Love thy Neighbour

It should never be forgotten that the land-holder that sells their soul for a few pieces of silver is the basis for the whole wind power fraud.  Wind weasels would never purchase land in their own right – far better to pay a few measly $thousand per turbine in annual “licence” fees to a “sucker” who takes all the risk upfront and will inherit a toxic mess at the end.  Landholder agreements are all in favour of the wind weasel – and lay all the risk at the feet of the hosts.

turbine down

Land holders will be left with rusting hulks in their paddocks – and none of them were smart enough to get decommissioning bonds – or some other valuable security – in place to ensure the mess will be cleaned up when the whole circus collapses – as it inevitably must.

Good luck getting a $2 company with no real assets to cough up the serious coin needed to dismantle and remove a giant fan made up of 100 tonnes of steel, fiberglass and toxic gunk.

One thing that sticks out though, is that when they sign up, turbine hosts seem to forget about friends, family and neighbours, so this little report from Ontario stands out.  Faced with hostile neighbours, potential turbine hosts, the Winslows, did the right and honourable thing.  Here’s a local’s take on the way in which human compassion and decency can overcome greed and selfishness.

Amazing day at Cavan Muncipal Building today

Today I was at the Cavan Monaghan township building (over near Manvers/Asphodel-Norwood way) where the Winslow family was doing a press conference for 12:30 today, supposedly to talk about their side of the story as lease-signing landowners. 

There was good media attendance and good numbers of wind warriors with one well placed sign hiked up in a very strategic spot after the conference began.  The son in law did a little same-old speech about renewable energy which was why no one saw the punchline at the end coming.

He spoke to the community division that had occurred since people found out about the turbines, apologized for the distress caused to neighbours and announced that they would NOT be putting any turbines up on their land.

They was a split second of shocked silence and then thunderous applause and tears and thank yous and bless yous from all, along with huge relief for nearby neighbours.

It will be on the news tonight.  M.K Ince, you ran into a family that has the morality and decency to respect the neighbours around them, who is putting community before the almighty $ and who just put a dent in your wind turbine installation plans. And the community is applauding them for this!

I hope more landowners follow suit and re-discover what is really important in all of our lives.

STT says that the easiest way to hound wind weasels out of your territory is to work on the turbine hosts.  Remind them that their choices have consequences: legal, social and moral.

In the main, human beings aren’t so callous as to ignore – without any sense of guilt – the suffering they cause, especially if they are confronted with it every Saturday at footy; at the local shops and pubs; in Church; and whenever they rub up against their victims.

Wind weasels, their parasites and goons are another matter – but they never hang around to witness the harm they cause – they just spend their days ridiculing and vilifying their victims – as we’ve said – these are a special class of people.

Or, if you’re hosting turbines, what are you doing TO others?

5 thoughts on “Love thy Neighbour

  1. I am an adjacent landowner to the Winslows and will be less than 750 meters from the turbines planned for the 100 acres next to the land where the Winslow family has withdrawn. It is possible that the Winslow’s turbine will just be shoved over onto the next farm. This land is also owned by a local family – Doug Ruth, his wife and children. They have not made the same decision to stand down.

  2. The Winslows are now considered to be modern-day heroes in their community, and outside of it as well. I only hope that others see the light, and follow in their footsteps!

  3. This family made sure there was no misunderstanding about their decision and the reason for it, they secured the attendance of the media to emphasise and publicise the reason for their choice of neighbour before greed. I love the way they did this to the company and their supporters who obviously were expecting them to sign up, one huge big ‘thumbed nose’ to them and their money.

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