… and then there’s Terry

McCannDon’t ask us. It’s not our problem. Arthur’s not here. He’s on holidays in Majorca. Your car’s out of warranty. Don’t call here any more. Don’t know. Not interested. Sod off.

Terry McCann was a former professional boxer who served time in prison – two years for grievous bodily harm and three for attempted armed robbery, according to a police sergeant in the first episode.

Terry was often Arthur’s front man, the muscle called in when things got a little rough.

Jonathon-Upson-150x150Continuing our Minder theme, we present the Terry of the renewable energy industry.

Guess who?

Deny deny deny. People are getting sick all over the world but it’s in all their head, they’re making it up.

Read the correspondence below.

You’ll see a pattern. (We’ve removed the details of the resident.)

Sent: Sunday, 24 February 2013 12:20 PM
To: Jonathan Upson
Subject: FW: Daily Telegraph The story we have been waiting for!

Dear Mr Upson

There are many residents I have spoken with who reside around Capital Industrial Wind Turbine developmental near Bungendore who have clearly indicated to me that they are affected and have been since the beginning of operation in 2009, with a couple being further impacted since the beginning of operation of Woodlawn.

I have no reason whatsoever to doubt these people.

They are good, honest, genuine people who are suffering yet you and David Griffin, when I have questioned you both, have both stated that no one is affected – just one man, David Griffin said, who claims he has diabetes caused by the turbines and tried to make a joke of it.

At the meeting held at Wellington last July, when I questioned you about Capital once again, you stated that no one was affected around Capital and this is documented.

So how is it, Mr Upson, that The Daily Telegraph can send a reporter out to do a story and in just a short period of time that reporter experiences the noise and pressure in even the mildest of conditions, something that Capital residents and many other residents around industrial wind turbine developments experience on a regular basis, causing them a miserable existence unless they pack up and move?

Please find the story below and I have highlighted for you the paragraph where the reporter states what he experienced.

I would like an explanation why you and your company continually deny there is a problem, when clearly the reporter has experienced the very same issues many are experiencing on a regular basis.



Daily Telegraph
23 February 2013,


They have never said it directly, but they have made Ruth Corrigan out to be a liar, a woman stretching the truth to look after her own interests.

The wind power company that has surrounded her 24ha property in the hills above Lake George is adamant that their 145m high wind turbines are deathly quiet.

Infigen Energy told her at the beginning in 2006 that their gigantic turbines would not impact on her way of living, and whenever she calls to complain about the noise which she likens to the dull roar of traffic, from an office in Pitt St, Sydney they tell her such claims are nonsense.

Just under 2km from the actual wind turbines, this mother of four begs to differ.

And she’s right.

The Daily Telegraph spent the night in the home of Ruth Corrigan at the foot of this collection of green-energy monstrosities.
There is noise — a low thud that seems to be on repeat, a wind effect that produces an eerie whirl. It’s minimal, but it’s there and ever-present in the lives of surrounded residents.

And this is a quiet day, given the winds are coming from the east.
There is also pressure that is felt across the forehead, akin to the early stages of a mild dehydration headache. Again, minimal, but entirely noticeable.

The dull noise drops into the late afternoon as an easterly begins to roar and is gone when the morning sun peaks over the ranges.
These are the mornings that Ruth Corrigan relishes.

This is the reality facing the farming communities dotted around Mudgee in the state’s central west, where energy companies propose to build four wind farms.

A promise from wind company reps in suits; and an outcome that is completely opposite.

But no one is listening.

Here’s Upson’s reply.

From: Jonathan.Upson@infigenenergy.com
CC: David.Griffin@infigenenergy.com
Date: Mon, 4 Mar 2013 09:20:02 +1100
Subject: RE: Daily Telegraph The story we have been waiting for!


Thank you for your email; it serves to clarify one of the problems with the so-called wind turbine debate.

From a scientific perspective, one reporter from The Daily Telegraph experiencing symptoms he believes to be caused by wind turbines does not prove, in any way, that wind turbines make people sick.  The reporter may have been coming down with something, experienced the well documented nocebo effect, or experienced his common symptoms for any number of other reasons.   Medical science requires that a causal relationship be established — not just a coincidental relationship.

The causal relationship theory put forth by the Waubra Foundation is that high levels of infrasound from wind turbines is making people sick.  In this regard, I would like to call your attention to a recent study by the South Australian EPA where they measured the alleged causal agent of infrasound near, and far away from, wind farms (accessible at:  http://www.epa.sa.gov.au/xstd_files/Noise/Report/infrasound.pdf )

The study had several important conclusions, two of which, I’ve included below:

(Image not transmitted)

This study confirms other peer reviewed studies, published in reputable scientific journals, that infrasound from wind turbines is nowhere near high enough to cause any detrimental health impacts.


Jonathan Upson
Senior Development & Government Affairs Manager

Infigen Energy
Level 23 HWT Tower, 40 City Road  Southbank, VIC 3006
T 03 9674 7173   F 02 9247 6086   M 0400 501 676


And not put off, our resident replies:

Sent: Monday, 4 March 2013 3:16 PM
To: Jonathan Upson
Subject: RE: Daily Telegraph The story we have been waiting for!

Mr Upson

You haven’t answered my question. Why do you and your colleagues continually deny that you have problems at Capital, when you clearly do?

I have attached a critique of the SA EPA Noise Report that you supplied.

What would be the reason the SA EPA will now do a study on Waterloo, if they were so sure that there are no problems?


And Upson responds.

From: Jonathan.Upson@infigenenergy.com
Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2013 09:36:24 +1100
Subject: RE: Daily Telegraph The story we have been waiting for!


Thanks for your reply and Mr. Cooper’s review.   I’m afraid I don’t find his criticisms particularly valid, but I appreciated the opportunity to read it.

There are certainly people who live near our wind farms who have various health symptoms—the vast majority of which are also commonly experienced by people who live nowhere near a wind farm.  That being said, the key issue is whether the wind farm is the direct cause of these symptoms—is there some acoustic or electrical energy from the turbines making neighbours sick?  There is not a single Government, Health or Regulatory authority in the world that believes this to be true—including the NSW Department of Health.


Jonathan Upson
Senior Development & Government Affairs Manager

Infigen Energy
Level 23 HWT Tower, 40 City Road  Southbank, VIC 3006
T 03 9674 7173   F 02 9247 6086   M 0400 501 676


And our resident responds:

Sent: Tuesday, 5 March 2013 10:23 AM
To: Jonathan Upson
Subject: RE: Daily Telegraph The story we have been waiting for!

Mr Upson

You didn’t answer the below question and I thought this a very valid question especially as you say there are no authorities in the world that believe that some acoustic or electrical energy from the turbines are making neighbours sick.

What would be the reason the SA EPA will now do a study on Waterloo, if they were so sure that there are no problems?

And if neighbours aren’t getting sick from the acoustic or electrical energy, does that mean that the hosts reporting ill affects are?


And the response:

From: Jonathan Upson <Jonathan.Upson@infigenenergy.com>
Sent: Tue, 05 Mar 2013, 15:26:05 AEDT
Subject: RE: Daily Telegraph The story we have been waiting for!


I apologise for missing your last question.

I’m afraid you’ll need to ask the SA EPA why they’ve undertaken an infrasound study at Waterloo; I don’t know the answer to that question.  However, the fact that they’ve undertaken another wind farm infrasound noise study certainly does not “prove” they think it’s an issue.   It would be very surprising if the results of the Waterloo infrasound testing are significantly different than their recently released report.

With regards to my statement about acoustic and electrical energy, I should have been clearer that by ‘neighbours’ I meant all nearby residents—landowners involved in the project and other nearby properties.


Jonathan Upson
Senior Development & Government Affairs Manager

Infigen Energy
Level 23 HWT Tower, 40 City Road  Southbank, VIC 3006
T 03 9674 7173   F 02 9247 6086   M 0400 501 676


And so it goes on – and on and on. Affected people living near turbines asking wind farm companies what’s going on, why are they getting sick, and what will be done about it.

And wind farm companies replying “it’s not us, it’s not our equipment, you’d be getting sick anyway. You’ve just got a cold, or the flu or something else.”

This is despite the mounting evidence, the peer-reviewed studies, the cost to human lives.

Distressed, unwell people.  Vacated homes. A seemingly endless chain of emails.

And of course as night follows days, it’s all about money.

Isn’t it Arthur?

Roll Minder theme music.

arthur and terry

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. During September 2009 I had reason to visit an engineering work shop at Jamestown in the Mid north of SA. Whilst I was there I witnessed the assembling of noise suppression devices to be fitted to the Suzlon 88 turbines at the Capital wind farm near Canberra because local people were being severely impacted by NOISE .Also a horse was so distressed by the turbine noise that it bolted and became impaled on a fence rail and had to be destroyed.I am sure Jonathan Upson is fully aware of this story.I can provide contact details of the engineering business If needed.

  2. These people get paid extremely well to come up with this stuff…..you would think they could put a little more creative effort into it! Same old, same old, just isn’t cutting it any more!

  3. Andreas Marciniak says:

    This is the same spin we got in Waterloo, test are fine it all in your head,Wind Farm is within E.P.A guide lines, rack off ,we got this from Roaring 40’s and new owner Truenergy, and the E.P.A.
    but what I find is that no one has done any thing at my Home.

  4. Same old answers to any question put to the wind industry. I would like to know why 71 world experts not some ignorant person who denies problems are voicing their concerns over wind turbines. These are industrial machines and have had over 30 years to improve but still need backup 24/7 from coal or gas. They survive on RECs but since Infigen energy is $1 billion in debt they need the government to provide the RECs so they can cash them in to pay hosts who are ‘gagged’ for fear of litigation in case they want to show the problems they are experiencing. Why do people abandon their homes ? Not because they want to nor because they want to live away from their homes. Why is there so much opposition to wind turbines when other forms of renewable energy do not experience the same. Why? Because the wind industry is just a bag of wind to single out one poor doctor and nothing is said about other doctors here in Australia because the doctor did not practice on account of illness and family. Never mind the stress that she has suffered. Why not pick on some of the others!

  5. Jackie Rovensky says:

    No good asking questions of a robot that’s programmed to give the same answer to every question altering the wording slightly. You would never be employed by these companies if you had a brain or conscience – and used them.

  6. The Callous Wind says:

    I think even Arthur would be horrified at the way the wind industry and their fanatical supporters blatantly lie, totally denying any relevance to turbine noise, infrasound and WTS. Arthur didn’t ever blatantly lie, he just fiddled with the truth a bit and did it very cleverly at that. This mob aren’t that clever. I cannot believe, that in the face of so much evidence, they keep quoting the same old out of date studies and expect us to swallow it. This shows, it is all about the money, maybe they should have employed Arthur, at least he would have made it sound more believable.

  7. kelpie chilcott says:

    How dare you ask a question that is not on his telemarketer script

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