Wealth of Scientific Evidence Shows Wind Turbine Noise Wrecks Sleep & Health

The evidence proving the unnecessary damage done to wind farm neighbours by the noise generated by giant industrial wind turbines is mounting by the day: Germany’s Max Planck Institute has identified sub-audible infrasound as the cause of stress, sleep disruption and more (see our post here); and a Swedish group have shown that it’s the […]

Irish Wind Farm Study Proves Turbine Noise Causes Disease

**** WIND FARMS DO MAKE YOU SICK Irish Daily Mail Leah McDonald 16 October 2015 Irish scientists link them to cancer, stroke and heart attacks – wind turbines ‘too near family homes’ WIND farms can contribute to people getting diseases such as cancer and heart attacks, two leading Irish health experts have warned. They say that noises emitting from turbines lead to […]

Prof Alun Evans: the Health Impacts of Wind Farms

The Irish have seen a colossal wind-rush with giant fans being slung up all over the Emerald Isle. Planning rules are so lax as to be derisory – fans are literally speared into backyards – with the victims suffering the obvious impacts from incessant low-frequency noise and infrasound – such as sleep deprivation and all […]