Game Over: Vlad Putin’s Ukrainian Invasion Spells The End For ‘Green’ Energy Dream

All of a sudden, energy security and affordability is the new black. The Russian onslaught in Ukraine has focused thinking on energy supplies, like nothing before.

The West has taken its energy advantages for granted, for far too long. But, the energy pricing and supply calamity that’s followed Vlad’s aggressive bid for territorial expansion, has drawn attention to just how delusional is the claim that we’re well on our way to an all-wind and sun-powered future.

That purported ‘transition’ now looks more like a pre-determined pathway to abject poverty.

Viv Forbes spells it out for the uninitiated, below.

Power not poverty
Spectator Australia
Viv Forbes
16 March 2022

‘The past was green and fuzzy – the future is black and ominous.’ – Richard Sebrof

The green fairy-tale is over.

Even the green cheer squad in the bureaucracy and the media can sense the change. The sudden end was signalled by rolling columns of Russian tanks, quickly followed by surging prices for oil, gas, coal, wheat, and barley.

For decades, one-worlders and greedy industrialists have sung the green songs – lauding wind/solar energy, worshipping hydrogen, and condemning coal, oil, gas, and nuclear. Their doomsday chorus was taken up by tweeting teenagers and trendy adults in the green leafy suburbs – most of them supported in soft-chair jobs in media, bureaucracy and big woke corporations.

John Kerry (a rich climate-obsessed American aristocrat) worries that the Ukraine war ‘could have a profound negative impact on the climate’. He is more concerned about beneficial emissions of life-supporting CO2 than about lethal bullets, missiles, and starvation.

Russia, China, and India have focussed on developing and using their best energy resources, but Australia (following the Pied Pipers of Europe) has a bi-partisan policy to keep spreading the climate virus and subsidising more expensive green toys imported from China.

But, at long last, sanity is surfacing – Nigel Farage (the UK Brexiteer) has rung the full-time bell on climate alarmism with his new slogan against Net Zero madness – ‘Vote Power not Poverty’.

Just one late snowstorm in Berlin, a food riot in Cairo, or a blackout in New York will start the green rout.

The world is becoming a cold, hungry, and dangerous place. Food is not produced in green forests, electricity is not generated in big batteries, green hydrogen is a net consumer of energy, and we will not fight the next war with battery-powered tanks, wind-powered frigates, or an air force burning bio-fuels.

Just two years ago, Biden promised: ‘We are going to get rid of fossil fuels.’

It’s time to drag green dreamers and climate alarmists into the real world where food, fuels, metals, electricity, and defensive weapons are produced. This must start by cleaning the green horse manure from the ‘Net Zero’ stables.

Putin’s tanks and missiles have started this process. Europeans now face the truth that coal, oil, nuclear, and gas provide most of the power for their homes, factories, industry, transportation, and agriculture. Without them, big cities die.

We need more Hydrocarbon Power, more Nuclear Power, and less Un-reliables.

The world has changed. We can no longer afford ‘Net Negative Energy’ or ‘Building Back Worse’.
Spectator Australia

Green dream’s assassin.

4 thoughts on “Game Over: Vlad Putin’s Ukrainian Invasion Spells The End For ‘Green’ Energy Dream

  1. Surely by now we all should know that the Greens/Environmentalism is Marxism. Time and time again throughout history Marxism has demonstrated to hate human beings.
    Therefore, Marxism is Satanism. Satan is the prince of darkness and the great deceiver. Gullible useful idiots’ come to mind or better stated by Gustave Le Bo “The masses have never thirsted after truth. They turn aside from evidence that is not to their taste, preferring to deify error, if error seduces them. Whoever can supply them with illusions is easily their master; whoever attempts to destroy their illusions is always their victim”

    1. Don’t entirely disagree about Marx, but it was a different time & his observations, if not conclusions applicable to the future, of how the working class were/are treated, were accurate.
      Greens/Environmentalism is Nazism.

      Ancient Greeks created Christianity from their interpretation of the Hebrew Old Testament. Because they practiced slavery they had time to philosophise – usury was not banned under Judaism. Today it’s self-policing wage slavery.
      For centuries simony (payment for forgiveness) was practiced; Henry VIII paid once then adopted his own religion as its head; that continues to today.
      Satan is a concept religiously promoted and its charity CEOs are paid millions in wages & bonuses.
      Proper anthropology has shown religion isn’t required to maintain a decency of behaviour – “Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people.” Marx

      Compulsory education does not amount to knowledge, it’s purpose is to create conformity.

  2. Unfortunately Boris Johnson seems determined to shore up the wind industry and even expand it, presumably because he has pals who have invested heavily in it. He has a ‘dream’ apparently. A shame he doesn’t know the difference between dreams and reality.

  3. The people who believe they can control the earth’s climate are nothing but arrogant, opinionated idiots ! HOW exactly do they propose to control the climate by 1 degree ??? How do they know how that will be done? What will they do if it comes down by 5 degrees and we all freeze? In truth they haven’t a clue. They are children playing with something they have no understanding of and therefore have no control over. CO2 is the GAS OF LIFE – it fuels all the green plants, including trees, grass, wheat, barley, etc. The deserts have green shoots and so retain water when CO2 is plentiful. They “religion” is very dangerous and could do UNTOLD DAMAGE if it were ever successful.

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