Wind Industry Welfare: How Crony Capitalism Drives the Great Wind Power Fraud

  ‘Wind PTC Action Hub’: Time to End Energy Cronyism Master Resource Robert Bradley Jr. 9 October 2015 “Without the PTC, any mandated wind generation would be an even bigger political problem because its cost inflation would be exposed. The wind-is-competitive-with-fossil-fuels hyperbole would be refuted in real time.” Congress enacted the Wind Production Tax Credit (PTC) in 1992 as a temporary measure […]

Alan Moran: on the Insane & Pointless Cost of Wind Power

 **** Green energy generates big costs for little gain Alan Moran Australian Financial Review 21 June 2015 Reports of the death of coal are greatly exaggerated. For green power is still very costly and uncompetitive, and likely to remain so despite all the subsidies. In this newspaper last week Richard Denniss opined that there was […]

James Delingpole: UK’s Wind Power Debacle Reaches “High Farce”

**** The great wind farm farce The Telegraph James Delingpole 22 February 2015 Ed Davey’s plan for 400 turbines to be erected off the Yorkshire coast will be a heinous burden on the taxpayer If ever there’s a competition for the most spectacularly pointless and wasteful project in engineering history, you’d be hard pressed to […]

Australian Senate to Turn Up the Blowtorch on the Great Wind Power Fraud

**** The Senate is about to launch into a full-blown attack on the wind industry and the fictions which have sustained it. Until now. We’ll open the batting with some moaning from the greentard’s favourite megaphone, The Guardian. Crossbench senators back another inquiry into wind power The Guardian Lenore Taylor 18 November 2014 Examination into […]