Wisconsin Study: Subsidised Wind Power a Certified Job Killer

South Australia isn’t the only place in the world where subsidised, intermittent and wholly unreliable wind power has become a proven social and economic disaster. Oh no. The inevitable consequences of trying to run an economy on the whims of the weather are universal. In this very detailed study from Wisconsin – based on actual […]

UK Subsidising Wind Industry Jobs at £115,000 a Pop & Killing REAL Jobs in the “Bargain”

Wind farm owners ‘get £115,000 subsidy for UK every job they create’ The Telegraph Emily Gosden 12 November 2014 Wind industry says record numbers of people employed in the UK – but critics say the subsidy bill has risen even faster Wind farm developers receive more than £115,000 in subsidy for every person they employ […]

Matthew Sinclair: Wind power is a job killer

Senator Ros Boswell called it – either you can have renewable energy or an industry sector – not both. You can remind yourself of his speech at our Wind Power Fraud Rally here – where he lists the demise of our industry sector, industry by industry, and breaks down the power bills of a Wyndham iceworks […]

Promises, promises ….

STT’s heard them all before – the slew of “promises” that the wind industry will invest Gazillions of Dollars and create Millions of groovy “green” jobs.  Well, you know the saying: “you can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?” Seems the big “talkers” ran out of legs today, as they explained to […]