Vladimir Putin Not Responsible For Germany’s Self-Inflicted Wind & Solar Calamity

Vlad Putin is being accused by pundits as the only reason why Europe’s power prices are spiralling out of control. Not so. Sure, his grip on oil and gas supplies to Europe has put the squeeze on, particularly in Germany, but its so-called wind and solar ‘transition’ – the ‘Energiewende’ – was in serious strife long before Putin invaded Ukraine.

Germans were already suffering Europe’s highest power prices; Putin’s invasion of Ukraine simply revealed how badly his gas was needed to run the fast-start peaking gas plants, that cover wind and solar output collapses, whenever the sun sets and/or calm weather sets in. Something like revealing the Emperor was naked, all along.

The crushing prices being experienced by German households and businesses are taking their toll. Unemployment is on the rise and a no doubt bitter winter – a month or so away – can only add to the misery. Millions of newly unemployed, freezing and hungry Germans – the result of unhinged government energy policy – what could possibly go wrong?

Pierre Gosselin reports on Germany’s unfolding social and economic disaster.

Germany’s Spiralling Green Energy Catastrophe: “6 Million Jobs At Risk”…”A National Emergency”
No Tricks Zone
Pierre Gosselin
10 September 2022

Prof. of Chemistry and energy expert Fritz Vahrenholt interviewed Milena Preradovic in her Punkt.PRERADOVIC podcast.

Currently Germany’s energy supply is crashing to pieces as costs skyrocket. Companies are closing and consumers are reeling from double digit inflation. Mass unrest threatens this winter. Those responsible for the mess are trying to blame Russia for all the woes.

But Fritz Vahrenholt makes it clear in the interview who is to blame: government incompetence.

Preradovic: “Is Putin’s war really to blame for Germany’s energy disaster?”

No, says chemist, politician, manager, author and energy expert Prof. Dr. Fritz Vahrenholt:

The failed transition to green energies is responsible.”

Vahrenholt warns:

If it continues like this, energy prices will never again fall to normal levels.”

Vahrenholt fears the decline of Germany as an industrial nation. The former environmental senator of Hamburg of the SPD socialists, calls for keeping nuclear power plants running and also getting back to coal.

There is already a technology for green coal, but nobody wants to know about it.”

In the interview, Vahrenholt also says the government could very well take steps to bring down the country’s spiraling energy costs, but it refuses to do so, and so Germany is quickly losing its competitiveness and businesses are throwing in the towel.

Vahrenholt said that the dirty secret behind green energies was reliance on Russian gas to meet demand whenever wind and sun failed to show up. That model was put into place with the support of almost every German political party over the past decades.

“Everyone knows that for every additional wind turbine needs back-up by a conventional energy source as long as there is no energy storage available,” says Vahrenholt, and reminds listeners that hydrogen currently is three to four times more expensive due to energy loss in the many conversion stages involved in using the energy. “We lose about 75% of the energy.” Not an option.

6 million jobs on the brink
On Germany’s rising electricity and gas prices, Vahrenholt issues a dire warming. “If we continue to push up electricity costs, then we are not going to be competitive any longer. We’re going to lose the raw materials industry if we continue on this path.”…”We are playing with 6 million jobs.”

“I fear, in any case, that the pressure will have to be much higher, the damage much greater, before there’s an awakening in Germany,” says Vahrenholt.”

Willful destruction
When asked if the destruction of the industry is willful, Vahrenholt says: “Yes, I believe this is being bought cheaply as acceptable. the loss of industry.” He adds, that it is unbelievable how Germany’s Minister of Economics, Robert Habeck (Green Party), is accepting the dire consequences of this misguided and destructive energy policy. “Olaf Scholz has to bring his Economics Minister back in line!”

The spiralling energy costs situation is so dramatic that Vahrenholt calls it “a national emergency”.
No Tricks Zone

Looking for a villain? Try Angela Merkel.

4 thoughts on “Vladimir Putin Not Responsible For Germany’s Self-Inflicted Wind & Solar Calamity

  1. The Merkel family moved into East Germany from West Germany when Angela was about 4 years old. She grew up in the communist system and was an active member of its groups. She was a communist.
    As far as I’m concerned her actions were uniquely designed to destroy Germany’s energy sector, its industry and render them liable to Russia’s caprices. She should be arrested on treason and if found guilty be liable to the penalties for treason.

  2. The biggest problem to overcome is that of the politicians admitting they were/are wrong.
    To do so means that they lose face. I equate this to the gambler – doubling down even though he knows the reality is that he is never likely to win.
    It is a form of insanity.
    Btw, I don’t just blame the politicians. Never forget the compliance of the media in this sham. They willfully pushed for unreliables and ignored all the facts.

  3. Does electricity power has any color!?!No。
    As one of secondary energy, it must be produced by primary energy!depends on weather (SUn)?
    Whether anyone knows electrical systems reliability ?How about Customers ?

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