Ready to Rely on Wind & Solar For Your Power? Then Get Ready to Freeze or Boil in the Dark

In their more deluded moments, wind and sun worshippers claim that, if only fossil fuel guzzling, climate-deniers would shrivel up and die, nature’s ‘wonder fuels’ could easily provide 100% of everybody’s energy needs, now and until kingdom come – and do so absolutely free. Meanwhile, back on Earth, even on their best days, the contribution […]

Too Hot? Too Cold? Then Don’t Expect Wind Power to Help

**** What STT followers get in a heartbeat is the lunacy attached to reliance on a wholly weather dependent power ‘system’ – and we use that term in the wildest possible sense: power generation that only bursts into life with thumping breezes and disappears when things drop back to a zephyr can’t sensibly be called […]