Cost of Subsidised Wind & Solar Puts Power Out of Reach for America’s Working Poor

There will always be poverty, but rocketing power prices caused by subsidised wind and solar mean real punishment for the working poor. Yes, the poor will always be with us. And governments are meant to protect not punish them. However, that’s precisely the result of policies that favour meaningless power sources at the expense of […]

UK’s Out of Control Wind Power Debacle Sets Brits up for Winters of Discontent

**** Homeowners face £1,000 increase in electricity bills: ‘Folly’ of relying on wind power ‘will cost homes £26bn by 2030’ The Daily Mail Corey Charlton 15 October 2014 Wind farm reliance could see costly electricity bills and winter power cuts Experts claim it will lead to costs being passed on to consumers Next winter’s electricity […]