Smashed: Claims Solar Power Part of ‘Clean’ & ‘Green’ Future Simply Don’t Stack Up

Millions of solar panels are already spent and are resting in landfill near you (that’s if they haven’t been quietly shipped and dumped somewhere in Africa). Millions more will join them over the next few years, as their efficiency wanes and/or they’re damaged by hail or otherwise give up the ghost. One fun fact that […]

Dirty Business: CCP Dominates Global Solar Panel Market Using Slave Labour

The fact that China dominates solar panel manufacturers using slave labour tends to take the smugness out of Western virtue signallers. Over time, a few journalists have been able to sneak a peek behind the CCP curtain and bring to light the manner in which China’s ‘employs’ its Uyghur and Kazakh minorities to manufacture the […]

Solar Slaves: China Dominates Market For Solar Panels Using Forced Uighur Labour

The smugness exhibited by the owners of solar panels is in its own special class. Pious and self-righteous, these characters are quick to pontificate about their holier than thou credentials. Of course, plastering one’s roof with solar panels is all about saving the planet; and has nothing to do with bleeding their neighbours dry – […]