Sun, wind and drain: the Hidden and Obscene Cost of Wind Power

Wind power doesn’t run on wind, it runs on subsidies. And the cost of these subsidies goes way beyond direct financial incentives; such as the REC Tax levied on all Australian power consumers – and extends to the cost of conventional generators holding sufficient spinning reserve and fast-start-up Open Cycle Gas Turbines – both forced […]

Senator Chris Back: Time to Kill the Mandatory RET

**** WA Liberal Senator, Chris Back launched a stinging attack on the wind industry during a speech in the Federal Senate, yesterday. Responding to a cacophony of wind industry rent seeker bleating, Chris has smashed headlong into three of the wind industry’s greatest myths. The first is that any alteration to the mandatory Renewable Energy […]

Geothermal: a REAL Renewable Alternative

**** STT is a huge fan of renewable energy – provided it can be delivered on demand (see our posts here and here). Wind power – through the efforts of crooks and hucksters, like Enron and Babcock & Brown aka Infigen – who set the up the RET rort in the first place – stole […]

Origin’s Grant King: Giant Fans Fail to Reduce CO2 At All

**** Australia has spent $billions propping up wind weasels with cheap money (read unsecured loans which are, in effect, interest free) from the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (see our post here); the benefit of the mandatory Renewable Energy Target, which forces retailers to purchase wind power on pain of a fine – aka the “shortfall […]

Europe Ditches Crazy Wind Power Targets

**** It seems the European member states are fast catching up with the insane costs of their efforts to cover every inch of their turf in giant fans. Now they want out. As Oxford don, Dieter Helm pointed out (see this post) “wind power is staggeringly expensive” and “among the most expensive ways of marginally […]