Fighting for Air: Communities Rally to Stop Wind Projects Wrecking Local Airports

All power generation comes with risk. However, those risks are traded off against the immeasurable societal benefits provided by reliable and affordable electricity. Where the power source is wholly weather dependent – and the industry that profits from it wholly dependent upon massive and endless subsidies and, therefore, wholly unsustainable – there is nothing to […]

SA – Australia’s ‘Wind Power Capital’ – Pays the World’s Highest Power Prices and Wonders Why it’s an Economic Basket Case

**** Once upon a time, in a land far, far away there was a veritable manufacturing and industrial nirvana. Post WWII, its population grew at a phenomenal rate; and so too did the level of prosperity enjoyed by thousands of migrants fleeing to it from war ravaged Europe – cheap and abundant food, decent, affordable […]

Mandatory RET Threatens Jobs & Australian Energy Security

The mandatory RET not only threatens thousands of real jobs, it’s threatening Australia’s energy security. The perverse market distortion created by the RET allows wind power outfits to dump electricity at prices approaching zero, on those occasions when the wind is blowing (see our post here). The result being that incumbent generators are precluded from […]