Esther Wrightman: Get mad! Stay mad! Make history!

A while back we covered Esther Wrightman, suggesting that this fine young Canadian gives “courage” a new name.

True to form, Esther’s at it again, telling Ontario’s farmers and families to “Get mad! Stay mad! Make history!”

Here’s an extract of her cracking little speech to the “Unwilling Hosts” Rally in Ontario on 19 October 2013.

“Unwilling Hosts” Rally Speech
Esther Wrightman

Let us be clear about why we are here today. This is a demonstration of “We, The People” versus “We, The Corporations”! I have, of course, borrowed the phrase from the American Declaration of Independence.

This is an in-your-face demonstration of “We, The People” versus the wind energy companies that are strangling rural Ontario — strangling us with the approval and encouragement of our government!

I want to say “Thank you, rural Ontario — you good people who are the backbone of this distinguished province that just produced a Nobel laureate.” I want to say “Thank you” for having the backbone and guts to declare “We’re not going to take it anymore!”

All of us are struggling, in every way short of breaking the law, to save our way of life, our homes, our health, our communities, our wildlife — all this. We have been trying for years. Not days, not weeks — but years!

Our lives are now devoted to saving . . . our lives!

The wind developers and the government were flat wrong! They sneered and whispered to each other, “Don’t worry, they’ll get used to it! They’ll toe the line! They’ll bend the knee and suffer for the greater good of Toronto — our political base!”

But we have not and we will not! They misread us. These are our lives, our homes, our children, our children’s schools you are messing with, Premier Wynne! Ours! I’m a mother! Don’t mess with my kids!

One thing you will find out about rural Ontarians, Ms. Wynne, is: We are a tough crowd to deal with when we are vexed – aka pissed off.

With this rally, we put you on notice, Premier Wynne: We are officially and formally pissed off!

If you were to come out here, Madam Premier, you would discover that we invite anyone into our homes! To feed them, talk with them, respect them, even give them shelter. But, dammit, we expect the same courtesies in return! This government has come into our communities to bludgeon us!

Wind turbines are not a courtesy; they are an assault! Let’s call it for what it truly is; government-subsidized corporate terrorism. The NextTerror, indeed!

This government has flung us off our land, turned a deaf ear to people who are suffering, sacrificed wildlife to wind turbines — while maintaining the fiction, the hoax of “democracy.”

Premier Wynne, we will not be taken for suckers anymore! We will not be bullied and terrorized anymore! And if we don’t see action — and I mean STOP THE WIND TURBINES action! — then we will redouble our efforts to get your attention, until it becomes impossible to ignore the outraged roar of rural Ontario!

Ontario is not about Toronto; Ontario is about all the towns and villages and communities that just won Alice Munro – from rural Ontario, by the way – a Nobel Prize in Literature. Toronto is just one of those towns. Toronto is not a sovereign state with vassal fiefdoms paying homage.

There are good laws and bad laws. The Green Energy Act is a bad law. We call on the Premier and legislature to strike it down. Until that happens, we do have the right and obligation to see that it is broken — violated. We refuse to live under its jack boot!

Rural Ontario — this rally, this protest, is the beginning of something bigger Take this spirit home to your community, to Toronto — everywhere. Be creative, be determined — and let us all link arms and stand together and put an end to the terrorism of wind turbines in rural Ontario.

Get mad! Stay mad! Make history!
Esther Wrightman

STT says: “hats off, Esther”!

This fearless young mother is angry – and quite rightly so – and she’s making history by letting the world know about it. Keep at it, Esther – we will win this.

esther wrightman

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Esther is a wonderful windwarrior, and a true friend to those suffering from the oppression of governments, trying to force these useless industrial machines, into rural communities, against the will of the people. We will keep putting on more and more pressure, till they have no choice, but to back off, and go away! Wind warriors unite! Whatever doesn’t kill us…..had better run like Hell!!!

  2. Eva Peron, Rosa Parks, Joan of Arc, Florence Nightingale,
    Indira Gandhi, Esther Wrightman

  3. Jackie Rovenksy says:

    What a speech, what an honest, heartfelt assault on the Premier and what she and her government stands for.

    I hope Esther brings the fight to the open doors of their parliament, I hope parliament listens and understands that everyone of their citizens deserve to be heard, deserve to have a right to live where they want without fear of being ‘stomped on’ by an industry which has and is continuing to be shown to be fraudulent on a number of levels, I hope they win their battle, because when they do then we all win.

    I also hope that we and those in other countries facing the prospect of seeing their lives and livelihoods change for ever and not for the good, and not for any good reason but for the greed of money hungry people supporting an industry so void of honesty and ethics, they make some of the world’s most infamous despots look like cuddly bears, and I hope we can all arrive at a day when we see these people fall along with their turbines.

    It’s now a world wide cry for justice and the end of a delusional ideology, we are all working for the same end – and we WILL NOT STOP until we achieve it.

  4. We are mad and we will stay mad!


  5. Good on you Esther, you have people from all around the planet who are suffering from these industrial wind turbines. We are backing you to the hilt, and we are all getting very mad, I mean very very MAD. Keep up your good work Esther.


  1. […] In Ontario, thousands of individuals have taken up the cudgels, forming hundreds of groups and launching dozens of websites – no doubt spurred on by the thuggish treatment dished out by local wind weasel, Nextera aka Next-terror to a diminutive young mother named Esther Wrightman (see our posts here and here). […]

  2. […] STT gave one of their natural born leaders, Esther Wrightman a wrap up in this post. […]

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