Angus “The Enforcer” Taylor reloads and takes aim

Angus Taylor

Having beaten off a concerted wind weasel effort to keep him out of office, Angus “The Enforcer” Taylor bagged over 60% of the Vote and it looks like he’ll hold the Federal seat of Hume for as long as he wants it.

STT hears he was less than happy with the dirt and skulduggery pulled by wind industry goons and their backers during the election campaign, including personal attacks on his family – nice guys, hey?

But it looks like they’ve just won themselves a date with a .44 Magnum, as Angus re-loads and takes aim at the subsidies these scammers need to survive and on the property devaluations their giant fans cause.

MP calls for compensation
Tom Sebo and Lloyd Scroope
Goulburn Post
21 October 2013

MEMBER for Hume Angus Taylor says rural land owners who’ve had their properties devalued by neighbouring wind farms deserve to be compensated.

His comments come follow the publication of a preliminary report into the issue, which showed properties across the region that adjoined either energy developments or proposed energy developments had seen 33 to 60 per cent write downs.

Mr Taylor was not surprised by the findings, saying the study showed a clear case for compensation.

“The landscape here is a fabulous asset that brings more money. People buy properties. Now that market is buggered.”

The grazier believed one of the biggest problems was that people had forgotten the original objective: reducing greenhouse gasses.

He says the government has gone off on a tangent.

“They’re obsessed with producing green energy. Because of that, the real issues are often never solved,” he said.

Mr Brooks believed the entire wind industry was a train wreck waiting to happen, saying there were unresolved issues surrounding health and that the state government showed bias toward developers.

“Unfortunately nothing’s going to change,” he said.

“Since O’Farrell got in they’ve said, ‘We can’t do anything. It’s been approved. If we were to establish a moratorium, we’d be sued’.

“There doesn’t seem to be an alternative… There’s no solution. They really ought not be here. Plus they’re hugely inefficient… The only way we get anything out of this is if we took the developers to court but that’s terribly expensive.”

Gold Wind did not return requests for comment before the time of print.

‘There’s no case for compensation’

WIND industry consultant Nick Valentine has questioned the credibility of the Peter Reardon report, stating that at least one of the properties mentioned in the study had a number of other devaluing aspects, including poor drainage and agricultural capacity.

“I have reviewed the Reardon report and to me it doesn’t stand up to scrutiny,” he said.

Mr Valentine believed the sample set was far too limited to draw a conclusion. He also didn’t think there was a case for compensation.

“It doesn’t happen in any other industry and I think it would set a dangerous precedent,” he said.

The consultant believed that ‘wind farm stigma’ was having a bigger impact on property values than the developments themselves.

He said the health concerns surrounding turbines had been blown completely out of proportion and that many neighbouring property owners were ‘talking down’ the value of their own asset.

“The study shows potentially dramatic negative impacts on the value of property located near wind farms. In some cases, land has been identified as dropping up to a staggering 60 per cent in value,” the Hume MP said.

“Agents have been forced to brand some properties as virtually unsaleable. In other instances, agreed sales have failed to proceed after the purchasers have become aware of local wind farm plans.

“This is a clear case for compensation to the non-host landowners.

These losses in real estate value completely overwhelm the small amounts of financial assistance being offered by developers to local communities living near the turbines. It’s yet another reason why we have to review the large subsidies going to this industry.”

Mr Taylor vowed to continue his campaign against “the bad economics” of the heavily subsidising wind energy developments, when there were “far cheaper ways to reduce carbon emissions”.

“I am also keenly focused on ensuring that landowners and local towns and villages, many located in the electorate of Hume, get a fair deal,” he said.

One man who believes he has definitely been given a raw deal is Jim Hutson, who lives next door to the Gullen Range Wind Farm.

He has been trying to sell his property for five years now. He has advertised with four different agents and in the entire time he has only had one person enquire.

When they were told about the wind farm that was to be built next door they left and didn’t come back.

“As soon as the agents mention the turbines that are going up on the hill they do a 180 and walk back out the front door and that’s the end of the story,” he explained.

“In the meantime, I’m stuck out there. I don’t want to live there.

We have got two kids who live in Tamworth and my wife wants to move up there… but we can’t because we’re locked in down into 25 years of home detention.

“If you can’t sell your property you’re there and you don’t want to be there. It gets you down a bit actually.”

Mr Hutson said the entire district had become polarised on the issue. Neighbours, who were once close friends, no longer speak.

“Wind turbine hosts have ripped probably in excess of $100 million in property values – that’s a rough estimate – from the surrounding area of the wind turbines which produce a piddly amount of electricity – sometimes – when the wind blows and nothing when it doesn’t and nothing if the wind is too strong… the whole thing is the world’s biggest fraud,” he said.

David Books and John Benjamin also live next door to the Gullen Range Wind Farm and conveyed similar sentiments.

Mr Benjamin is currently trying to sell his property and has no doubt the neighbouring development has devalued his asset.

“The economic impact on areas like this, within three hours of Canberra and Sydney, is huge,” he told the Post.
Goulburn Post

This is one shoot out STT doesn’t want to miss.


Vengeance is a dish best served cold.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Jackie Rovenksy says:

    The Federal Government who pay out REC’s to companies that are not providing what they agreed to provide, are culpable.

    State Governments who have created regulations whereby these companies can apply to erect their turbines in places that have not been researched for anything other than easy access to grid systems and whether their is sufficient wind available at least sometimes, are culpable.

    Local authorities who through their planning regulations and panels which authorise these projects without taking into account the total affects on local communities and landholders and who do not question the intent or usefulness of regulations for assessment of these projects are culpable.

    The landholders who sign to host turbines without consulting neighbours or considering possible effects on their neighbours and local community are culpable.

    The companies who have failed to reveal known dangers associated with their industry to neighbours and local communities are culpable.

    Each of these have shown a complete disregard for the safety of the general public, they have each operated without considering whether what they are supporting is economically viable without the support of public funds, they have failed to act in a diligent manner to conduct unbiased research into the industry when complaints of adverse effects have been made.

    Each are therefore liable to pay compensation for the damage to health, environment and asset values of all those they have ignored in their rush to fund, and receive financial returns from an industry which is now recognised and accepted as being one which has more failings than advantages.

    The only ones from the above list who are not culpable are those earliest landholders who signed up after being ‘suckered in’ by the companies with their ‘hard sell’ techniques, who would not have known of the dangers nor the unacceptably low energy output, which needs to constantly backed up.

    The manner in which companies display contempt of our Government due to the ease with which they managed to gain financial backing for their industry, without ever having to prove their safety, output capability and environmentally sound advantages, should be an embarrassment to our Government, and should now be reversed with the new Government accepting they have a responsibility to spend out money wisely.

    • David Mortimer says:

      Thanks Jackie,
      You are well aware that I am one of those suckers conned by the smooth talking wind energy developers back in 1996 and who got signed up for an innocuous looking “option to lease” that tied us into having to sign a binding contract when the developer was ready and one that we did not have the option to back out of. This is just one of the many dirty tricks employed by the wind weasels.

      There are those that call me a hypocrite because I receive an income from the turbines whilst at the same time am speaking out against them and their ruthless masters. Frankly, I can’t wait until I no longer receive that income (very handy as it is) because it will mean that the current turbines that are impacting my and my wife’s health are at least switched off for ever. It will also mean that the 17(plus) 3.5megaWatt turbines that are to be constructed 2km from our home on the up wind side of the prevailing wind will not be constructed. I am truly looking forward to that day.

      When the turbines are shut down, I doubt that the land owners who host the current and the approved turbines will understand and accept what we have done because most of them do not live anywhere near the turbines they host. Whether or not the turbines are shut down and the proposed ones stopped from being built, we will not be able to live in this rural community. This has already showed its ugly head when I tried to discuss the proposed turbines with the hosts. I was told in no uncertain terms to pack up and leave the district and if I couldn’t sell my property, well that was just tough luck!!

      What has this demonic whirling dervish done to us as human species?

      • Jackie Rovenksy says:

        David, I am almost certain that once these things have been shut down, whether at the end of contracts or hopefully before, there will be those former hosts who will praise you for your stance and be happy they can again live in peace on their properties.
        Unfortunately there will always be those who believe money is more important than lives – as long as it isn’t their lives.
        You have and are doing a wonderful service to us all by speaking out about how you and your wife have been affected in an effort to stop others having to go through what you are.
        The prospect of having to leave your home/district because of this is appalling – what ever happened to the Aussie fair go? What’s happened to the right of an Australian being able to live in a place of their choosing ‘without fear or favour’ (in an equal and fair way)?

  2. Reblogged this on Mothers Against Wind Turbines and commented:
    There is one Aussie politician with the right idea….right the wrongs caused by the wind weasels.

  3. David Mortimer says:

    Does anyone know how much it costs to hire one of the very large cranes that it takes to assemble a turbine. I have searched the net unsuccessfully. I would like to know the actual cost of removing a turbine as it would help establish the cost to the land owner when the onus is placed on them (not the developer) to remove the turbines. It is likely that the dismantling cost would exceed the scrap value of the turbine. If so, then turbines will actually devalue rather than value add the land they are on.

    I foresee a litigation minefield when RECs are removed and the developers sue governments for loss of income then the governments sue the developer for fraud all the while the noise and property value affected land owners are suing both. Where and when will it all end and at what cost?

    • anti-green says:

      A petrol powered gen set and an angle grinder or gas axe will drop a turbine and have it in small enough pieces to be removed to the scrap yard via the farm ute – 2-6 days work for 2 men (depending on site conditions). Or just undo the nuts at the base and wait for the wind to blow.

  4. The foxes might have to find some where else to live in the near future, because the wind weasels and greentards will be looking for fox holes to get in, as they are found out about the fraud of the wind industry.

    We all ready know about the fraud, but when the goverments of Australia wake up? We won’t give up until the wind turbine industry is on the scrap heap for good.


  1. […] romped it home, despite the wind industry’s concerted efforts – and Nick, just like Angus “The Enforcer” Taylor, is quite understandably keen to tear the wind industry apart, piece by stinking […]

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