Alby Schultz, Australia’s Don Quixote

Alby-Schultz-Political retirements are a little like funerals.

It might be the first time someone actually says something nice about you. So we thought we’d get in early.

Member for Hume Alby Schultz announced last year his political retirement at the next election.

He was elected to NSW state parliament in 1988 before switching to federal parliament in 1998.

Many say he’s the last of a breed.

Not part of the professional political class, Alby had a 34-year career in the meat processing industry prior to joining Parliament.

But he has one more job on his agenda before the next election, we’re told.

Alby wants to kill the Australian wind industry, or at least mortally wound it.

That will be his legacy, he says, to the people in his region and across Australia.

The feisty 73-year-old has been an anti-wind warrior ever since turbines began popping up in sprawling rural electorate of Hume, an area he has called the epicentre of the wind farm industry in NSW.

“Thousands of people across the world, including Australia, experience dreadful illness, soon after wind turbines are installed close to their areas”, he said in a statement last year.

“The conditions, known as ‘Wind Turbine Syndrome’ have been well documented in Australia, the USA, United Kingdom, and Canada, and include sleeplessness, dizziness, balance problems, memory loss, inability to concentrate, tachycardia, high blood pressure, headaches, nausea, mood swings, anxiety, tinnitus, palpitations, and depression.

“They have caused people to abandon their dream homes. The conditions happen even to people who are receiving rent from wind companies to host the turbines on their land.dox quixote

Alby said wind turbine syndrome was not psychogenic or imaginary but had been proven by acoustic engineers.

“The problems, according to scientists including Australian acoustician Steven Cooper, stem from something called LFN, or ‘low frequency noise’, which he has measured inside homes close to wind farms.

“LFN travels a long distance and can easily penetrate homes and cars, and has been known to cause similar effects to those reported by sufferers.”

But Cooper is not the only one who has picked this up.

Alby: “Indeed, Professor Richard Wiseman at the University of Hertfordshire in the UK conducted an experiment in 2003 where he played a piece of music once with Low Frequency Noise embedded, and then again without, to 700 people.

“In that short time, 22% of people experienced anxiety, uneasiness, extreme sorrow, nervous feelings of revulsion or fear, chills down the spine and feelings of pressure on the chest. These results may explain why people living close to a wind farm day in day out experience the illnesses reported.”

And why has this been allowed to happen in Australia?

It’s the political imperative, Alby said.

“If we were talking about the nuclear power industry, complaints would be heard world-wide, and governments would immediately do something to stop this. But these things are only economically viable because the Gillard Labor Government subsidises them from your electricity bills, which they will keep doing.”

And what Alby is doing quietly behind the scenes to put a stop to this will be the topic of a future post.


Not this Schultz. This one knows nothing.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. The wonderful thing about Alby is that he sees through the crap and then says it as it is. We need more politicians like him – those that are willing to speak out when they see foolishness, injustice and plain stupidity; and who are willing to run counter to the party line if this is called for. Yes, Alby, we have plenty for you to do after the next election – but then who could deny that you have many laurels on which to rest!

  2. Frank Campbell says:

    As someone who has never voted Liberal, congratulations to Alby Schultz for fighting the wind fraud.

    And Alby, don’t let retirement stop you.

  3. Alby Schultz has certainly been one of the few politicians that I felt expressed genuine concerns for his constituents.

    Noone is perfect, and some might feel they didn’t agree with everything he did, but there is no doubt Alby Schultz cared and listened more than the equivalent of 50 other politiicians combined.

  4. Jackie Rovensky says:

    Not previously knowing of this NSW Politician before, I am pleased to read about him now. Alby thank you. Thank you for standing up to the propaganda spouted by those who have been compromised by supporting such a dangerous, financially inept and productivity devoid industry.
    In fact thank you to all those in Parliaments everywhere who are doing what those in their profession should be doing, looking after the health and welfare of constituents no matter where they live.

  5. Wind Witch Doctor says:

    Alby Schultz has the biggest balls of any politician in the world!

    Thank God for Alby’s balls!

    Alby, you are a legend……….and will be sorely missed by all campaigning to put an end to the disgrace and deceit which is the wind industry.

    The Liberal candidate for Hume, Angus Taylor, who I believe is a shoe in at the next election, is a worthy successor for your seat in Parliament.

    But retirement isn’t your style Alby, Wanna job with us? We could do with your balls on our team…….

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