Victim: Rose Dooley

Rose DooleySTT would like to introduce you to Rose Dooley, who has lived at Elm Grove at Crookwell, New South Wales, all her life. Homes are important places and Rose wants to stay in hers. Unfortunately her family home is 600m from turbines of the Crookwell Wind Farm which has been operating since 1998. Rose describes the noise that rolls down the gully from the turbines to be like a truck starting up. After such a long time being exposed to the noise, Rose has severe sleep deprivation – she averages only a half an hour of sleep a night when at her home, but can sleep well when she goes away. Besides being very tired, Rose has ear pain, headaches, pains in the chest, blood pressure problems and she also gets dizzy when here ears are noisy. She laments that the current plan is for even more and larger turbines to be installed which will surround her home in all directions. As one of Australia’s most experienced wind turbine neighbour, Rose believes that wind turbines should not be in anyone’s backyard (2.39).

You can see and hear other victim impact statements here.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. grouch11 says:

    Our heart goes out to you and everyone that suffers from these things. We and our neighbours suffer from the impacts of the Capital windfarm and our lives have been destroyed. These things should never be allowed anywhere near people. One day they will pay for destroying the health and lives of families who have no say in the siting of wind industrial turbines.

  2. We will see how smart these wind weasels are, when they have to pay up for the stress & health problems that they have put on you people, & ignored you all as if you all weren’t there.

    What a disgrace.

  3. We are fighting for you, and all others who may be, or are, in the same position. This scam is inhumane!!!

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