By George, how does he know that?

milesgeorgeHow does Infigen’s Miles George know what the National Health and Medical Research council report on wind farm noise due out later this year contains?

Here is the part of an interview he conducted on the wind industry propaganda site

It was published on February 22.

(He gets the name wrong – it’s NHMRC, not NHMC … but let’s not quibble).

MG: “The NHMC report that is due next month. That shows that no credible evidence that the antis claim.  What we are trying to do is to get that information in front of people.

“Some people you will never convince, but we think that there is a majority of people open to considering the merits of the science, and since the science is so clearly in our favour, we are trying to target that group which is open to science. But it is tough, and in politics it is not always about the science. But we are working hard on it.”

1. According to the NHMRC website, it’s systematic literature review and any revisions to the  wind farm public statement are expected to be released for public consultation in “mid-2013”.

How is it, George, CEO of Infigen Energy, you know what’s in the report already?

Or maybe that’s a question more appropriately directed to the NHMRC.

Hey, you people at the NHMRC, have you been spreading around the love prematurely?

2. The merits of science? That’s a bit old school, don’t you think, George?

Ethics is not a strong suit of so-called big science. It gets in the way of money.

Read Simon Jenkins’ full article in The Guardian here.

3. Politics? We thought Infigen was a business.

Maybe it’s actually a religion.

They’re usually the most efficient money-making organisations.

Infigen’s next community information session could/should look something like this (below).

At least the ladies would be more interested in listening to him than old Upson. (Yes, we know. Sexist comment.)

Please direct all complaints to L. Ron George at Infigen Energy.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Grant Winberg says:

    It is inspiring to see the Infigens of this world working so closely with Governments and instrumentalities who dispense taxpayers dollars to researchers et al, and speaking on behalf of Govts and instrumentalities. It would however be simpler for the Infigens of this world to contract this research directly and provide the Governments and its intrumentalities with the research results they believe they need, and then do the media releases. That way, the public would not have to wait months to hear the news.
    Or is that what is already happening.

  2. Andreas Marciniak says:

    Looks like a Weasel in a suit, with a crystal ball.
    More Lies and lies .

  3. Jackie Rovensky says:

    Maybe Mr George has renamed it National Health & Medical Council because he assumes it has nothing to do with Research anymore. I was under the impression they were researching all the medically associated literature around the topic of Wind Energy, not ‘doing the science’. He obviously doesn’t realise they fund scientific medical research – not do it.
    Maybe not understanding what scientific research is, is why they’ve never had their machines scientifically researched and tested for use in the way they are being used.

  4. When did Tom Cruise become a Wind Pimp….


  1. […] you please tell me whether what Infigen’s Miles George says is true?  He is quoted in an interview here:  published on 22 February stating that  “The […]

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