a forum for ecofascists spruiking pious manifestos based on Green-Stalinism. No, this is a sanctuary where the people who have been tragically impacted by – or who are fighting the threat of – giant industrial wind turbines can speak openly and freely – and without fear of vilification or ridicule.

We think compassion and empathy far greater virtues than self-righteous condescension.  If it’s the latter you’re looking for – try ruin-economy and yes2ruining-us.

Whatever “social licence” the wind industry might have had in this Country disappeared long ago – and rural communities are fighting back to protect themselves, their farms, their businesses and their families.

Reasonable people stopped listening to the twaddle peddled by the Clean Energy Council long ago and there doesn’t appear to be any sensible forum left for washed-up tobacco advertising gurus.

Time to help spread the message.

We know that you are using STT to help spread the message. But – as pointed out above – if you want action it’s time to help STT go viral. We’re not after world domination, just a return to energy market sanity.

Once people are introduced to the facts about the insane costs of intermittent and unreliable wind power they cease to support it – and when they learn of the tragic suffering caused to hard working rural people by giant fans their attitude stiffens to the point of hostility to those behind the fraud.

In our travels we’ve met plenty of people that started out in favour of wind power and turned against it.  But we’ve yet to meet anyone who started out opposed to wind power, who later became a supporter.  Funny about that.

STT thinks that education is the key – present the facts to reasonable people – and they’ll want to know how the scam got started in the first place and why it hasn’t been stopped in its tracks already?

We’ve put together 25 of our most important posts for that purpose – think of it as a “sampler pack” – to share with those that need further education – think journalists, neighbours, Coalition MPs, or members of Local Government.  Send the link to this post and they’ll get to see all of these:

STT looks back on a year when the game changed for the better – and irreversibly so.

It’s all downhill for the wind industry now – it was built on nothing but subsidy, fiction and fallacy – so it was only a matter of time before our political betters worked out what a pointless rort it is.

With Tony Abbott appointing Dick “RET Slayer” Warburton to head up the RET review we think we’ll be crafting an obituary in the not too distant future.

The beginning of the end will start with massive corporate collapses.  At the minute we can’t work out whether Infigen or Suzlon will be the first to go belly up.  We can’t wait to report on either or both when it happens – and it will happen.

STT went about this work for our Country – not for any reward – save knowing that we will help spare thousands from the misery of living with incessant, turbine generated low-frequency noise and vibration – as well as helping to obtain an energy policy that works FOR Australia – not AGAINST us – as the current policy clearly is.

Thanks for your support – together – we will win this.  STT hopes that you’re ready to take it up to them in 2014.  We are!

churchill hell

7 thoughts on “2014 – the Year STT goes “Viral”

  1. I have already passed STT’s ‘address’ onto family and friends overseas and in Australia. They are now becoming more educated and seeing the truth this huge scam.

    Keep up the good work STT, you’re more than a thorn in the side of the industry, you’re a blooming great big flag pole – keep flying the flag for sanity.

  2. People get interested when you start telling them, that the main reason why their power bill is going up, is the REC that is paid to the wind weasel and greentard companies that run these fans.
    The FRAUDULENT FANS are on there last few turns, that is if the wind blows enough.

  3. Posted this article, plus a blog, encouraging people to follow STT on Mothers Against Wind Turbines website, in Ontario, Canada. Proud to be a loyal supporter, since the early days!!!

  4. STT is not going anywhere. The people fighting the windscam are getting stronger everyday, and fighting smarter. We are fighting with facts. That is truly the windweasel’s worst enemy. They wish the windwarrior websites would all go away, but their numbers grow, almost in direct proportion, to the number of communities being threatened by, or already being harmed by, the wind turbines!!! Keep up the Incredible work STT, and we will continue spreading the word!

  5. Congratulations to STT for brilliant work last year. Dying? Never! One can understand a tired fighter having a rest or even moving on but whatever happens make sure a replacement is in the chair before going. Please keep up the good work, your country needs you!

  6. We’re some of the ‘canny Scots’ and we thank STT for all those straight-talking posts in 2013. Thanks too for our ‘greentard’ dictionary; some of the expressions are in everyday usage, we notice, here and across the globe. We join with you in hoping that 2014 sees the demise, world-wide of this rotten scam.

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