Rally – Senator Ron Boswell

The 3rd speaker at the National Wind Power Fraud Rally, on June 18, 2013, at Parliament House, Canberra, was Senator Ron Boswell. 451563-ron-boswell

Senator Boswell presented data about the impact of the current energy policy on our industry and manufacturing sectors, jobs and ordinary people. He called it a fraud and stated that an Abbott-lead Government promises to review the RET policies within 1-2 months of taking office. He urges us to keep the pressure up and  continue to expose how ridiculous this Renewable Energy Tax is for Australia.

This is a transcript of the video

AJ: Senator Ron Boswell, unfortunately is leaving the Parliament, which is very unfortunate because, I call him the Shadow Minister for Common Sense, and he has made an extraordinary powerful case, over and over again, about this whole so-called wind industry. His emphasis is of course is on the double consequence of a Carbon Dioxide Tax and Renewable Energy in terms of the destruction of the Manufacturing industry and therefore the destruction of jobs. And he asks, quite simply, where is the Union Movement, when there own people are losing jobs as a consequence of these policies? Senator Ron Boswell.

RB: Thank you very much. Ladies and Gentlemen, a couple of years ago, I was the first one to say this Carbon Tax is wrong. It is penalising Australian industry, it is costing us jobs, and everyone said be quiet, be quiet. We want certainty. And I thought about it, and said No, that is wrong, You have got to speak out.And I want to speak out equally, and as forcefully on wind mills, electricity generated wind mills, because it has an impact on you.

Now I have heard on numerous occasions, a number of people have rung me up a number of people have come into my office and spoken to me about the consequences of what is happening with wind generators. on their health, real estate, on the values of their farms, and I have the deepest sympathy for them. I think it is absolutely important that that be recognised. And I do recognise it. But today I want to speak about the economic impact these wind farms are having on Australian Industry.

Last week it was Simplot, suggesting they are going to close their factories at Bathurst and Devonport. Their industry their electricity cost, their energy charges, have risen 50%. A couple of weeks ago it was SPC, demanding urgency tariffs be put on or they wouldn’t survive. Now there are a lot of problems with SPC, but one of the problems is increased electricity charges. My colleagues in Bundaberg the Bundaberg Canegrowers, say they can’t afford to switch on their pumps, because the electricity price increasing 17.5 % every year.

We’ve seen Heinz, which has purchased Golden Circle, shut down, and head for New Zealand, where it is 50% cheaper to do business.

Golden Circle incidentally was a cooperative that my father-in-law started, 50 or 60 years ago. And you just can’t start industry and switch it off overnight and then expect it to start again. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. Once it’s gone, the jobs that it provides are gone.

And already we’ve seen in Geelong, Ford exit – with the Government paying them generous bonuses to stay in Australia, while penalising them $600 for a Carbon Tax and a Renewable Energy Tax. $600 – that is what it is costing per car us to manufacture – when Asia is saying we can do business and make cars at 4 times less than the cost of Australia and Europe saying they can make it at half the cost. Six hundred jobs gone there.

Holden closed and 500 jobs. Geelong Shell refinery, putting it on the market because they can’t make it work, after telling Mr. Combet that this would be the straw that broke the camel’s back – the Carbon tax and the Renewable energy. Geelong is being hollowed out, along with the rest of Australia. Our industries are going down one by one while we just stand here and watch them.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve taken a few soundings from businesses that I am aware of and I would just like to read out some of the costs so you will understand what renewable power is costing.

Now, in this one is a Carbon Tax is $12,529 (17.3% of the bill) and RET is $7,990 (11%). So Carbon Tax is 17%, RET tax is 11%. Renewable energy is costing us, Australia, or will cost Australia, $8 billion dollars a year, while a Carbon Tax is costing $13 billion dollars a year. That’s a significant amount of money that Australian industry just can not afford.

Our natural advantage was cheap energy. That is why we could pay our workers good money and good conditions. We have taken our competitive advantage away and we can’t sustain our industries any further.

And as Alan has alluded to, Paul Howes said, if renewable energy or Carbon tax cost one job, the AWU will not support it. Well Ladies and Gentlemen, in the manufacturing industry around 110,000 manufacturing jobs have been lost since 2008, and 7000 jobs in the food processing have disappeared and 355 businesses have closed or moved to overseas. And Geelong has been hollowed out and industries that we have taken a 100 years to supply, or to build up, are going in front of our very eyes.

Householders are paying $190 Carbon tax and $169 Renewable energy and they are paying that, you’re suffering the consequences of putting the windmills in your farms or on your properties, and there is just a no win situation. Where people who can’t afford it have had their electricity increase up to $400 a year.

Now I want to just talk to you about one industrial user – his power bill. This is big operator. $578 million – the Carbon Tax is $1 million, (17%), RET is $495,000 (8.6%) – how can an industry compete overseas with that sort of lead in the saddle?

Iceworks factory- a friend of mine owns in Wyndham – their monthly electricity bill was $30,685, of that $4,667 was a Carbon Tax, $3093 was from the RET. That’s a 25% increase. How can you do business? How can you compete with overseas companies that just laughed at us when we put in a Carbon Tax – and they will be bursting their sides with Renewable energy.

Ladies and gentlemen, I want to say that there is some hope because Tony Abbott has said that if we are fortunate enough to win Government, we will review this Renewable energy within 1 or 2 months. There is a lot of pressure in the Coalition party room, you’ve heard from Senator Back, and there is many, many others that share our view.

Now you’ve got to keep the pressure up, and you’ve got to continue the pressure. I think you’re winning. You’ve won on a Carbon Tax, and this is the next thing to it. And we’ve got to keep the pressure on to expose how ridiculous this Renewable Energy Tax is, which is costing – Renewable energy only works 30% of the time, the wind mills only operate 30% of the time, but when you really need them, the power, in the peak periods, it is only there about 8% of the time. So it doesn’t work – in anyone’s language, it is just a fraud.

It is a fraud that is inflicting not only landholders, but industry groups and people that just can’t afford their household bills to increasing – $400 a year is a very significant amount for people that don’t have a lot of money – and we have already heard on the Alan Jones show that there are people that are going to bed early because they can’t afford to switch their heaters on.

I congratulate you for coming out today. Your cause is just and honourable and right. And thrice armed is a man with right on his side and you’ve got right on your side and I hope, and I sincerely hope that you win this argument and I will be supporting you all the way.

All the Rally videos will be available in this playlist.

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We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Senator Ron Boswell thank you for supporting our Rally the way you did as one can see that you have got it. It is a pity the ones on the other side of the house haven’t got it, the Greens are included in the side that haven’t got it either. They, the greens, claim they are looking after the planet. I would hate to see what the planet would be like, if they weren’t so called ‘looking after it’.

    There is nothing more revolting then having these usless industrial wind turbines stuck up all the country side, as they are NOT cost efective for electricity in any way shape, or form, let alone all the health problems from low frequency noise & infrasound. I can’t understand why anyone would want this type of pressure on it’s own Citizens. Is it greed in its highest form?

    The useless industrial wind turbines have done nothing for the climate on the Planet & won’t do anything. Any one with common sense can see these things are no good

    Thank you again Senator Boswell, it is a pity that you are leaving the Senate. As Alan Jones said, the Senator of common sense, which was well said.

  2. NevilleW says:

    At last a voice for reason instead of the propaganda that is the wind industry. We have six turbines foisted on our community as Labor party window dressing, so I spent years researching their usefulness (or not).

    It is a con on a world scale. It is only the gullible who could believe they are any answer to electricity usage.

    The Green/Labor parties think that if we destroy our cheap electricity advantage others will follow. Nothing is further from the truth. The big emitters do not know we exist and have even less of a notion to curb their emissions. The truth is, if the rest of the world agree to a viable plan first, then we can make a sensible decision. But to lead with our own economic destruction is extreme stupidity. But then that is the Green way.

    Stupidity, thy name is Green.


  1. […] sector – not both. You can remind yourself of his speech at our Wind Power Fraud Rally here – where he lists the demise of our industry sector, industry by industry, and breaks down the power […]

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