Wind Industry Corruption in NSW: Planning Officer ‘Doctors’ Noise Impact Report to Get Project Approval

New South Wales is a hotbed of wind industry corruption, as Maurice Newman (the Business Adviser to former PM, Tony Abbott) laid plain during a recent interview with STT Champion, Alan Jones: Wind Industry Corruption in NSW: Maurice Newman Lifts the Lid Alan is back, this time with yet more detail on just how rotten […]

Developers furious as opponent’s right to appeal restored in NSW

When it was in power the New South Wales State Labor government stripped opponents of their right to appeal against wind farm developments – why let people have a say, hey? The Liberal (Coalition) government has finally moved to restore them – with developers reacting with their characteristic childish impertinence. Development applications have been handled […]

Er, Leanne, what do you call this?

Isn’t it interesting how things operate when money is at stake. Here is a copy of a letter from the secretary of the NSW Farmers Association, Leanne Heath, to Mid Western Regional Council. Ms Heath refers to an unnamed survey that found 70 per cent of people favor wind energy. She also talks about propaganda, […]