Macarthur Wind Farm Disaster: Jim Doukas Slams Fellow Moyne Shire Councillors’ Utter Contempt for Victims

**** Moyne councillor Jim Doukas critical of Macarthur wind farm report The Standard Anthony Brady 30 October 2014 A DEFIANT Moyne Shire councillor angered his fellow councillors but delighted the wind farm critics during a heated exchange in the council chambers this week. A large gallery of wind farm critics cheered on Jim Doukas when […]

Moyne Shire Council Rubberstamps AGL’s Macarthur Wind Farm Noisewash

**** The nightmare that is AGL’s Macarthur wind farm began operating in October 2012 – the first 30 fired up then.  All 140 giant 3MW Vestas V112s kicked into gear in about February 2013. Ever since, the locals have been driven absolutely insane with incessant low-frequency noise and infra-sound. AGL (aka “Australia’s Greatest Liars”) have […]