Why dBG, dBC, and dBA “hide” the true “dose” of infrasound below 10 Hz

This post first appeared on windturbinesyndrome.com The actual level of infrasound in this figure at 1 Hz is above 90 dB. Measuring infrasound with dBG at 1 Hz gives a level of only 50 dB.  Thus 40 dB is “hidden.”  Forty dB is a huge amount of sound energy, which will not be heard at […]

A substantial degree of technical incompetence – or intended to mislead the community

26th February 2013 From Steven E. Cooper, The Acoustic Group PEER   REVIEW   COMMENTS SOUTH  AUSTRALIAN  EPA  AND  RESONATE  ACOUSTICS “INFRASOUND  LEVELS  NEAR  WINDFARMS  AND  IN  OTHER  ENVIRONMENTS” Issued by the South Australian EPA, dated January 2013 Various wind developers and industry lobby groups both in Australia and around the world have been claiming that the […]