Manufacturing Unemployment: Net-Zero Target Will Destroy 650,000 Australian Jobs

Net-zero carbon dioxide targets are all about giving more subsidies to unreliable wind and solar which inevitably drive power prices through the roof.

Increase power prices, as with any input cost, and profits inevitably diminish. Meaningful employment depends upon healthy and sustainable profits. So, as any student of that dismal science will readily tell you, any policy that drives up power prices will inevitably drive up unemployment rates. So far, so simple.

Not that any of this signifies much with the Federal Liberal/National Coalition government.

Its leader, and PM, Scott Morrison is all set to give corporate crony capitalists what they want – an opportunity to milk an endless raft of government subsidies that will inevitably flow from his net-zero emissions target.

Having openly supported policies that have squandered more than $60 billion on subsidies to wind and solar, Morrison is ready to do more of the same, punishing the very people who voted him into office in May 2019.

This time it’s ‘green’ hydrogen which, like wind and solar, would be completely uneconomic without subsidies. Otherwise, there would already be a ‘green’ hydrogen industry, and no need for any government intervention, at all.

What Morrison is eager to sacrifice on the altar of global climate hysteria are the mining, manufacturing and mineral processing jobs that each depend upon reliable and affordable electricity.

What’s been done to date – under the guise of the Federal government’s Renewable Energy Target – has already destroyed tens of thousands of those jobs. What’s to come will destroy the rest.

The team from JoNova takes a look at the end of meaningful employment, in a country that was once regarded as an energy superpower.

Attempt to change world’s weather puts 650,000 Australian jobs at risk from “Net Zero” fantasy
Jo Nova Blog
Jo Nova
7 October 2021

Strangely, making electricity affordable makes it harder to employ people. Who knew?

The IPA shows that nearly 650,000 Australian jobs are at risk from Net Zero policies, and most of those jobs will be lost in the regions and thus in National Party electorates. Seats predicted to escape that pain are in inner city areas.

Thus and verily, the price of Net Zero will be largely paid by the deplorables.

As we saw in Britain, Spain, Italy, and California, more Green jobs always means less real ones. For every “green job” artificially created, between 2 and 5 actual jobs were lost. Green jobs are the vandals of civilizations.

The Liberal Party (theoretically, conservative) holds many inner city seats. So we can explain the schism tearing the Coalition of the Liberals and Nationals apart on energy policy. The Coalition holds 17 of the top 20 electorates with jobs at risk, but also holds 12 of the 20 lowest risk electorates.

The IPA issued a report on likely job losses in February this year, and a report on the electoral landscape yesterday:

Net Zero Hits Regional Workers Three Times As Hard: IPA Report
“A worker in an electorate represented by the National Party is threes times as likely to lose their job than a worker in an electorate represented by the Liberal Party under a net zero emissions target” according to the IPA.

An analysis of the employment impact of a net zero emissions target in Australia, estimated that up to 653,600 jobs could be put at direct risk as a result of a net zero emissions target and that potential job losses would be concentrated in the agricultural (306,200 jobs), heavy manufacturing (74,100 jobs), and coal mining (62,000 jobs) industries.

17 of the top 20 electorates with the highest proportion of jobs at risk from a net zero emissions target are held by the Coalition. Six of the top 10 electorates with jobs at risk are held by the members of the National Party Room.

73% of the seats in federal parliament held by the Nationals are ‘at risk’ seats, compared with just 10% of seats held by the Liberals, and 3% of seats held by the Labor Party.

With an election coming, it’s time to make sure The Deplorables and their MP’s know what the price is for trying to perfect the global climate.

“A net zero emissions target would be a carbon tax by stealth.”


Cian Hussey, and Daniel Wild (2021) Net Zero Emissions Will Divide Australia, IPA, October 6th 2021.

Daniel Wild and Cian Hussey (2021) Net Zero Jobs: An analysis of the employment impact of a net zero emissions target in Australia, IPA, Feb 2021.
Jo Nova Blog

Well-paid mineral processing jobs will be the first to go.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. A net zero building is said to be a building with “net zero energy consumption” meaning the total amount of energy the building uses on an annual basis is equal to the amount of energy created on the site.

    I see loopholes all over the place, let’s look at the easiest to spot, all they have to do is claim how much is made, not how much is wasted or dumped.

    We know wind and solar energy that is created gets dumped when it can’t be sold or needs to balance out current state of grid and this is done with cost involved thus using more energy but that will not be calculated in.

    Those wind spinners or panels can be producing power “for a building” or a geographic area let’s say 100 megawatt hours even though it’s relying on nuclear or coal or natural gas power and still be labeled net zero and get subsidies which use energy.

    In reality 80 megawatt hours was provided by coal and natural gas, but on paper it shows 100 megawatt hours provided by renewables in “net zero” trickery. 80% of the renewables was dumped due to extreme weather and grid conditions making it unfeasible to use what was produced, they had to have natural gas and coal power keep the lights on, but the “net zero” scheme only looks at the amount produced by renewables and what the building or area used.

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