Okay, we admit it. We’re funded by the fossil fuel industry.

of course we're funded by the fossil fuel industry


It didn’t take long, did it? It was bound to happen. Someone out there would put two and two together and come up with …

Hell, they came up with whatever they wanted.

What are we talking about?

These comments on Twitter.

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 3.48.59 AM

We are, it seems, cowards and liars – and fossil fuel funded fools, according to the above.

Fools, we may well be.

And yes, we also admit … right here and now … thanks to the sharp eyes of the above Twits … we’re funded by the fossil fool industry.

That’s better. We were dying to tell someone.

But before we explain, let’s use our limp dicks to see who outed us.

The above Twitter account links to a blog of the Gippsland Friends of Future Generations – Clean Renewable Energy Today. That’s their motto.

Ah, you say. Now that makes sense.

The angry, abusive tone. The three tweets in quick, reactive succession – like someone with a personality disorder, or anger management problems.

A photo of that fabulous addition to the scenic beauty of Wilsons Promontory, the Toora wind farm, graces their blog.

We encourage you to have a look.

There’s a big logo on their front page for the Victorian Wind Alliance.

Who are they? No idea. But they sound like …

… another wind industry-funded group dedicated to saving the planet by destroying the countryside through the ERECTION of  industrial power generation towers taller than the Sydney Harbour Bridge right across this wide brown land.

It all makes perfect sense.

So based on their incisive tweets, this is us. STT laid bare, in all our portly nakedness.

First, pictured below is STT world headquarters, the STT Tower.


We’re based in Houston of course. Home of the oil industry. (We keep a post office box in South Melbourne, however.)

And this is our call centre, running 24/7 to secure donations – all tax deductible.

STS office

We’ve wrangled charity status (he! he!)

All our rich-bastard friends in the fossil fuel industry can support us financially and get it deducted from their tax (those who actually pay tax, and there’s not that many of them to be honest. Thank God for the Bahamas.)

Here’s one of our rich friends. Actually, he’s patron of the STT worldwide conglomerate.


The Donald. Looking smug – as well he might.

Here’s our fossil fuel-funded office car park. (Like true capitalist wankers we all drive Porsches.)


And here’s a photo (it really is) of us having lunch after yet another witty post on our blog.

expensive business lunch

All we can say is “Geez, Wagyu tastes great after you’ve stuck it up those windy types.”

And here’s us off to the club after another day furthering our sinister fossil fuel funded propaganda.

after lunch

And this is a photo of one of us after our blog stats counter reached 16,000. Yee-haw!

Already we’re planning to float this baby on the Nasdaq and really clean up.

happy biz

Okay, jokes aside.

The accusation that we’re funded by the fossil fuel industry had us scratching our heads.

Whatever could they mean?

Then we worked it out.

A few of us shop at Woolies for our groceries.

And we use those coupon-thingies to get 4-cents-a-litre off the price of petrol.


That must be what they meant when they said we’re funded by fossil fuel.

The fuel we put in the STT company car (pictured below) …

is actually subsidized by big oil, at four cents per litre.

Last time we filled up we saved $1.32.

There. We’ve said it. The truth.

We feel better now.

Those Gippsland Green people were really on the money.

15 thoughts on “Okay, we admit it. We’re funded by the fossil fuel industry.

  1. A little more comment on Mr Chapmans list he sent me. Number 54 on the list relates to deaths associated with turbines. Firslty he quotes “Death, yes, many deaths” unfortunatley he doesn’t state these deaths relate to birds, animals etc. He then goes on to try and clarify the number of deaths reported in a newspaper article giving what he says is the ‘probable’ source for the figures and stating these are industrial accidents, so what was a 3 year old doing working at a wind farm? Mr Chapman here is a site you could access to get the full story of accidents http://www.caithnesswindfarms.co.uk/accidents.pdf this is upto date as at 31.12.2012. When accessing the above site please note when you utilise the information you are required to reference and quote it correctly.
    Mr Chapman you may be right in saying there are more human deaths in mining – but does the number matter? A death is still the loss of a life or do you think that’s not important?

  2. I have had an email from Chapman in response to my comment above. It seems he’s been forwarded my comments, and has sent me a list of complaints “…made by people about wind turbines…”. It seems he considers I believe he somehow ‘created’ them.
    He sent me the latest list he’s created. Most I was unable to open but that is no problem, I of course accept people have valid concerns and health complaints, unlike Chapman.
    One he listed is a bit of a mystery it’s the 212th one and is titled “Violent crime, major increase”, unfortunately when I managed to open it, it just took me back to the list he’s provided me, which appears to be his submission to the Senate committee. Number 202 is his own tobacco University of Sydney website. Number 203 took me to a website for RxList which is a Drug list site, and I was not directed to any complaints. Of course that doesn’t mean they don’t contain them, it just seems strange he would list the paper he sent me as evidence of a health complaint, when he is trying to inform me that he has a full list of credibly noted complaints.
    While this does not mean these papers did not contain complaints from people who have become ill from proximity to Industrial Wind Turbines, only that it would have been more useful if he had provided accessible links.
    Besides this, yes there are a large number of complaints and some may to a cynic appear to be unrealistic, however even a novice researcher should be able to note that many of the described health issues are how individuals would describe what is happening to them, after all it isn’t as if they can say ‘see I have a bone sticking through my shin so I must have a broken bone’. Also others especially to do with animals are what anyone who has owned a dog or other domesticated animal would recognise as stress reactions – both physical and psychological to the unknown.
    Mr Chapman also continues to be resistant to accept that noise is recognised by WHO has being dangerous to health. He fails to accept that noise is not as simple as saying it is what people hear, or it can take different forms. He also fails to accept that we are not all the same, that we are individuals and that not everyone feels, thinks, behaves, understands, and expresses themselves the same way, even the ability to cope with noise and pain is different for each of us. Mr Chapman epitomises the ignorance of the person who believes they know everything about everything and rejects and opposes any attempt to have someone prove them wrong.

  3. Both sides seem to miss the point about vested interests: capitalism is promiscuous. The corporations clamouring for wind subsidies and endlessly advertising their green(wash) credentials are often the same ones deeply entrenched in fossil fuels: Origin Energy and GE for instance.

  4. The same Blair Donaldson who writes to rural papers masquerading as a concerned citizen, when he’s a fulltime, headbanging member of the Turbine Taliban.

  5. Behind the wind industry, or in front, to more accurate, one will find political parties, lobby groups, the mafia, and many health associations.

    Against the wind industry, one will find mostly down to earth people who do not necessarily belong to any political party and concerned politicians of all the political spectrum.

    Qui Bono? It takes one to know one, and those that first hurled the accusations where the pro-wind professors etc…

  6. Doggone it STT! I thought at the last international summit of oil industry shills (that would be us) that we all agreed to keep our heads low and stop driving our Porsches for a while! In fact, we raised our glasses of Dom Perignon in agreement, while puffing our Cuban cigars and resting our feet on those super soft polar bear skin rugs.

    And I was sure as we all boarded our private Lear jets to head home that we sealed the deal with a “Heil Trump !” salute!

    I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to bring this flagrant violation up at the next summit.

  7. Ha ha that’s funny STT!

    But the monumentally funny thing is this…….. don’t they realize that if we really were funded by ‘big oil’ or ‘big coal’, we would have beaten the wind industry into oblivion years ago, given the $billions fossil fuel companies could give us to protect their industry for them? But the even funnier thing, and the scary bit for the windies is, look at what we have been able to achieve with the generosity of people from all over the nation, donating their time to help educate the general public and politicians about the atrocities the windies are perpetrating on rural communities, the letterbox drops, the public meetings, the email newsletters, websites, rallies, submission writing, etc, all without fossil fuel subsidies……..I wonder how the windies would go without subsidies……oh, that’s right, they wouldn’t exist!

    And Friends of the Earth (I still have trouble even writing that…. Friends of the Windies is much more appropriate) certainly wouldn’t exist without help from their windy mates…….you think they might help pay someone who is at least presentable to be the front man for FOE, poor old Cam looks like he’s been trekking up the Franklin River for the past 9 years….on his own….

    Windies, just remember this….

    “A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”
    Margaret Mead

    We are thoughtful, we are changing the world, for the better, for all people, and its nothing to do with our hip pockets….its to do with our families, communities and the environment. Any idea what that means windies……? Nah, didn’t think so.

  8. Poor old Blair Donaldson from down at Foster, still pushing his one man band to anyone who will listen (which isnt many)
    This bloke loves to get all aggressive on his computer, but watch out if you meet him in person (thats if he really exists!) he might cry if you have a different point of view.

  9. The problem is these people actually think they’re writing intelligent ‘tweets’ when they are actually showing what ‘Twits’ they are.
    Could it be possible the language and irrational comments be symptomatic of someone with an illness maybe from being too long an exposure and associate with the noise from industrial wind turbines and their proponents? We should feel sorry for them it is obvious they are suffering – unfortunately not in silence though.

    1. I want a job at STT world head quarters…where do I send my resume?? Those Gippsland Green twits reak of jealousy. The moral high ground is obviously not enough for them…they want it all !! The lunches, the cars, the call centres, the tax deductibility. I can see their perspective…the moral high ground is quite simply not enough!

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