Prof Hansen slams Public Health Authority Australia as misleading and deceptive

Michael Moore is the CEO of the Public Health Association of Australia (PHAA) – a group of ecofacists hell bent on lobbing giant fans in everyone else’s backyard, except of course their own.   Michael Moore – along with our favourite tobacco advertising guru – copped an almighty blast from Alby ‘The Sheriff’ Schultz in […]

Schultz Slams Simon Chapman and Mauls Michael Moore in the Big House on the Hill

Speech by Federal Member for Hume, the Honourable Alby Schultz, delivered in the House of Representatives 30 May 2013. Mr SCHULTZ (Hume) (16:40): I rise to record my utter disgust at the attempted character assassination of a very dedicated, committed and concerned rural resident, a lady of outstanding credentials. This is a lady who established […]