California’s Wind ‘Powered’ Dream Turns to Nightmare: Power Prices 40% Higher than US Average

**** The hidden costs of wind, solar power The Sun Neil Derry 13 November 2015 The state of California has embarked on a 25-year green power odyssey in an effort to reduce the amount of CO2 we place into the atmosphere, all aimed at leading the world in an anti-climate change crusade for humanity. Beginning […]

Texans Move to Slam Wind Power Subsidies

**** The great wind power fraud is in meltdown around the globe. In the US, ‘wind power’ states have cut their state based subsidies to wind power outfits (or are well on the path of doing so); and Republicans are out to prevent the extension of the Federal government’s PTC wind power subsidy: 2015: the […]

Top US Energy Economist Takes the Scalpel to the Great Wind Power Fraud

**** One of the great mysteries behind the lunacy that is the great wind power fraud is how and why so many governments launched into mandating massive and endless subsidies (filched from unwitting power consumers and/or taxpayers) for an utterly meaningless power generation source – WITHOUT ever having carried out a cost/benefit analysis? You know, […]

Wind Power Sending Power Prices Through the Roof

The wind industry in Australia is still reeling at the RET Review Panel’s recommendation to prevent any more wind farms being built by closing off the ability of “new entrants” to participate in the Large-Scale Renewable Energy Target (LRET) (see our post here). In response, the wind industry and its parasites have been frantically trying […]

US Wind Industry Under Siege: Congress Set to Cut Subsidies as Communities Boil Over

Wind power opponents seek repeal of tax credit The Seattle Times Hal Bernton and Erin Heffernan 21 September 2014 FOREST, Wisconsin — When wind-power developers prospected the rolling hills around this small dairy town, they found plenty of gusty sites for turbines. In 2011, they proposed a $250 million project with up to 44 turbines […]

Claims Wind Power now “Competitive” with Conventional Generators About to be Tested

**** In Australia and the US, the wind industry and its parasites are making wild claims about being able to deliver power at prices equal to, or less than, the cost of conventional generation sources (see our post here). Those claims are about to be put to the test. In both Countries, legislators are ready […]

Big Wind’s Totally Bogus Subsidy Adventure

If time-travelling teens from the future (a world where wind farms had long since been cut up for scrap) lobbed into 2014, they’d be “totally bummed out” at what must have happened to our collective intelligence to end up with giant fans at centre-stage of today’s “modern” energy policy. They’d think the idea of trying […]

Slash Wind Power Subsidies & Bring Power Prices Back to Earth

With Australia’s wind industry gasping its last breath, their hired spruikers at the Clean Energy Council have taken to peddling the incredible tale that wind power has led to a REDUCTION in our power bills. Trouble is that wind power generation (the product of the mandatory RET – which has been in operation since 2001) […]

Want skyrocketing power prices? Just add Wind Power

**** With the Coalition’s review of the insanely expensive and utterly ineffective Renewable Energy Target (ineffective if the object was meant to be reducing CO2 emissions in the electricity sector) headed up by a team of hard-nosed economic rationalists, ready to take an axe to most ludicrous energy policy ever devised, the wind industry and […]