Victorian Vengeance: Neighbours Launch $Multi-Million Noise Nuisance Law Suit Against Wind Farm Operator & Local Council

  Tormented by wind turbine noise for years, a group of Victorian farmers have launched Supreme Court action seeking $millions in damages. The community surrounding the Bald Hills wind farm, built by a Japanese developer, Mitsui and Co, have been tortured by incessant turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound since March 2015, when its 52, […]

Premier Daniel Andrews Rallies Wind Cult & Declares War on Victoria

Terry McCrann: Premier declaring war on Victoria Herald Sun Terry McCrann 30 August 2016 THE Premier Daniel Andrews has declared war on the people and on the businesses of Victoria. And let’s not of course forget the birds. In very simple terms he wants every single individual and every single business in the state to […]