Bye-Bye Barnyard: Mike Barnard’s Boss – IBM – Shuts Down the Wind Industry’s Most Rabid & Nasty Propaganda Parrot

**** Mike Barnard – “Barnyard”, as he’s affectionately known – is easily the most vicious, vile and virulent of the wind industry’s beleaguered band of propagandists, spruikers, parasites and media manipulators. Along with other members of his dwindling pack of marauding-media-manipulators, Barnyard stalks internet sites and Twitter like a starving hyaena – venting spleen; denigrating […]

Money ain’t no “cure”

Guest writer, Jackie Rovensky, is renowned on STT for her comments, which stand out for their erudition, composition and unassailable logic. Here’s Jackie in response to our favourite tobacco advertising guru who – once again – has elected to step well out of his limited area of “expertise”. Jackie pops him neatly back into his […]