No Net-Zero: China’s Rise Built On Insatiable Demand for Cheap & Reliable Coal-Fired Power

The economic and military rise of China is based on coal-fired power, and a firm rejection of the suicidal net-zero emissions targets adopted by their Western opponents.

China’s love affair with coal and nuclear power continues to flourish and, contrary to Western myth, the CCP has turned on unreliable wind and solar, with a vengeance – it didn’t become an economic and military power overnight by relying upon sunshine and breezes for its energy needs.

No doubt, China will continue to flood the world with second-rate wind turbines and solar panels, with the latter being built by Uighur slave labour. But weakening their enemy from within is all part of the broader scheme of things, as the team from Jo Nova reports below.

Net-Zero surrenders Australia’s Economic, Military advantage to China says UAP
Jo Nova Blog
Jo Nova
17 May 2022

China is too poor to rush to Net Zero but it cheers us on. It calls itself a developing nation while it develops a nuclear fusion plantlaunches hypersonic weapons, runs a shadow war in space “every day”, and landed a rover on the far side of the moon (which has been cruising around now for a full year).

It’s too poor to do Net Zero, but it’s rich enough to buy off our Pacific neighbors, while we close factories so we can keep the lights on. China buys a belt and road while we buy off the Weather Gods with sacrificial Green electrons and try to stop storms 100 years from now.

China is digging up more coal than any nation on Earth, but it didn’t even turn up to Glasgow. One year ago China suddenly cut its wind and solar subsidies, and reduced it’s carbon trading scheme back by two thirds. Yet Australia is going double gangbusters to install more renewable watts per capita than anywhere on Earth.

On Saturday Australia has an election where both major parties have Net Zero policies. But anything that Australia supposedly achieves with Net Zero, China wipes out in a couple of weeks. And everything Australia loses, like manufacturing, China gains.

China plans to dig up 4300 million tons of coal this year and use it all. Australia extracts about 500 million tons and exports most of it. With coal at phenomenal prices and a global energy crisis, Australia is looking at earning $100 billion dollars just from coal exports this year, which would pay for all the hospitals, schools and public housing we could want. We could be ramping up production but no one is even talking about that.

We are the most sparsely spread population living on the remotest continent, but none of our major political parties are bothering to even check the UN committee diktats that tell us to cancel our own coal industry and turn our electricity grid into a weather changing Voodoo machine.

President Xi is very happy about that!

Craig Kelly slams net zero target as ‘surrendering’ to China
Sky News
Joseph Huitson
16 May 2022

“We see the idea that we go to net zero by 2050, when the communist Chinese say they will do nothing at all until 2030 and then maybe by 2060 they’ll do something,” [Craig Kelly] said.

“A policy of net zero, which we reject, will otherwise surrender an economic, political and military advantage to the communist Chinese and I as a member of parliament I am not going to stand by and let that happen and be silent about it.”
Sky News

Net-Zero Will See Australia Surrender ‘Economic, Military’ Advantage to China: UAP Leader
The Epoch Times
Daniel Y Teng
16 May 2022

Kelly, however, said that coal exports brought $100 billion of revenue into the country each year, and the wealth from Australia’s resources provided room for debate on social services like the health system and National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Do slaves lives matter? Not to the Greens

An investigative report from The Epoch Times has revealed that around six out of 10 Australian solar farms were sourcing panels from Chinese manufacturers likely to be using Uyghur forced labour in their production chain.

The Fake Green “independents” sponsored by a renewable billionaire investor, defend China all the way:

Meanwhile, Monique Ryan, the teal independent for Kooyong in east Melbourne, said Australia had handled its relationship with the CCP badly.

“China is our biggest trade partner, and the relationship with our biggest trade partner should be treated with respect and sensitivity, not with macho, breast-beating belligerence,” she said during a Sky News Australia-organised debate.

Yet China currently controls around 90 percent of the world’s supply chains for the precious resource, a situation that governments are pushing to change by establishing their own independent production chains.

Jo Nova Blog

4 thoughts on “No Net-Zero: China’s Rise Built On Insatiable Demand for Cheap & Reliable Coal-Fired Power

  1. “Green” was a Comintern plot from the beginning, organized and operated by red-diaper babies and useful idiots, for the purpose of destabilizing Western democracies.

    1. Replied on 12/05/2022 so again:

      Look up August Haussleiter for the Green’s credentials, it explains a bit.
      Their origins come from Adolf Hitler whose belief was that ordinary people could not appreciate the natural environment. Whatever that is.
      Its first party leader Petra Kelly was apparently too interested in human rights and was replaced then murdered in 1992.
      The information is available online and rocket scientist Robert Zubrin mentions it in his book Merchants of Despair: Radical Environmentalists, Criminal Pseudo-Scientists, and the Fatal Cult of Antihumanism.

      If you don’t agree where is your reference that Greens are communist?

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