Conscience Bites Commissioner for Approving Wind Farm & Causing Hatred & Division

Ashamed head-in-hands

A thoughtless rush to action: means a lifetime of regret.


As the world wakes up to the scale and scope of the great wind power fraud – its inordinate cost to power consumers and taxpayers – the state-sponsored, malfeasance of the wind power outfits that ride the subsidy gravy train, and roughshod over hard-working rural people – and the bitter community division and hatred its roll-out brings – those who have aided and abetted it, have a choice: either pop their consciences into a lead-lined box (so as to avoid any pangs of personal guilt); or front-up to the better Angels of their natures; and seek redemption, and forgiveness, for the unnecessary damage that they’ve caused.

Jane Harper has, to her credit, plumped for the latter. Here’s her story.

Tipton County Indiana Commissioner voted for “wind farms”, now lives with regrets
Jane Harper
Huntington County Concerned Citizens
19 March 2015

Dear Howard County Commissioners and Council Members,

I am writing to you all as a former commissioner colleague who aided in the negotiations and agreements with E.ON Climate Renewables with Tipton County in 2011.

From the onset, I was open to windfarm development in a small section of Tipton County because the commissioners had received no opposition and I felt that the landowners wanted it.

My own family was offered an opportunity to lease land to E.ON and we declined because my husband did not care to farm around the towers, and I just didn’t want to look at them. I set my own personal views aside and made decisions based on what I felt the majority of the public wanted. I was outspoken enough, however, to say that I would never support a plan to cover a large portion of the county with wind turbines.

As it turned out, the problem was that when the decisions were being made to build “Wildcat I”, the commissioners were not hearing from the “majority”. People really did not know this was happening, or if they did, they did not perceive it to be as “invasive” as it was. As you know, public notices are small and often overlooked in the newspaper, so not much resistance was present … until the towers went up, and people saw how enormous and intrusive they were. The red blinking lights even disturb my own summer evenings and my home is 6 miles from the closest tower!!!

You don’t have the time to read  all that I could tell you, so in a nutshell, I just want to say that I wish I had the knowledge then that I have now.

However, what I can do, is to try to pass some of what I know, onto the elected officials in the neighboring county, so that perhaps you can gain some wisdom from what I learned in the school of hard knocks.

In Tipton County … my 83 year old mother is mad at me (since I signed the agreements) because she no longer has colorful birds coming to her feeders … my brother’s view from his family dining room table used to be a vast expanse of crops and natural habitat … now that pristine ‘vista’ is forever marred by giant metal structures … neighbors hate each other … back and forth letters to the editor have been selling papers for over a year now … families are torn apart, and because the physical presence of the towers will be there for 30 years, these relationships will never be repaired. In short … this has become an issue that has divided our community like no other.

It has torn our county apart. The May, 2014 primary election is evidence that the majority of the voters supported candidates openly opposed to wind farm development and an incumbent commissioner was voted out of office due to his unwillingness to listen to the majority on any issue, including wind.

If I had this to do over, I would NEVER enter into an agreement with any wind company now that I know what it has done to my home community.

I am not proud that my name is on those documents.

The wind company has breached many parts of the agreement, but insist that their failures are “minor”. Their field representative is arrogant and cavalier in his attitude toward the people who are suffering with the effects of the noise and flicker.

You can’t lose something you never had … so you are not “losing” the supposed ‘windfall’ of money that the project purportedly brings in.

What you WILL lose however, cannot be measured in dollars.

You will lose the rural landscape as you know it and you will lose the closeness of “community spirit” because people will hate each other over this and the presence of the towers will always be a constant reminder of the rift … thus the wounds will never heal.

Please consider this: What do you think of a company that KNOWS it has fierce opposition from a segment of the Howard County citizenry, but would STILL want to build in your county?

It is akin to forcing themselves onto you when they KNOW they are not wanted by those in the project area who would be affected by their presence and are receiving no compensation for the change in their environment. How much of a “community partner” would they be when they really don’t care about the wishes of the people?

I don’t know anything about which “facts” are true and which “facts” are false with regard to property values and personal health issues.

But what I DO know as fact is this: Any issue that has become so contentious that it has caused large groups of people to assemble and vehemently oppose it … and which has caused so much heartache and angst among the citizenry …  just cannot be good for the whole. I do not feel that Tipton County will ever wholly heal from the deep personal wounds incurred by many from the placement of wind turbines in our county.

I will leave you with this last piece of wisdom from someone who has “been there, done that”.

As an elected official/public servant … if you must go forward with approvals that allow wind farm development … and thus you become the reason a wind farm was built in Howard County … it will be a decision you will regret the rest of your life.

You will join me.

Jane Harper
Tipton County Commissioner 2009-2012.
Illinois Leaks

She's had a few

For the hatred and division Jane Harper’s decision
inevitably caused in her community, she’s had a few.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Please come to warren county on monday the 15 at 8am at the leaning center and speak to commissioner’s they want to do this to warren county we don’t want it so who ever can come and help please do !

  2. Reblogged this on ajmarciniak.

  3. E Griffiths says:

    Dear STT, can misrepresentation be grounds for voiding a contract? … Just a thought for another article.

    • We have touched on that question a couple of times in relation to land holder (host) contracts in an earlier post (, as follows:

      As a disgruntled host, you will, however, not only be keen to tip a bucket on just how rotten this industry is, you will also be looking to extricate yourself from contracts that will well and truly outlive you; and continue to vex your children and grandchildren, for a generation or more.

      Contracts will be set aside in precisely the circumstances in which you were misled by the developer into entering your contract in the first place.

      A representation of a material fact made by a party offering a contract to another party in order to induce them to enter into that contract, which has that effect, and is a false statement, is a misrepresentation. To be actionable, the misrepresentation need only to have induced the contract and does not have to be a central or even important inducement.

      Under section 52 of the Trade Practices Act (now see Chapter 2, Part 2-1 of the Australian Consumer Law) contracts will be set aside for misleading and deceptive conduct. This includes the situation where a person offering a contract makes representations (which are untrue at the time they are made) to the other party, which are relied on, and induce that party to enter a contract.

      Under both the common law and the TPA and ACL the failure to disclose important facts will amount to a misrepresentation and/or misleading conduct; especially where the facts, if disclosed, would have resulted in a reasonable person in your position refusing to enter the contract being offered. And even more so, where you have asked specific questions about important facts and the developer has said nothing: eg, “are wind turbines noisy?”; or simply lied, by answering “no”. (click here for a discussion of what amounts to misleading and decepetive conduct by silence).

      Pursuing your lawful right to have your contract set aside for misrepresentation and/or misleading and deceptive conduct will require some competent legal advice from hard-hitting commercial lawyers, with litigation experience; and, perhaps, a trip to a court of competent jurisdiction.

      As to actions against developers pursued by turbine hosts, see our post here.

  4. Jackie Rovenksy says:

    It’s good to see at least one person is willing to speak out about their uneducated decision making.

    While planning approval people here in SA and no doubt elsewhere are required to make decisions according to Planning Regulations, there is nothing stopping them from educating themselves as to the full impact of any decision they are required to make. And if they believe these things are dangerous or inappropriate for where they are planned they can refuse approval until the company can make absolute assurances with unequivocal proof there will be no adverse effects, either to human health or to the environment.

    Decision makers on these panels need to get backbones and do what is right rather than what a political party dictates must be done.

    These things will last a lot longer than the politicians who assist the rort and misinformation these companies consistently practice worldwide.

    As stated by Jane Harper, these turbines and the damage they cause will last forever.

    If you can speak out do so, if you are a ‘host’, a neighbour or someone with a conscience speak out and let the world know you care for the health of the environment, world and those who live in it.

    There’s no shame in admitting you were wrong, but there is in staying quiet when you know you were wrong.

  5. Thank you Jane Harper for your courage. Our town officials are rolling over and say “it’s all up to the state” “it’s out of our hands” “it’s between a private company and private citizens”. They have NO courage to do what is right for everyone in the town. We will work hard to ensure they are not re-elected.

  6. luisadownunder says:

    I have only ever seen a wind turbine in photos, television shows or movies, and they have always horrified me.

    How anyone could possibly agree to such bestial monuments, without first investigating them thoroughly, has me completely gobsmacked.

    Regrets are all very well and good, but these monstrosities are there forever.

  7. Jane Harper is courageous and admirable role model for all public officials who work with and are systematically misled by the wind industry. In 2011 the wind industry deceived her and her community and she has now valiantly exposed their most fundamental lies and corruption.

    In 2015 the world over, this industry continues its deceptive and misleading conduct and the destruction or rural communities, but with increasing difficulty as the truth behind their lies and deception continues to be exposed both through personal impact stories and objective science shared via the internet.

    Thank you Jane Harper for your honesty and thank you STT for sharing her story. Let us hope there are other public officials with conscience and integrity, in sharp contrast to the the wind industry which lacks any humanity whatsoever. They will lie and deceive so long as they continue to wallow in ill-gotten government subsidies.

  8. Stand against wind says:

    Awesome commentary, thak you to Jane for her honesty. This is the exact situation we face with the Mount Emerald proposal in Far North Queensland, where the vast majority of surrounding residents don’t want it, but the developers, RATCH and Port Bajool just don’t care; and keep forcing themselves on us. We are the equivalent of wind rape victims. Help!

    • clive hoskin says:

      Shows just how Stupid the developers are. One small cyclone up there will be the end of those “Bird Mincers”.

  9. Powerful stuff

    How many hosts and neighbours have the same regrets and experience, but don’t do anything about it because – quote ” I am stuck with it now – it’s too late to do anything, it won’t change anything for me”

    It’s not too late to educate others and try to stop this happening to someone else.

    Is it just about you?

    Or is about righting a wrong?

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