US Wind Power Outfit Busted for ‘Mining’ Native American Land in Oklahoma

  Riding roughshod over the rights of indigenous peoples and desecrating their sacred land is all in a day’s work for the wind industry. At places like the Bald Hills (in Gippsland, Victoria) and at Cape Bridgewater (in western, Victoria) wind turbine construction resulted in the desecration of sacred Aboriginal burial grounds: Bad Blood: Fatal […]

India Becomes Wind Industry’s Latest Killing Fields: Farmer Murdered Trying to Save His Land

Taiwanese recount their bruising encounter with the wind industry. *** Having reported repeatedly on the thuggery, bullying and general readiness of the wind industry to literally sink the boots in to get its way, nothing much surprises STT now. In Taiwan, wind power outfits routinely let their muscle loose on anyone with the slightest (and […]