Wind Power Disaster Unfolds: SA Facing Total Blackouts, Rocketing Power Prices & Thousands More Chopped from the Grid

**** To call what South Australia’s Labor government has ‘gifted’ their constituents an energy ‘policy’, is to flatter it as involving some kind of genuine ‘design’. It’s an economic debacle, pure and simple. The current mess started under former Premier, Mike Rann –  a former spin-doctor, whose relatives lined up at the wind power subsidy […]

The Wind Power Fraud (in pictures): Part 1 – the South Australian Wind Farm Fiasco

**** In today’s post we lay out the wind power fraud in pictures, as it’s perpetrated in, what’s referred to as, ‘Australia’s wind power capital’, South Australia (we expand the net to capture the debacle on the entire Eastern Grid – see our post here). To call the ‘performance’ of SA’s 17 wind farms (spread […]