Dark Days Ahead: Wind & Solar Obsessed Germany Braces For Mass Blackouts

A mixture of dread and panic has struck with the realisation that power rationing and rocketing prices are the only thing ‘inevitable’ about the grand wind and solar transition.

Germany set its path towards energy poverty, economic and social chaos, almost 20 years ago. Now, with a little help from Vlad Putin and his strategic restrictions on Europe’s gas supplies, Germans have reached the end point of their so-called Energiewende.

As Pierre Gosselin reports, this winter and beyond Germans face very dark days, indeed.

Grid Expert’s Dire Warning: “All Of Europe’s Power Supply At Risk”..30% Of Computers Could Be Destroyed
No Tricks Zone
Pierre Gosselin
27 September 2022

German Auf1 site here interviews blackout expert Robert Jungnischke on Europe’s growing threat of an unprecedented wintertime blackout. Experts are almost unanimous that a blackout will occur, the only question that remains is when and how long it will be.

Power grid and blackout expert Robert Jungnischke.

The gas supply bottleneck Europe is intensifying as the weather turns colder earlier than expected. People are preparing by buying electric fan heaters, hoping they’ll be able to keep warm if the gas supply runs out. The problem however, is that these millions of electric fan heaters sold in Europe will end up burdening an already extremely precarious power grid even more.

Already German officials are warning the country “may be facing ‘rolling blackouts’ over the coming winter months” as not only Germany’s but also Europe’s power grid teeter on the brink.

According to Robert Jungnischke, a blackout expert and consultant, many companies and people are poorly prepared, or not prepared at all. So when the blackout arrives, it will be too late to for them. The consequences would be dire. Once a blackout hits, the total system failure that it causes cannot be fixed so quickly. The damage in terms of economics and lives would be enormous.

Electric chair for computers and electronics
According to Jungnischke, citing power experts, just rebooting the power grid would destroy about 30% of electronic devices such as computers.

The rebooting of an entire power grid after a blackout is a complicated task, as the supply has to match the demand. Both would have to ramp up in unison. Jungnischke explains:

After a blackout, the power gets ramped up, but we have a huge problem. The problem is that there is no load. As I said earlier, power is tied to consumption and the power is regulated accordingly. I have a problem when power needs to be ramped up but there’s not yet any demand. That means the power fluctuates strongly and strongly fluctuating power is death for electronics. That means experts calculate about 30% of computers will be damaged during the ramp up of the power grid.”

He adds that the dependence on solar and wind energy puts not only the German power grid at risk, but also the power supply of all of Europe.

The economic damage resulting from a major blackout would be crippling. Chaos would ensue for weeks or months.
No Tricks Zone

How’s that ‘transition’ working out for you?

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We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


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  2. ronaldsteinptsadvancecom says:

    The good news is that ESG is working.
    The bad news is that ESG is working!

    Crude oil is useless unless it can be manufactured into something usable.

    Renewable energy is only intermittent electricity from breezes and sunshine and NEITHER wind turbines, nor solar panels, can manufacture products or fuels for society.

    Bank boardroom decisions that are allowing the investment community to collude to reshape economies and lifestyles, so that they are in line with the preferences of banks and other financial institutions, is an extremely dangerous precedent. Consumers never voted to give banks this sort of control over our world.
    • The good news is that the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy to divest in all fossil fuels is working.
    • The bad news for society is that the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy to divest in all fossil fuels is working!!

    Refinery closures over the next five years are projected to be 20 percent of the almost seven hundred refineries worldwide. That is a whopping 140 closures on the horizon, just as demand for the products made from manufactured oil derivatives continues to rise.

    Until we can clone the properties of crude oil, the resultant impact of manufacturers closing will result in shortages and inflation in perpetuity as the new norm as society’s demands for the more than 6,000 products and fuels manufactured from crude oil are exceeding the supply from the diminishing number of manufacturers.

    • Crude oil is a primary energy, electricity is a secondary energy, primary energy basis and with out primary, no any secondary energy!!!
      Water,wind,solar ,all are motions and not materials, can’t be stored.
      Energy science is a fake science. It confuse the difference between materials and motions. In fact, all energy in the earth 🌎 comes from sun.

  3. How on earth could nobody have realised this ? It was so obvious as to be “staring them in the face” !!! Anybody with a brain knows that the wind does NOT blow regularly and the sun is not always shining !!??

  4. Hahaha 😆!does anyone know what is electricity power ?It just like fire 🔥. We need fire so there be humans. But the most important thing is we need fires 🔥 controlled and adjusted. This is the reason why use gas as fire resource.
    Unwanted fire,just waste and dangerous,without any use.
    We call the power come from wind or solar as rubbish power. Not green power.

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