Statuatory Declaration-Laura Dunphy’s comments-page-001

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Jackie Rovensky says:

    When Energy Company representatives are asked questions, yes they do act as if they are under attack, and this Stat. Dec. is an example of how they respond, by not answering direct questions, in this instance questions relating to health issues. They appear to be trained to avoid any question that doesn’t have an answer in their promotional information, and that’s all questions that require an informed answer.
    Any sessions they have whether with individuals or groups of people are designed to only give the bare minimum on information. All they really need to do is hand out their promotional pamphlets because they hold ALL the information they are willing to give. Lying or avoiding is their ‘stock in trade’; ‘HARD SELL’ tactics are the only way they know how to operate.
    It’s about time our governments at all levels saw through them and stopped entering into discussions and dealing with them until the research has been undertaken into the full scope of safety evaluation of this form of energy production. But that will never happen because governments at all levels have been compromised by their lack of thorough research into this form of energy production BEFORE allowing it to be foisted onto their citizens.
    This signed Stat. Dec. will now put the companies ‘on notice’, they now know people are willing to stand up to them. People should not have any discussions or meetings individually or as a group with these companies or attend any meeting unless they are being being videod or recorded.

  2. The is outrageous and typical of anything Infigen does and says. This Laura should be sued along with Infigen’s cronies. I am sick of the comments made by Infigen and their comrade Dr.Chapman who all deny anything amiss with wind turbines and the fact that people overseas have evidence that wind turbines cause denied by them. Our Governments should listen to the studies done by both our and those from overseas experts not some wind industry associates whose only interest is denying problems for the sake of money.

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