Turbine hosts won’t live near wind farm

Mudgee oppostion

From The Telegraph, February 22, 2013

By Andrew Carswell

THEY are about to subject their neighbours and friends to the low drone and heartache-inducing vibrations of giant wind turbines, built just 2km from their homes.

But the vast majority of farmers in the central west who have given wind companies permission to build turbines on their rural properties are doing so without any impact on their own livelihoods.

Most farmers who will host turbines in the rolling hills between Mudgee and Wellington – where four largescale wind farms are proposed – live well away from the sites, with some living upwards of an hour away.

Nowhere is this reality more apparent than in Uungula, where company Wind Prospect has lodged an application to build 250 wind turbines, each 194m high.

Here, the pursuit of money has split the community, where farmers cashing in on proposed wind farms don’t have to endure the side effects, while those most affected are left without compensation.

One land owner will bank up to $300,000 a year from having 15 to 20 turbines on his property. But his home is more than 10km from the nearest proposed turbine.

That burden falls to his neighbours who live underneath where the 65m blades will turn. Further down the road, John and Jane Xuereb are hemmed in on three sides by the Uungula project.

“It’s cruel. The vast majority don’t even live near the turbines,” Mrs Xuereb said.

Hosting neighbours include Bruce and Dolcie Johnstone and Clancy and Robyn Rowbotham, who have homes 10km and 45km away respectively.

“The Rowbothams, when his wife got sick, we took their children in for several weeks and helped them out, fed them and got them to school,” Mrs Xuereb said.

“I can’t understand how they can do this to us.”

Mr Rowbotham, an 81-year-old retired farmer who lives in Gulgong, told The Daily Telegraph that financial incentives were the reason behind his decision.

“Where we are there is only one neighbour affected,” he said.

“They have lodged a complaint, which is fair enough. The way I look at is, well I didn’t ask (the wind power company) to put it there. I said it was OK by me.

“Financially, as far as I’m concerned, it will be good.”

The Johnstone family refused to comment yesterday.

South of Mudgee, on Crudine Ridge, another wind project has torn the community to pieces.

A joint project by Wind Prospect and Continental Wind wants to build 160 wind turbines, some barely 2km from farmers.

Photo caption: Opposed to the wind farms in the Mudgee area … Ross Conn, Rob Jarvis, Michael Lyons, John and Jane Xuereb and Lyn Jarvis / Pic: Peter Lorimer Source: The Daily Telegraph

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We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. We had the same situation happen here in Keyneton on the edge of the Barossa Valley. The landowners approached the wind company 10 years ago. The councils knew about this but failed to inform other nearby landowners who would be affected. Some people built homes, which has taken them years to build themselves, with views facing where the clusters of turbines may eventually be installed. Their turbine host friends never warned them of this and neither did council warn people buying land in the area that they would be near turbines. Yes it’s a dirty rotten business alright.

  2. Jackie Rovensky says:

    Unfortunately, the propoganda from smart talking professional salespeople over a number of years, or even the greed of neighbours who go trawling for a company to bring their torment to a district is what enables these companies to proceed. They and the companies flourish in the early years because of secracy.
    The companies also need to get Local Authorities ‘on side’, and the sneaky way they do it is to insist on ‘Confidentiality’ until they are ready to announce their intent. This comes after they have spent years nurturing the prospective ‘hosts’ who are also held to ‘Confidentiality’.
    Until this is outlawed the sneaky shifty propoganda will continue. Divide and conquor is the war cry of the Companies. Without this hiding behind ‘Confidentiality’ they know they will not suceed because today there is far too much information other than their own out there – while there will always be people who think of themselves before their friends and neighbours, and those who do not live on properties companies want, few and fewer will be willing to face legal actions which are becoming inevitable.

  3. Well this will be a real test tonight when I will be sitting at a table at a function with two of the reported hosts. Just a coincidence .
    I know I will be bringing my ‘A’ game to the table, Interesting they didn’t want to comment in yesterdays Telegraph, maybe a few glasses of red will loosen them up!!!
    Can’t wait for the wind industry response. Lets keep the pressure on the weakest links.
    Don’t forget that : Turbines ONLY get built because landowners (your neighbours) agree to it.

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