Wind & Solar Transition Means Transition to Power Rationing & Rocketing Power Bills

When the sun sets and calm weather sets in, wind and solar power can’t be bought at any price. Increase the capacity of the unreliables connected to your grid and get ready for not only rocketing power bills, but routine power rationing.

Once upon a time, electricity was cheap and it flowed like running water. Civil and ordered society demanded it.

Now, a group of virtue signalling elites have upended that model, replacing it with something from the pages of George Orwell’s 1984.

In 2022, smart meters, rather than telescreens, keep an eye on what the proles and Party members are up to, allowing the Ministry of Plenty to slash their access to electricity, in a heartbeat and without warning.

The only reason that governments are interfering in consumers’ power usage to that degree is that they’ve become obsessed with subsidising intermittent wind and solar while simultaneously wrecking the profitability of conventional power generators.

Had these characters struck with coal and gas and nuclear, we would still be enjoying electricity at the flick of a switch and wouldn’t suffer a cardiac arrest every time we clapped eyes on our power bills.

The situation is nothing short of outrageous, as Eric Worall outlines below.

Electricity Rationing: The Shameful Hallmark of Britain’s Green Energy Failure
Watts Up With That?
Eric Worall
30 June 2022

Coming soon to the USA? Nuclear, coal, gas, hydroelectricity – every significant form of electricity generation except renewables allows people to have electricity when they want it, in the quantity they want.

How much could YOU earn for turning off your oven and TV? How families could be PAID up to £6 to ‘ration’ electricity at peak times (including nearly £3 for shutting off electric car chargers)
Daily Mail
Tom Pyman and Archie Mitchell
28 June 2022

    • The measures come amid spiraling energy costs made worse by war in Ukraine
    • Households with smart meters could be paid £6 per kilowatt-hour not used
    • The National Grid is looking at expanding the measure which is now under trial

Hard-pressed British families can save as much as £6 by turning off key appliances for two hours in the evening – and could be paid to do so under plans being considered by the National Grid.

Consumers with smart meters will be offered the payment to slash their usage during peak times in the winter and try and cut the risk of nationwide blackouts.

National Grid sees the plans as a cheaper and more environmentally friendly way to keep the lights on than paying fossil fuel power plants to increase production.

The firm responsible for transmitting and distributing electricity and gas is scrambling to mitigate the effects of the energy crisis sparked by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. It has led to Russia restricting energy supplies to Europe.

The proposals could see households paid up to £6 for each kilowatt-hour they avoid using at peak times. That compares with the 28.34p homes pay per kilowatt-hour, enough to power a 100 watt lightbulb for ten hours.

National Grid ESO trialled the proposals with Octopus Energy customers this year and is now looking to offer the scheme to millions of households.

MailOnline has analysed the cost of running some key household appliances for two hours during the periods that were trialled – 00:00-02:00, 09:00-11:00 and 16:30-18:30.

Daily Mail

Energy rationing would not have happened if Britain maintained coal capacity and developed shale gas reserves. Rationing would not have been necessary if Britain had focussed on reliable zero carbon energy, nuclear power – nuclear power plants, which are completely insulated from fuel supply price shocks, because they only have to be refuelled every two years.

After this failure, does anyone in Britain still think Bojo’s push for more renewable energy is a good idea? Imagine what living in an energy rationed society will be like next February? Imagine the horror of finally caving in, switching on your heater – only to have the lights and heat go out, after the grid collapses under the weight of demand from other other families just like yours, who reached for the switch at the same time as you, because they could no longer stand the cold.

There might still be time to fix this before winter – but the British government has to act now, the British government has to stop wasting time and resources on useless green energy, and get out of the way of entrepreneurs who are trying to develop onshore British unconventional petroleum resources. The government must open the floodgates to made in Britain energy, or it will be the British people who will suffer, starting with the innocent, elderly and vulnerable, six months from now.
Watts Up With That?

Musn’t grumble, it’s all part of the inevitable transition.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. ronaldsteinptsadvancecom says:

    Where is the accountability for delivering electricity, on a continuous uninterruptible basis, something near the nameplate rating that was permitted for any wind turbine or solar panel site?

  2. Blackouts used to be caused by climate change. Now they are caused by trying to stop climate change.

    These events were rare. It would happen only when there was a severe storm or someone would crash into a power pole. Power lines would go down causing energyfullness to change.

    The lines delivering energy are very efficient but subject to falling down in severe storms or other rare events such as when ice builds up on these wires adding so much weight they break. All of this of course can still happen regardless how many spinning movie sets energy facade propellers they install. We can only do so much to mitigate things based on the limitations of physics.

    So for the longest time we had a very sturdy efficient and reliable system in place. Then the hustlers came in sold us the illusions of there being a man made threat to climate, as if they are presenting that climate is stable.

    So they install the least stable systems to create stability in a system they have no control of at all to make climate stable and as with all cults they can’t see anything beyond what their illusions present to them and when it all falls apart it always has to be someone or something else’s fault.

    If we analyze this a little further we might look at when they blamed carbon dioxide for climate change what was that blame game diverting from?

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