Renewable Energy Retreat: Texas Targets Unreliable Wind & Solar With Punitive Fees & Charges

After America’s big freeze, Texan legislators are determined to restore reliable power generation sources, by hitting unreliable wind and solar with a raft of punitive fees and charges.

Whereas wind and solar have enjoyed massive subsidies (in the US, principally the Production Tax Credit, as well as state-mandated feed in tariffs), the reliable generators (nuclear, coal and gas) have been relegated to second place on the grid, thanks to the subsidies paid to wind and solar, which allow them to undercut their (unsubsidised) competitors.

On 16-17 February – with hundreds of wind turbines frozen solid during breathless, freezing weather – Texan wind power output was a paltry 2% of installed capacity (see below). Solar panels were buried under inches-deep blankets of snow and ice and, likewise, just as useless.

Millions of Texans were left freezing in the dark; no doubt, chuffed with the progress of their ‘inevitable transition’ to an all wind and sun powered future.

The only thing keeping the lights on, at all, were Texan nuclear and gas-fired power plants. But, if your insight into world affairs was left to the mainstream media, you’d think it was the other way round.

In an effort to restore some sanity (and a reliable power supply) Republicans in the Texas Senate are pushing legislation that would put wind and solar back into their proper places. That is, at the back of the queue, where they can do a whole lot less damage than they did during the big freeze, and promise to do if left unchecked.

Texas Senate passes bill aiming to counter federal subsidies for wind and solar power
Houston Chronicle
Jeremy Wallace
29 March 2021

While President Joe Biden moves to expand the use of renewable energy nationwide, the Texas Legislature is doing the opposite, adding fees on solar and wind electricity production in the state in hopes of boosting fossil fuels.

Among the reforms of the state’s electric grid following last month’s deadly winter storms, Republicans in the Texas Senate have included new fees aimed at solar and wind companies that Democrats warn would damage the state’s standing as a national leader on renewable energy production, particularly wind power.

State Sen. Charles Schwertner, R-Georgetown, said while wind and solar have expanded in Texas, those are “unreliable” sources of energy because they cannot be called up at a moment’s notice during an emergency like the freeze in February.

To correct that, Schwertner said his bill will give the state’s grid monitor authority to create fees for solar and wind. As it stands now, he said billions of dollars in federal subsidies to wind and solar companies have “tilted” the market too much to benefit those sources of energy, and he aims to re-balance it.

Democrats in the Senate say raising fees on green energy would be a step in the wrong direction for a state that has done well in developing wind and solar. Over the last decade, renewable energy has surged past coal and nuclear power to become the state’s second-leading source of electrical power, after natural gas, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

[Note to Jeremy: how did the renewable energy surge pan out across the Panhandle on 16-17 February this year, when wind and solar froze up and produced nothing at all, during a burst of dead-calm, frigid weather?]

“This section could actually be detrimental to renewables,” said State Sen. José Menéndez, D-San Antonio.

The fees are included in a bill that is the most wide-ranging response yet to pass the Texas Senate dealing with the power outages from the winter storms.

Beside the fees on solar and wind producers, the legislation would create an alert system to warn Texans about impending power outages, and would require all electricity providers to weatherize their facilities and transmission lines – a major source of the midstorm power outages. It would also prohibit the wholesale electric index plans that resulted in astronomical bills for some consumers.

“SB 3 comprehensively addresses the root issues that led to the major failures that occurred in the Valentine’s Day winter storms,” Schwertner said.

As the Senate debated the legislation, Menéndez said he’s bothered by some who have tried to scapegoat solar and wind generators for the power failures when nuclear, natural gas and coal were all interrupted during the storm, resulting in the rolling blackouts that left millions of Texans without power. [Here’s what Sen. Menéndez seems to be having trouble with]:

Conservative groups in Texas have long complained about the federal subsidies for wind and solar power that Biden is considering expanding.

Those groups, like the Texas Public Policy Foundation, have argued the billions in federal spending has distorted the free market to the detriment of fossil fuels. While they’d prefer those subsidies be undone, that is unlikely with Democrats in control of Congress and the White House.

The Advanced Power Alliance, an industry trade association created to promote the development of wind and solar, calls the proposed fees in Texas “unnecessary, discriminatory policy that will increase costs on residential, commercial, and industrial electricity consumers.”

The arguments back and forth come as Biden has promised a historic commitment to expanding clean energy production.

Paying for lack of reliability
Biden is headed to Pittsburgh on Wednesday to lay out a sweeping infrastructure plan with an expected price tag of at least $3 trillion – and green energy is likely to be a major focus of the package, with new incentives for wind, solar and more expected to be included.

On Monday the White House rolled out a slew of new federal projects aimed at juicing offshore wind energy production – including in the Gulf of Mexico – that set a goal of building 30 gigawatts of offshore wind power in the United States by 2030. That followed an executive order Biden signed on his first days in office that called for the creation of a new “clean energy economy.”

“This offshore wind goal is proof of our commitment to using American ingenuity and might to invest in our nation, advance our own energy security, and combat the climate crisis,” said U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm.

Biden’s infrastructure proposal is expected to be Democrats’ biggest push for green energy since the Obama-era stimulus, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which included some $90 billion for wind, solar and other clean energy initiatives.

White House Chief of Staff Ronald Klain on Monday was tweeting findings from a 2020 National Bureau of Economic Research study that found the Obama-era clean energy spending created nearly 1 million jobs between 2013 and 2017.

Texas Republicans emphasize that when the sun goes down or the wind isn’t blowing, those sources of power can’t be relied upon, as the winter storms showed. [Indeed, as the numbers clearly showed]:

State Sen. Kelly Hancock, R-North Richland Hills, said the proposed fees on renewables recognize “the lack of reliability, which is what we saw during this event.”

Senate Bill 3 passed the Senate on a 31-0 vote on Monday and now heads to the Texas House. Both chambers must pass identical versions of the legislation in order for it to get to Gov. Greg Abbott for his approval before it can become law.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, a Republican from Montgomery County, made the bill a priority.

“The work is just beginning,” Patrick said, promising more changes to correct problems that caused the state’s power grid failures. “But this is a great first step.”
Houston Chronicle

Texas puts wind and solar ‘industries’ on ice.

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We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. The sheer quantity of natural gas that has to be used, to act as a shock absorber for wind and solar, is hard to fathom. Any talk of 100% ‘ruinable’ energy is a joke, especially given that solar collapses throughout the night!

    The US psyche must be going through some sort of mass trauma, given the shift from the centre right to the far left! It will be interesting to see how much money is left in the kitty to enable Biden’s climate agenda, especially in the aftermath of a global pandemic! People are just beginning to stand on their own two feet, whilst he conspires to knock them down again. The whole Greta roadshow is so passé. Not to mention boring… Yawn!

    Speaking of the (SARS-CoV-2) COVID-19 pandemic, a genuine crisis, Australia has just gone through an extended period of no community transmission. From this point on, I feel that any state that loses control of hotel quarantine is, in effect, no better than China was in releasing the damn virus in the first place! Penalties should now apply to state leaders. They are failing their citizens, and have had over a year to get this right. The time for failure is over! The only borders that should be temporarily closed, if any, should be between Australia’s physical island group, such as Tasmania or Lord Howe Island and the mainland, for example. And the rest of the world! But an air bridge to the UK should be established.

    The state borders on mainland Australia should remain open. There is no JobKeeper now either, as I write this. So how are businesses supposed to cope with anymore lockdowns? Take note West Australia. What precisely have YOU learnt over the past year? Locking down over the ANZAC weekend will do psychological harm to many of your citizens. Mental health and suicide have both been major factors in this pandemic. Get your house in order WA. And that goes for any state, especially Victoria. Three strikes and Daniel Andrews should be out!

    The time for excuses is over. Effective quarantine management, the vaccine, and the spraying of passenger cabins in planes on arrival in Oz, should to my mind be mandatory. The fact Australia is an island is its key strategic asset. Use it!

  2. Fifth generation southeast Texan energy family. Wind and solar are ancillary at best. Not part of ERCOT here. Never lost power and utility/gas bills were normal for that time of year. The crony capitalism that enriches the Big Wind Buffet’s with hidden data like rare Earth minerals mining is one in the same Federal Reserve QE and the valueless insanity of cryptocurrency(script) is their probable QE debt exit strategy. The Goldman Sachs et al own both political parties in DC. Our climate version of a GSM Maunder Minimum just beginning in all probability. Water and agriculture big trouble ahead. Ab Ordo Chao = our southern border and the method in their madness. Over population, transportation pollution especially of the oceans is real, throw in a Fukashima on that one. Polar Vortex + wind/solar = lots of dead people. China 2060, get it? SMH

  3. nadia nichols says:

    Makes perfect sense that the unreliables should pay huge fees for making the grid unreliable.

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