Germans Brace For Energy Catastrophe: Prices Set to Triple When Nuclear & Coal Plants Close

Germany’s so-called ‘transition’ to wind and solar is an unmitigated disaster: power prices have rocketed and more blackouts loom this winter, whenever the sun sets and/or calm weather sets in.

Hellbent on self-destruction, the Germans are planning to kill off their last remaining nuclear power plants and are equally determined to axe all of their coal-fired power generation, too; despite nuclear and coal-fired power plants providing the only reliable power generation within Germany. No doubt they will be forced to increasingly rely upon French nuclear power and coal-fired power from Poland, if those plans come to fruition.

Already suffering Europe’s highest power prices, Germans are in for much worse, as No Tricks Zone reports.

Energy Experts Warn Of “A Catastrophic Energy Emergency” If German Leaders Don’t Wake Up To Reality
No Tricks Zone
Pierre Gosselin
2 October 2021

Swiss publicist Roland Tichy hosted a discussion round with three energy experts: former Hamburg Senator for the Environment Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt, Albert Duin, medium-sized entrepreneur and member of the Bavarian state parliament, and Frank Hennig, an expert for power plants and energy conversion.

Currently Germany is struggling with its Energiewende (transition to renewable energies) as it moves to phase out its nuclear and coal fired power plants. This transition, however, is threatening to lead to major power shortages as random wind and sun are proving to be unreliable in terms of supply steadiness.

“We are heading for a catastrophic state of emergency.” Vahrenholt says in the round, and that this is so even without accounting for moving to electric mobility. He also thinks that Germans will need to brace themselves for a tripling of electricity prices, and wonders if the proponents of green energies are out of their minds.

On shutting down the baseload capacity from nuclear and coal and relying instead on wind and sun, Vahrenholt warns: “It’s going to take two to three years; these are going to be very difficult years. We are going to have to cross a very deep valley of energy shortages.”

Power plant expert Frank Hennig told “more gas is being burned to produce power” as wind and solar are failing to meet demand. Hennig predicts there will be power shortages due to the shutdown of the nuclear and coal power plants.” He sees even more problems with wind power: “Even if there is wind, wind turbines may shade each other.” He warns that it is impossible to meet Germany’s electricity needs in this way.

The power shortages in Germany risk becoming so acute that converting over to electric mobility will be nothing more than a fantasy. “When it comes to e-cars, the top manager of VW can forget it,” Vahrenholt says. ” There isn’t going to be any electricity for it. The power isn’t going to be there!”

Shutting nuclear and coal “madness”
Albert Duin calls the German plan “madness” and thinks German politicians have no overview at all of what electrical power is. “We Germans really believe that when we switch off the nuclear power plants we will be able to replace them with a randomly occurring — totally random — sun and wind. You really have to be stupid to believe something like that. It doesn’t work!”

Currently all the German party leaders, who are expected to be a part of the new upcoming coalition government, believe Germany will be able to meet its electricity needs by covering 2% of Germany’s land area with wind parks, an idea that the experts at Tichy’s discussion round find absurd. Vahrenholt calls the whole idea as made up as Annalena Baerbock’s resumè, and points out the politicians here are grossly fudging the numbers. 50% of Germany’s area would be needed when calculated realistically.

All three experts agree that German politicians are not dealing with reality and not telling the truth because they are afraid of the climate narrative, which has become a religion in Germany that cannot ever be challenged.
No Tricks Zone

4 thoughts on “Germans Brace For Energy Catastrophe: Prices Set to Triple When Nuclear & Coal Plants Close

  1. Revenue must exceed the cost of labor, energy, and materials. When energy costs increase then labor must be paid less. Inexpensive energy increases the value of labor. Expensive energy decreases the value of labor. The German standard of living without fossil fuels must return to 400 years ago when people lived without fossil fuels. Most jobs end without inexpensive energy. The food supply depends upon inexpensive energy.

  2. Are these idiots ever going to face reality?
    No. Not until they have their way. Only when the population experiences reality will the politicians be forced to admit that they were wrong…as usual.
    Who suffers along the way?
    The poorer among society. The well off will suffer very little hardship if any.

    1. It should be understood that some ‘half of democratic voters’ (perhaps more) are below the average logical and numerical intellectual educational standard – as it is currently compulsory educated.
      Explore who politicians swear allegiance to and you will find it is to the system and not citizens.
      Recently not allowing citizens back in AU means their citizenship was worth zip.

  3. The German “gamblers” that are placing their reliance on breezes and sunshine for intermittent electricity to replace the continuous uninterruptable electricity from Nuclear and Coal plants are in for a rough winter of mounting costs and increased weather-related fatalities.

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