Wind Industry Claims Another Ag-Pilot: Minnesota Crop-Duster Killed in Action

Is there anything to say in favour of these things? Not only insanely expensive and utterly pointless at every level, they pose a mortal danger to both man and beast. In the 20 years or so since they’ve spun into heavily subsidised ‘action’, the wind industry’s has managed to clock up a fairly sizeable death […]

Wind Farm MET Masts Become Crop-Dusters’ Mortal Enemies

**** There are at least 2 critical dangers for flyers created by giant fans: 1) air turbulence – generated by a sea of 50-60m blades with their outer tips travelling at around 400km/h – interfering with the ability of the pilot to control their kite (see our post here); and 2) slamming into them – […]